New Wig, New Color, New Love: Jon Renau Alessandra

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If ever there was a wig in which I’d consider switching to from toppers, the Jon Renau Alessandra would be the one.

She’s a drop-dead gorgeous, lace front wig that was new to their collection in 2015. I knew I wanted to try it from the second I saw it, but dragged my feet because, well, I’m a topper girl.

A few weeks ago I pulled the trigger on the Jon Renau Alessandra wig and I about fell over with giddiness when I put it on.


She looked 99% perfect right out of the box (so rare!).

She’s the perfect length. The perfect style. The perfect everything.

While I’d typically say 8H14 is my ideal color in Jon Renau wigs, I got Alessandra in 10RH16. I’m loving the lighter, ever-so-slightly warmer version of what I’ve worn before.

It could very well be my dream color.

jon renau alessandra 10RH16

I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, that Jon Renau Alessandra looks nice, but why in the heck is she standing in her doorway?” I can’t for the life of me figure out a good place lighting-wise to take photos in this house, so you may be seeing my stairwell and kids’ playroom much more often! I’m 90% sure it will inspire me to clean more…or 80%. Yep, 70% sure I will clean more, now.


I love, too, how she is straight but has a bit of swing on the bottom.
Jon Renau’s Alessandra definitely has some length on her, but check out the layers. The way the hair sits is just so dang pretty.


jon renau alessandra back

While it’s super-easy to remove extra shine from a new wig, Alessandra needed no help. Not one spritz of dry shampoo went onto her.

I’m interested to see how this style holds up. Sometimes curls and waves can lessen over time due to wear and washing, so we’ll see how the swingy bits on the bottom do.

It’s important to mention she does have a lace front and is a monofilament top. The lace front allows for a natural-looking hairline in that there’s a tiny bit of lace that extends down onto your forehead which hair “grows” out of. The mono top gives a scalp appearance, and the hair can be parted on either side, or right down the middle. The way I have it parted in these pics is almost to the edge of the mono section.

Check out my video:

I’ve worn her out and about a few times (wearing a wig is GREAT in the cold!), and didn’t notice any crazy tangling—she stayed comfortable throughout. I did run my Tangle Teezer through her a few times, but I do that with any hair I wear.

I definitely wore my Wigrip to help keep Alessandra in place…I generally use that velvet-y band to keep my wigs secure (who wants a wig to slip?) but I’ve been doing some experimenting with tape recently. More to come on that!

Alessandra by Jon Renau is my top pick when it comes to my current weekend-wig rotation.

jon renau allessandra

What do you think of Alessandra, especially in this slightly-lighter color? Who’s going to try her, next?

Bonus: Use code “hopeandmane” for Alessandra at Wigs by Patti’s Pearls for 25% off!

P.S. I wore Alessandra to a few holiday outings with my husband and kids, and posted some pics of me on Facebook. Wouldn’t you know, I got a ton of Facebook comments about how great my hair looked, but not one person noticed it was lighter, a different style, and about two inches longer? Even my parents were all over it with the compliments (how embarrassing); they arrived in town a few days later and I wore my “regular” hair–the Noriko Milan–the whole time. They never noticed a thing. Food for thought.

99 thoughts on “New Wig, New Color, New Love: Jon Renau Alessandra”

  1. Lauren – OMG! It’s gorgeous! The color is yummy and everything about it (length, layers) is wonderful! Good for you and thanks for sharing this with us. I’m going to look into it, especially since the Jon Renau brand is the one topper I have where the color is perfect for me. You’ve given me something to think about. Thanks for posting! Absolutely darling!

  2. I love the hair color. Someone mentioned that is is a good color for summer with the darker color you usually wear for the cold months.

    I have a human hair topper in a red shade I don’t know how to describe – but I will post a pic once your Community is up and running (yay!). Anyway, I was in the grocery wearing my weekend Amore Stevie in burgundy rosa (I cut it into a topper), and a woman commented on how much she loved the color of my hair, that it was perfect for winter. As I was leaving I was thinking that – before I wore helper hair – I never once thought about coloring my hair according to season. My natural color was close to 10RH16 but as I got thinner AND grayer, I was like ‘Nah, I am not ready to be thin and gray.’ So in 2009, I started using a mix of herbs (including henna) which was supposed to give me a light brown color…instead the henna stood out from the other herbs, and I became a light redhead…and found that I absolutely loved being a redhead (like my grandmother).

