Here’s to a New Year…and New Hair?

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I see all these fabulous blog posts today with the author listing his/her top 10 posts for 2012. I love top 10 posts, but, uhh, I haven’t been around long enough to do that. So, I figured I’d lay out some of my thoughts/goals/whatever for 2013. How’s that sound?

1) Start Paleo! I did my official last-day-not-on-a-diet binge today (isn’t that awful?). My husband, son and I went out for Mexican food and I ate way too much. We picked bananas off our tree today so now I’m making banana nut bread with it. I’m savoring every second and smell of it; tomorrow it goes bye-bye. Unless I can find a good Paleo recipe for it.

2) Exercise a bit more! Let’s not go crazy here. I’m talking about a walk around the block a few times/week. I’m an absolutely exhausted person on most days; maybe going Paleo will help me with that and I’ll be itching to exercise more.

3) Learn more about toppers and wigs. I’m not too happy about this one, however, it’s about time I learned about them. Gawd only knows when I might need one.

4) Go chemical-free This goes along with #1, but I want to heal my body from the inside out so that I can get off the chemicals…Spiro, birth control, etc. I want my body to WORK on its own, for once. You know, maybe get a period every now and then and sprout some new hairs.

5) I don’t know…maybe have another baby?! OMG OMG OMG I actually said it aloud. That must make it official. I’ve got some thoughts and fears about that–I’ll be blogging about those soon–but, yeah, it’s time. I’m not getting any younger and I’d like both my son and the new baby to remember a time in which their mother had hair. At least get a few decent pictures in before my loss gets *much* worse. I’m joking…sort of.

There you go, folks! I’m not ambitious enough to come up with another five goals. So, here’s to health, happiness & hair in 2013!

4 thoughts on “Here’s to a New Year…and New Hair?”

  1. Lauren,
    when I read your going to go with human hair I think thats a smart choice they last ten times longer,no fake shine, no replacing every three months.
    I have tried both I have found a seller on e bay where I can get a nice human hair full wig wavy,
    and already cut for 380.00 plus 10,00 shipping for a 16in. I use to buy follea way to expensive I think the hair is comparible.
    it is a top rated seller and if you use paypal your protected.
    if you want I’ll give you the sellers name.

    • OMG, I just fell in love with you a little bit. Thanks so much! I don’t think the bananas I just picked will last long enough for my husband to get through the FIRST loaf I baked so that I can try this recipe, but I definitely will try it with the next batch I get (I can’t make banana nut bread with store-bought bananas when I have my own tree, ya know?!). Thanks again!


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