Germany: The Sights, The Pretzels and a bit about Hair

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It has been a whirlwind 30 days, and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things.

Mid-September kicked off with a long weekend in Nashville for a business trip, then I spent two weeks in Germany with my husband (celebrating 15 years married!), then after a few days home jetted off to Florida for a girls’ weekend.

I travel very, very rarely (and am very picky about the pillows I sleep on) so it’s good to be home.

And now I’m catching up. 🙂 If you have an email into me, I promise I’ll get back to you very soon.

I wanted to tell you a bit about my Germany trip — and yes, hair was a part of it just slightly.

It’s funny, I don’t worry much about forgetting items when I pack. You might recall when I forgot my precious Joan Rivers Great Hair Day powder when I took a cruise last year.


I tend to pack by the seat of my pants the night before or the morning of, but I take no chances with my hair items and am sure to set those aside so I don’t forget them.

My two items I can’t be without?

My Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Powder for blending my toppers and concealing my front hair line, and tape.

I use a piece of packing tape between my scalp and my topper when I glue my topper down so that the glue doesn’t seep through the mono top.

I struggled with if I should bring any hair other than my everyday topper (Top Style Synthetic formally known as Top Secret, by Jon Renau), and ultimately decided to bring my Sarah wig in an identical color.

sarah by jon renau 10h16

We flew into Frankfurt and I got to see Maja again (@majalabee on Instagram)! I met Maja earlier this year when she and I worked with Jon Renau on their Fall 2018 campaign introducing their new styles.

She’s an absolute doll and her Instagram is much better than mine (haha), she takes such beautiful photos!

I am only capable of simple selfies, and I accept that. ?

In case you’re wondering, she’s wearing Heidi, by Jon Renau.

Our first stop was Boppard, along the Rhine Valley. In this area of Germany, our focus was on seeing all the beautiful castles/castle ruins that line the river. River cruise, baby!

The weather started off beautiful when we boarded the river cruise, but by the time it was over a few hours later, turned very windy and misty.

My husband actually told me something was wrong with my hair, because the topper hair was flying all around and you could see the rim of the topper along with the lack of hair underneath.


I don’t have a pic of this little mishap, but enjoy some pics of the cruise, eh?

Those castles were amazing to see, but I adored getting to see and tour Eltz Castle, which we hiked about 45 minutes through the forest to get to (which made it very enchanting):

And then, when you least expect it, the castle appears through the trees.

This castle is AMAZING! It’s been owned by the family for almost 1,000 years (900?), and the present-day family still lives in one of the wings.

After we left Boppard (best purchase ever was an infinity scarf that I got from the dollar store there; it was chillier than I thought in the mornings!), we stopped for the night in the touristy-but-must-see town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

I don’t care if it’s a tourist trap, I loved it!

It’s a walled city, and you can walk the entire perimeter up there.

The city inside is just beautiful.

We toured a house that was built in the 1100s, and also visited the Crime and Punishment Museum.

After our night in Rothenburg, we traveled south and spent a few nights in Füssen. Füssen is right on the border of Austria, and this Alpine area is sooooo breathtaking. It may have been my favorite area that we visited.

We walked across the Highline 179 suspension bridge in Reutte, Austria…

…and were met with some gorgeous views.

Side note: I thought that there would be a cable car or something to take you to the top. Nope. Cardiovascular-wise, I could do it…but my legs were ON FIRE. It seemed like every day we were hiking up steep, steep hills to get somewhere, and after several days of this my legs just couldn’t function properly.

Of course, the local Alpine children were all but skipping up the mountainside to get to the top. 🙂 Oh, and a local pregnant woman.

In fact, this was the day prior, however, my husband enjoyed taking pics of me stopped every 90 seconds walking up this giant hill.

I promise it was never-ending.

Oh well.

We also saw the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and its surrounding area:

We had pretty good weather throughout the trip, but I was so grateful for the beautiful weather the day we went to the top of Zugspitze, the highest mountain peak in Germany.

Those views! From here, you can see mountains from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Remember how I mentioned that I brought my Sarah wig with me?

I ended up not wearing it even once.

I wore my scarf several times on the trip, so I wore my hair up every single day – it was just easier! Here’s how it looked:

We stayed at an Airbnb while we were in Füssen, and oddly enough, I came face-to-face with someone else wearing a hair topper.

Our host’s mother lived in the next building, and she was she sweetest 85-year old lady.

Her hair was very gray/white and very thin, but she topped her hair with a medium-brown topper with pride. She wore it about 2″ back behind her hairline with a kerchief tied around her head.

Was it obvious? Sure.

Was she awesome? Yes.

I have to wonder where she got it!

Our last stop was Munich, and coming from the fairy-tale like villages that we’d spent time at, it was cool to see how “normal life” happens.

We hit the last day of Oktoberfest, which felt oddly like the Texas State Fair, just with beer halls and little English. 🙂 Oh, and lederhosen.

Ahh, look at this pretzel! My favorite phrase throughout this trip was “Eien Brez’n, bitte” (“one pretzel, please”).

We also toured Dachau Concentration Camp (so very sad). I purposefully took no pics, and scowled openly at everyone I saw taking smiling selfies there.