    Recently I have been thinking about going back towards this color in your Alessandra. Love the wig and the color on you.

    Thank you for being here, Lauren!

  3. I LOVE it!! It looks so full and pretty – the waves are gorgeous. It looks super natural, too. I wish I had some extra cash to experiment with lace front wigs, but as I’m pretty content with toppers right now, I’d rather spend the $$ on them! Waiting for my bio hair to grow out so I can try some longer styles!

  4. Lauren, I love it! The color looks great on you, you look younger and prettier than ever. Thank you so much for always inspiring me and helping me to not feel alone through this whole hair loss journey. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even own a topper? Can’t wait for the community.

  5. I think this is my current hair, too and I love it!. It is by far my favorite (but also most expensive) wig yet! It matches my bio hair perfectly so I leave some out at the temples and it creates an even more “real” look. So far anyone I’ve told that’s its a wig can’t believe it. πŸ™‚

  6. Do you wear true lace front right at your hairline? If so would you mind posting up close pics? I have such a hard time with lace. My hair is so dark, maybe that’s why I find the lace front to look so fake on me. But on others, especially with lighter hair color, it seems to work.

    • Hey Kim! Yes, right at the hairline. If I do a follow-up on this piece I’ll try to remember to do a close up. I do have a video review posted in the Community that shows it up close – I definitely don’t hate it. It looks “lace-y” right at the top-right temple where the part hits my forehead, but I know not a soul would notice that. Plus, I haven’t plucked any hair or done anything to the lace yet.

      I think with the (synthetic) dark hair that’s always a problem, unfortunately. One of these days they’ll figure out a way to do bleached knots inexpensively, I hope.

  7. Lauren love the hair! You have any tips for hair that feels dry?? And gets snarles near the neck? Is that new hair real hair? You look great!!! Living in Michigan I feel dries out real hair?

    • No, this is synthetic. πŸ™‚ In between washes, I’d brush it out, hold it upside down and spray liberally with leave-in, then hang upside to dry. I have a video series about this in the Community, woohoo. Definitely concentrate that leave-in at the nape…a bit of flat-ironing on LOW might be useful, too.

  8. Gorgeous color and style on you, Lauren!!! It looks very natural and stylish! The beauty of wigs is being able to have celebrity looking hair like this without all of the fuss. I will say one thing; the tangle teaser brush is nice and I like it for detangling my daughter’s hair but it was making my wig wear out a little prematurely. I prefer a very wide tooth comb like the one by Jon Renau though I got mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It detangles nicely & gently especially with the Velvasil that you recommended. (Thanks btw!!!!)
    Much love,

  9. You look gorgeous! Both style and color are just so beautiful! Too bad it has a lace front, otherwise I’d buy one and turn it into a topper. πŸ™‚

  10. Love the wig!
    It looks so good!!
    I’ve been eye balling this brand in wigs and seeing it on you makes me really want it now lol..

  11. Beautiful on you Lauren ! Love that it’s straight yet has those ends that move and swish so, making everyone wish their own hair would do that. ? The color is really pretty too.
    I’ve been wanting to try some new hair so I was so excited to see what you thought of Allessandra…I’m off to see what colors she comes in !

      • It holds great, but it can be a mess when I take off the topper at days end- it leaves a sticky residue. But it washes off & pulls out not a hair, so worth the mess!
        The latte color is super realistic & mine had no fakey shine as well:)

  12. I sooo wish wearing hair didn’t feel awkward or taboo to me, that I didn’t feel compelled to hide my little secret. I love the topper that I got a few months ago, never go out without it, but no one has been able to tell that I’m wearing it. I just get compliments on my hair now, like I’m having a good hair day every day. What I really wish though is that I could just get a variety of fabulous toppers and wigs and change them up like I do my clothes – to suit my mood! Maybe some day I’ll get the nerve to do that. It would be so fun!!

