{VIDEO} How to Blow Dry Human Hair Wigs & Toppers (No Frizz! No Damage!)

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Alright, ladies.

It’s time to continue with our human hair care series.

Have you checked out Part 1 yet? It’s all about how to wash your human hair wigs and toppers.

Today, for Part 2, I’ve created a tutorial to talk about how to blow dry human hair wigs and toppers.

I ain’t gonna lie, this is kinnnnnnd of where the magic happens.

If your human hair wigs and toppers turn into a frizzy, flyaway mess after you’ve washed them, then read on for some tips to get them sleek, shiny and spectacular. 🙂

And be sure to check out my blow-drying video at the bottom, too!

For this demo, I’ll be using my Jon Renau Top Style human hair topper, in color 8RN.

The following steps are assuming your topper or wig is dry. Remember, for wigs, you want to dry your piece on a ventilated wig stand. This ensures a quicker drying time AND you won’t stretch out the cap.

Supplies You’ll Need:

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Patti rocks.

supplies to dry h

Step 1: Brush out your human hair wig or topper with a paddle brush

The hair should be pretty tangle-free if it’s just been washed, but use a paddle brush to make sure there aren’t any lingering tangles.

Step 2: Pin your human hair to a canvas block head

A canvas block head and clamp is an investment you’ll want to make – since you’ll be working with the hair by drying and then styling it, you’ll want something that holds your hair sturdily.

A block head can also accept pinning, whereas a styrofoam wig head won’t hold up to pinning and tugging.

cork block head

For toppers, open up a few clips and weave a t-pin through the clip into the block head. You definitely don’t want to pin through any of the delicate topper construction, like the lace front/poly rims, or the mono top.


The focus area is a bit off here (aren’t you glad I focused on the pin below versus where I’m actually trying to direct your eye? Get it together, Lauren), but I think you get the idea:

pin through topper clips

For wigs, pin through the ear tabs and the nape of the neck. Those are stronger areas within the wig construction and can withstand pinning with no damage.

ear tabs on wigs

Step 3: Dampen the hair

We’ll be applying product to help keep the hair cuticle smooth and provide heat- and UV-protection, so we need the hair just a tiniest bit damp to help absorb the product.

Really, you only need to dampen the hair by about 10%.

I like to use a spray bottle to get the water everywhere, without over-saturating my human hair wigs or toppers.

Step 4: Apply Blow Dry Product to Your Human Hair Wig or Topper

First of all, I’d love Blown Away Blow Dry Balm even if it didn’t have any amazing benefits aside from the fact that it smells great.

Seriously, it smells sooooo good. If you’ve read my post about my now-favorite dry shampoo, you know I’m a sucker for things my nose likes.

But, it’s a hard-working product in that it helps to smooth the cuticle while blow drying (which is, really, 98% of the reason why we take the time to blowdry!), it adds shine, and my FAVORITE benefit….it has UV protectant to help keep the hair color vibrant.

blow dry product for human hair

I hate, hate, HATE when my hair turns brassy or reddish, and this product helps to keep the color from oxidizing in the sun.

It’s really a must-have for any hair color, but you 100% MUST HAVE a UV-protectant on lighter shades, ashy shades, and any color that has highlights.

For a long topper like my Jon Renau Top Style, I apply about a quarter-sized dallop of product.

Step 5: Start to blow dry human hair at the nape

Clip up the hair on top of the wig head, leaving the nape exposed.

Tip: Be careful with your hair clips! Make sure you are only clipping hair to hair, not hair to base/cap or to wefts.

pin up human hair

Take sections no wider than the width of your round brush so that you have full control over the hair and blow drying process.

Plus, working in smaller sections ensures you’ll remove any moisture.


In one hand, hold the hair in your brush as close to the root as possible, and with your other hand, aim the blow dryer at the brush, and work down the hair in the direction of the hair cuticle.

blow dry human hair

Why in the same direction?

You want those puppies smoooooooooth, not all riled up. Roughed up cuticles will give you frizziness and flyaways…which is not the look you are going for when you’ve paid good money for human hair!

Play “follow the leader” as you work the brush and hair dryer down to the ends of the hair.

You’ll likely need a few passes of the blow dryer to get all the moisture out of your human hair.

Once it’s completely dry, do one final pass of the blow dryer, this time blasting it with the Cool Shot button. This helps to seal the cuticle and lock in the style.

Step 6: Blow dry each section, working your way from the nape to the top

Unclip a small section of your wig or topper once the first section is dry, then start the process over.

Want to see me blow dry in action? Check out this 2-minute video:

Human Hair Blow Drying Tips & Tricks

  1. Make sure you have a hair dryer with a nozzle attachment. This attachment will let you get super-close to your hair with the dryer, without scorching it. You’ll get maximum cuticle-flattening power, without damaging your gorgeous human hair.
  2. Direct the hair around the face back when drying. This will help to keep it out of your face/eyes and lay more naturally.
  3. Once your hair is perfectly dry, you’ll want to store them on wig heads so they don’t get kinked and crimped. I don’t have one of these below, but I want one (the blue, specifically)! How cute are these floral wig heads? I’d totally leave one of these out on my vanity. Looking at the reviews, they appear to be more for displaying/storing wigs than for actually using them for blow drying or styling.

Pink Floral Wig HeadPink Floral Wig HeadBlue Floral Wig HeadBlue Floral Wig HeadPeach Floral Wig HeadPeach Floral Wig HeadGreen Floral Wig HeadGreen Floral Wig Head

How cute are those??

What do you use to blow dry human hair? What are your favorites?

Also, be sure to check out the first part of this series, How to Wash Human Hair Wigs and Toppers.

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  1. Great article. Only problem I’m having is the t pins through the clips. They just don’t hold. They slip out of the clip or i can’t get the topper to lay flat because i can’t get it as tight while trying to manipulate the pins. Any additional tips/directions would be ever so helpful. Thanks


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