Really, people?

Moving on, my husband drooled over the BMW plant and factory tour.

We also spent a ton of time in the city square browsing the shops and drinking beer – so much fun listening to the famous Glockenspiel, no matter how over-rated it is.

This shop window caught my eye.

I think she needs to pull her wig forward a bit, don’t you think?

The walking tours were really interesting (we took two, one about Munich is general, and one focused on Hitler’s rise and fall). I also would’ve loved to have spent more time in the Residenz, which is the former royal palace, but my feet were absolutely killing me.

I legit visited the pharmacy four times while in Germany for various bandages and shoe inserts. Long story, but my shoes stretched out on day two resulting in a ton of foot pain and blisters…it was really annoying to be so aware of my feet the entire trip (yes, I had a back-up walking pair, but they are old with no padding left so they weren’t a huge help).

Some pics of the Residenz. The detail throughout was just crazy and the place is massive. There are over 130 rooms to see.

Check out this ceiling!!

While the sights on this trip were amazing, I struggled with the food. It’s a very meat-heavy culture here (tons of sausage), and, ugh….I’ll try it, but it’s not something that I wanted to eat every day.

Typical food, which my husband enjoyed:

Instead, here’s what I ate most days. Not good choices, Lauren!

So, there you have it! A whole lot of vacation with a bit of hair thrown in.

Oh, you know what’s interesting?

I did see hair loss while there — just the same as I’d see in any normal day.

But, I did see 5-6 cases of frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA). I do see that from time to time, here, but maybe only 1-2 times a year.

Things that make you go “hmm”, I guess!

Thanks for letting me share about my trip. Have you been to Germany??

25 thoughts on “Germany: The Sights, The Pretzels and a bit about Hair”

  1. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing with us! Sounds almost like the same trip I took years ago when I was about 16. How I’d love to go back! Side note, love your updo, I can’t seem to figure how to do that with my newest one! Also, Nashville is my town! Stop in again when you have more time to venture around town. Lots of fun stuff, and amazing restaurants!

  2. Wonderful trip, great photos. Found it interesting that you saw and identified the women with FFA. That is my diagnosis. This week I finally committed to full time helper hair. FFA took my eyebrows too. Now I am contemplating get eyebrows tattooed.

      • I have several I am rotating now. Haven’t settled on brand or definite color. Most blondes are very brassy and not me at all. My former hair was an ash blonde and I am still looking for that. Saw a NutmegR that looked very natural. May look for a style in that color. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

        • Hi Mary – I, also, have FFA (technically, I’ve “only” been diagnosed with lichen planopilaris, but my hair loss has progressed very specifically in the years since my biopsy that I know this is the subtype I have). I’m having a very difficult time finding helper hair that works with this awful hairline!! Would love to know what you’ve learned.

  3. Oh you are so lucky! I miss Germany so much. I lived ther for nearly 4 years, my 17 year old was born there. We lived very close to Ansbach. I love Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The Crime and Punishment museum is so interesting. The food is delicious and the people are so friendly. Just an amazing experience. I am glad you had a wonderful tims.

  4. Amazing!! I went to Germany as a kid and we’re going to go this summer to visit friends.
    I too had a topper mishap on my vacation. Had my topper glued down, clipped down, hat on and ready to take on stand up paddle boarding on Disney’s Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, the waves were a bit more than I was used to, I fell in-hat came off, topper came part of the way off and I had to be rescued by the lifeguard. SO embarrassing. Hopefully I got the topper sort of back in place (I may drown, but darn it if people are going to see me without my helper hair!) before the lifeguard got too close. Sigh…

  5. I’m from Germany, and have been to all of the places in your pictures (except the suspension bridge in Austria – next visit for sure!). They made me so homesick. Now I have to plan a trip for next year.
    So sweet, your comment about the older lady and her topper. You rock it, girl!
    One teeny-tiny error; the name of the city is Füssen – with the umlaut over the ‘u’, not the ‘e’. 🙂
    Thank you for your post, and the pictures. I’m hankerin’ for a big old plate of Sauerkraut and Bratwurst!

  6. Looks like a very beautiful trip! I love that bit about the hair wearing old lady 🙂
    Your post reminded me that I started wondering lately what I’d do at the airport -metal clips….?! How to get through security? Sorry my post is kinda off topic… well, in a way, it’s not 😉
    thank you!

    • Your underwire bra will get you in more trouble with security than your clips of the topper! I get touch checked every time ?

      • My hair clip I use for updos will set off the machine (not the whirlaround machine, but the standard metal detector), but I haven’t had any bra issues, thank goodness!

  7. Did you have any problems going through airport security? That is always my fear about wearing hair in the airport, that the metal clips will cause some kind of problem.

  8. Great pics! Looks like it was an amazing trip. The updo you highlighted when you mentioned you never wore Sarah was amazing. Is that the same ‘do in the how to video about your updo, or is that a different style? If so, can you make a video how you did it?

  9. Hi Lauren!

    I loved your pictures from Germany. I have been living for quite a while in Canada now but originally I’m from Bonn, near Cologne/ Germany. Pretty much the first thing I showed my canadian husband was the Burg Eltz.



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