    • I so get what you mean. I’d love to look in my closet and say, “I’m wearing that emerald green top today with my red hair” (the most gorgeous combo I can think of). Maybe someday. πŸ™‚

    • Gigi, I know exactly how you feel! It does feel taboo but I’d never go back to concealers. I wish I could be carefree and embrace it so I could switch it up. Blonde waves, different shades of red… Heck (!) I’d try colors if I were “out”.
      Thanks for your post, I totally relate!

  13. Beautiful!! I bit the bullet in October and started wearing a human hair topper from UniWigs in October and I absolutely LOVE it. My stylist/coworker/friend lol hilited it for me and nobody but the people I have told know it’s a topper. The only issue i’m having which has me slightly panicked is i’ve noticed some traction alopecia from the clips. If I could get buy with a wig and switching back and forth I totally would just to give my hair a break from the clips. All in all ladies if you are thinking about wearing helper hair I say go for it I feel so much more confident than when I was using hair thickeners and hair fiber powder,I don’t feel as if my hairline and widening part are being scrutinized as they were before,yes I caught people “trying not to stare”. Thank You Lauren for helping me take that leap to wearing helper hair and thank you for helping me get my confidence back!!

  14. Love love love it! I really like the lighter color on you but might use it for the warmer weather and stick with a darker color in the cooler months (oh, never mind, I think you live in a warm state year round)!
    I really really think people have no idea about hair wearers when it looks natural and yours does!
    I am and have been a topper wearer for 9 years. I have tried wigs on but always feel like they are going to slide up and pop off my head! Go you!Patti

    • I used to live in a warm state, now it’s just “eh” – 65 degrees today, though!

      So true that non hair wearers would really have no clue! Wigs can be tricky when it comes to riding up. I’ve done a fair bit of experimentation and a few different techniques works for me…of course it all starts with a decent cap fit.

  15. Oh my!! That is a fantastic look! Great pics of you wearing the Alessandra, and I really love how it looks from the back. I think the color is very pretty on you!

  16. You look amazing ! Love it ! I tried Godiva secret wigs – the Candice thin with roots and I felt like you the day I put it on !!!! Thank you for sharing , always appreciate sharing with someone else that understands ❀️

      • You’re correct, Candice thin IS Robin. I read on another blog that the Godiva wigs are “white labeled”, i.e.,, they take wigs from other vendors (primarily Noriko/Rene of Paris) and put their own label in the wig, AND raise the price. Once you get familiar what the equivalents are, you can purchase them for a much lower price on other sites, (and other sites have better sales especially around any holiday).

        • Yep, it’s true. I always wonder what they buy them at versus what the sale-price is. Of course, surely they factor in their cost of doing business as well as a profit, but I’d love to take a look behind the scenes at their business model. I’d also like to buy things close to cost (wouldn’t that be nice?)!

  17. You make me want to buy some hair:-) I’m still using hair powder to hide my thinning, but you and your awesome blog just might give me the push I need to switch!

    • Hi Naomi! I was in the same boat and all I can say is that I wish I had bought hair sooner! It was such a relief to finally not worry about powder runs or wind blowing my hair out of order revealing thin spots. Also, it’s nice to just go to bed without having to wash all the powder out or risk pillow smudges. πŸ˜‰

  18. That is a gorgeous color! I’m marking that as a to try the next time I go to the wig store. I had a similar experience on FB a few weeks ago. I just smiled to myself and thought, “if they only knew my little secret…” HH makes me so happy!

  19. You look so beautiful and always make me feel so good when I am having a bad day:) BTW…How to you get your topper and wigs to lay so flat when you try to change up the natural part? I can’t get mine to do that.

      • I think this is the definite color for you. It’s softer and looks really natural. I love it. I want to get one too but I feel that buying from a local wig shop is better for me because they can adjust it to fit and trim. When I buy wigs on line they are always too thick and too big.

        I love your new wig on you and I love your blog site. I have learned so much from you!!!


      • With my mono tops, I create the new part, then use my fingers to gently press/rub the fibers at the root in the direction I want the hair to go. Check out some of the videos at Wigs by Patti’s Pearls (or search for patti’s pearls on youtube) – she gives lots of good tips on how to redirect hair.


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