What’s Your THING?

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I have a simple question today that I’d love to get your feedback on.

If you’re wearing hair, what is one thing that you can do now that you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do before wearing hair?

If you’re not wearing hair yet and are struggling with your thinning bio hair, what’s the one thing that you WISH you could do? How is your hair holding you back?

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this lately, and it really hit me a few weekends ago. If I had to choose just ONE thing that wearing hair affords me to do, it’s taking family pictures.

(Yes, I can send out cheesy holiday cards!)

This is only the second year that we’ve had family photos done, and I’ve worn my Noriko Milan, albeit in different colors, each year.

Prior to wearing hair, I’d never dream about actually spending money to have our photos done.

Heck, I don’t think I wore my hair down more than ten times between 2011-2013. It was always in a ponytail, because that way I could tease the crown and make it look like I had more density than I did.

But, ponytails are rarely for pictures. Which meant family photos just weren’t happening.

But now…NOW I can document our family through the years without worrying about my hair. Instead, I can worry about all the normal things—my smile! my weight! my unruly children!—that most women do, without having the state of my wimpy hair add to the chaos.

Here I am, post photo shoot:


You betcha I have fake eyelashes on.

So, what’s your thing?

Non-hair-wearers: What’s the one thing you want to do, but can’t, because of your hair?

Hair-wearers: What can do you now that you couldn’t do before?

I’m really looking forward to your comments!

…and to send out Christmas cards. I admit it.

148 thoughts on “What’s Your THING?”

  1. My hair got thin, over the past several years, as I had to take low dose thyroid medication. My hair loss was acceptable to my hubby and mom and sister, but not to me. I got my first 2 toppers several years ago, and that was the best decision I ever made. No one could tell. I now have 5 toppers and they are MY HAIR, and quite lovely. Even my grandson said my hair looked great when I recently received my my new Top Full Topper.
    People are too much into themselves to notice if your hair looks great or not. I spend a lot less time fixing my hair when I wear my toppers and they make me feel beautiful. I get to have straight hair too. (my bio hair is wavy frizzy). Every day now is a great hair day! I often wear them in a low pony tail or up with a claw clip. I can now wear all kinds of hair accessories.
    I wear my old toppers to the gym.
    Before I got my toppers, I went through lots of mental pros and cons to toppers. I must have read everything on the internet about hair toppers and watches tons of YouTube videos on them.
    Think of it as getting a new hairdo and a fresh lease on life away from bad hair days.
    I feel it is important to be good to yourself.
    I love treating myself to beautiful hair.

  2. I had my hair cut to a pixie cause I couldn’t deal with hair texture and wave to match my hair when trying toppers. Using Hair fibers, spray and make up for the rest of the summer.

  3. I barely had hair at 3 years old! Then it was fine, but long, and I knew how to wear it Texas style (BIG) so nobody realized it was so fine.

    At age 43 I was diagnosed with breast cancer while going through a divorce. Happy to say I am almost 7 years cancer free and 6 years single. I was so worried about losing my hair. I did not want to repeat my early childhood years of being bald for 3! Luckily that did not happen but the hair that returned was not at all like what I had before and as much as I did not love the hair I had before cancer, I really did not care for what came back. It is incredibly thin and very fine. Took me forever to grow it out and feel feminine again. I have worn my hair in ponytails and updo’s for so long that it is taking a toll on the back of my head. I feel like I am getting bald back there. My hair is so thin when I wear it down that I can see through it. My ponytail is also as thin as a pencil so I found the cutest claw clip ponytails and I love them.

    My friends and family know that I wear the faux pony’s and toppers so I am comfortable with them. I am also a n endurance triathlete which means I swim, bike, and run…..ALOT! It is not possible to wear anything faux during training or racing so I do go natural.

    My dilemma is with dating. I know when I had short, thin hair, men overlooked me as I did an experiment. When I posted pictures of myself with my own hair I got few responses. When I posted pictures with faux hair, I am highly interesting to men. I know I am so much more than just my hair but it does seem to matter in the singlehood world. I am worried if I meet someone with my faux hair, what happens when I tell them? What happens when they see what my real hair looks like after it has been flattened by a topper the entire day? Those are the worries I have and wonder what other women do?

    Any suggestions or advice is welcome.

    Thank you – Laura

    • Can I relate to you……I’m just now contemplating wearing a topper…..I’ve struggled with thin useless hair for years. I’ve kept it short so it “appears” a little thicker, but I hate it. I long for thicker longer hair again. I’m single, and while it’s not my goal to alter my appearance just to make me more noticeable, I also know that most men are attracted to women with longer hair. (I didn’t say all). It is a fact. I want hair again. I want to feel attractive again. For myself, but also to the opposite sex. But then what? How do I tell a man who is interested in me that my hair is not real? And when he sees my head, that I don’t look the same, hair all flattened down by the topper, would he bolt? I’m exited by the possibility of feeling attractive again, but scared of what men would think at the same time. (Sigh). I’ve ordered my first topper, but I’m scared.

      • Hi. I am married, and my hubby is quite accepting of my toppers. He says if I am happy with them, that is all that matters. Every one has their little secrets. When dating someone, you just need to see how the relationship goes and you will know at what point in the relationship if want to reveal your secret about a topper, or not. We all do things to enhance our look and to feel good about ourselves. Best of luck to you with your topper, I hope you love it and enjoy it!!

  4. I read a comment regarding scuba diving. I’m an assistant instructor and everyone wears beanies or doo rags. It’s certainly not a fashion sport! I wear a doo rag and a hat when I’m on the boat. Even other divers without hair loss issues wear hats and beanies.


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