Got a Wig You Hate? Here’s a Way to Give Her Some Love.

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If you’re like many women who want to jump to wearing a wig (maybe it will be your first piece of “independent hair” or you’re thinking of switching from toppers to wigs), you want to try out the hair without feeling wiggy. You may not think it looks wiggy, but in your head, you feel like you have a wig on.

Or, maybe you purchased something that is not 100% perfect, but you want to get some wear out of it anyways.

Finding the perfect hair is definitely not cheap!

I decided to try Freetress wigs because they are unbelievably cheap—$30 to $40 at the most, but wasn’t sure what to expect.

Just in looking at the pics in the link above, you can see that Freetress wigs are clearly marketed towards the African-American community.

Most of the colors are medium-to-dark, and the blonds have very heavy, dark rooting. They are definitely stepping outside my “medium brown with blond highlights” routine, but I was dying to try one.

I settled on Freetress Julie, in color OP430. Don’t ask what the OP stands for, as I have no idea. But the color is a base of 4 with a highlight of 30 (which is a reddish brown).

I don’t have a photo of what the wig looked like just placed on my head (but I did film a video for the Community, so members, check it out!) , but my fears were confirmed…the rooting and just way too harsh for me. But the fiber is gorgeous, so I knew I wanted to wear her, but I didn’t know how as I was self-conscious about the rim of the wig.

Enter a hat!

freetress julie op30

A hat hides a multitude of sins. Some of you may have some cold weather left before Spring shows its face, so consider a winter hat to help you debut a wig or try out a different style.

Warm where you are? A baseball cap or a sunhat can accomplish the same thing.

I can’t wear this wig without a hat, but I can give her a bit of play if I hide the rim. Plus, the curls under a chunky hat help to balance the look out.

The fiber of the Freetress Julie wig feels…wonderful. But, you’ll pay a price for that super-soft, super-natural feeling. And for the no shine!

These wigs, as you might expect given their price point, will probably only last you 2-3 washes. For me, if I was wearing this full time, that’s 4-6 weeks. MAX.

Even though they don’t last long, Freetress wigs come in some fun styles to experiment with.

Some features of the Freetress Julie wig:

1) Has an L-Part lace top—this means that the part is angled a bit imperfectly towards the back of the head for a realistic look. It’s not touted as a monofilament top, but the lace-look top is similar.
2) Gorgeous, extremely soft, natural-looking hair fiber.
3) Has combs—one an each side and in the back—to help secure the wig in place.
4) She’s heat-safe!
5) Is feather-light. You won’t feel like you have a wig on!

Here’s another view of this gorgeous color (OP430):

freetress julie

What do you think of Freetress wigs? Think you might give Freetress Julie a try?

If you’re darker-complected, or are willing to wear these under a hat, I think these are a GREAT choice!

P.S. Congrats to Patricia who won the Tressmerize giveaway. She’s been notified and is excited to receive her new kit.

19 thoughts on “Got a Wig You Hate? Here’s a Way to Give Her Some Love.”

  1. I love the curls!!! I may have to look into those ones because I love hats! Oh and fyi- I just ordered my very first topper! I emailed you because I could decide- but I went with the Noriko Milan in chocolate brown! I got her at Ace Wigs which had it discounted to $175…and then at check out I used a coupon code SHOPEACE and it lowered the price to $156!!! I am so excited! Since I am new to this, I want to make sure to get everything I need since I’m a rookie! I’ll be purchasing dry shampoo to tame the shine. Any other recomendations for newbies?

    • Check out next time! It’s $135 day-in, day-out. You just have to add to the cart to see the lowest price. I LOVE the Chocolate Brown color!! You’ll have to let me know what you think.

      Check out my “Recommended Products” section – I think getting the right brush and leave-in conditioner are the most important things. 🙂 Tangle Teezer Brush and Hair U Wear leave-in (ok, I now realized I never put that on the page! This is a must-have) and my two go-to products.

    • Well, I decided to check the Freetress out. I mean, $25 – $30 bucks a wig ~ why not?! I bought three different ones. Well, I should’ve listened to you, Lauren! 😀 I’m a blonde (well, a natural auburn/redhead who gave up trying to find a “natural” looking color to match! Just found it easier and more realistic looking to lighten my hair and wear blonde helper hair)…So, yes…I’m a blonde and the Freetress blonde’s have the darkest roots everrrrrrr. Looks ridiculous. Dark roots AND there’s just so much hair that it does look fake. My husband had a GREAT laugh. Although, they do look fabulous when I throw a winter hat on like you did. Hides the roots and flattens the bulk of the hair. Unfortunately, I live in Florida! hahahaha! Live and learn! I’ll find SOMETHING to do with that Freetress hair!

      I was thinking that there needed to be a Caucasian version of Freetress. Looks like I need to go check out the Forever Young wigs. What are your thoughts on those, Lauren?

      Love your blog, btw. Have been following quietly for quite some time now. You were my inspiration to try helper hair…Haven’t looked back since. =D

      • Maybe you can throw a ball cap over it or a straw hat when at the beach? At least you aren’t out much money. 🙂 I’ve a few Forever Youngs that I need to talk about on the blog. They aren’t bad…I need to tweak them some. I don’t believe any come in lace front…but my memory could be failing. The ones I have came quite a bit shiny so they need some work. The photography of them online is amazing, though, don’t you think?

        Glad you’ve piped up. 🙂

        • Ball cap is a possibility! The temps will be a-rising soon in sunny Florida. =P During the summer I usually switch over to toppers and usually smaller/shorter ones. I would MELT during the summer with a Freetress wig on. =D

          Is my thumbnail pic showing? I went and added one. Who knew?! You’re the first blog I’ve ever followed and commented on. A newbie. I’m such a dweeb, I know!


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