Tressmerize Review: Gorgeous Human Hair Extensions + Topper

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I’m so excited to introduce you to a product today that is actually designed to make thin hair look more beautiful. Tressmerize is a topper + extension kit that was specifically created to transform thin hair (bonus: it even works on short hair, as long as it’s 3″ in length).

What I love best about the Tressmerize kit is that it’s available in some amazing color options. Most human hair is all one color, which has always made me nervous because I just don’t feel like it’s the most natural look on me. It looks great on other women, but it tends to fall flat on me (if you’re someone who prefers just one color, Tressmerize has you covered, too!).

I was super-excited to see TressChic, a gorgeous blend of medium brown with blond highlights, and knew it was the color for me. My friends at Tressmerize were kind enough to send me a Tressmerize kit to try—I had so much fun playing with this hair!

UPDATE: Be sure to see my latest post about Tressmerize 18″ human hair toppers! Since this post was written, they’ve made their toppers a bit larger, a bit longer, and have introduced some new, FABULOUS colors! You still get $20 off using code LAUREN20. 🙂

tressmerize tres chic

Before we open the box, some facts about Tressmerize:

-It’s Remy Virgin Human Hair – unprocessed, never-dyed, cuticle-intact hair
-There’s 6 pieces in the kit: 5 clip-in wefts and a topper
-It’s MADE for thin hair – the silicon-lined clips stay put (yes, even in my thin hair)
-The hair can last over a year with proper care
-Its generous length means you have endless ways to customize

The hair is incredibly soft to the touch…as much as I love my synthetics, it was so nice to feel the “fineness” of human hair again.

remy hair extensions by tressmerize

Here is the underside of the Tressmerize topper. The base is on the small side, and is great if you are looking to add some density and volume to your own hair. If you are experiencing loss, this could be a good first topper if your loss is in the early stages:

tressmerize base

Before Tressmerize

Here’s me, without helper hair (uh, duh) or any concealers. Say hello to my incredibly thin(ning), mousy brown hair.

tressmerize before and after

About 10 minutes later, my Tressmerize topper + extensions kit is installed (their site has instructions, and the kit comes with details, too).

After Tressmerize

Here is TressChic, right out of the box. Is this color not gorgeous?! Totally drool-worthy. Tressmerize is 16″ long, which is perfect for me and my length of bio hair right now.


Of course, what I was most excited about was adding some waves into my new hair. That’s the one thing I miss with synthetic hair—being able to add curls or waves on a whim!

I was really out of practice (I don’t think I’ve curled my bio hair in close to five years), but it was kind of like riding a bike. It took me about 20 minutes to curl my hair.

Ahh!! I love having waves again! And apparently my husband loves them, too, as his jaw hit the floor when he saw me.


The system is pretty easy to install, and I’ll try to explain it, although it’s best explained by looking at directions on the Tressmerize site.

You just put your hair in a half ponytail and place the widest clip-in Remy hair extension around the back of your head. Two more Remy wefts are placed right above that at top-left and top-right. Re-part your hair at the temple area and let some of your bio hair fall over the extensions. Clip in the two side-wefts and apply the topper.

And then swish your head around and feel like the Mermaid you look like!

One note: the topper has adequate coverage, but it’s not meant to cover a ton of area in the back. If your level of loss is close to mine, you’ll need to make sure that your bio hair has volumizing product on it, and it’s teased to both help it stay in place and add as much body as possible.

Overall, I am loving my new look and am thinking this is PERFECT date-night hair. In fact, it was—I wore this system out for Valentine’s Day dinner.

Want to try a Tressmerize system for yourself? Corner of Hope & Mane readers get $20 off with code LAUREN20.

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This is an awesome deal, because Tressmerize is incredibly reasonably-priced (promise!), to begin with.

Want to read more about Tressmerize? Since this post, they’ve updated their toppers to be a larger size, and I have pics and a review of the new Tressmerize topper!

Feeling lucky? Enter to win a FREE Tressmerize kit! This is the perfect way to ease into wearing helper hair (and who knows, maybe this solution will be “the one” for you!).

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What do you you think of the waves? Have a question about the Tressmerize system? Let’s discuss!

Official sweepstakes rules: Open to U.S. Only (so sorry, Canada, your beautiful country has some wacky giveaway laws!), 18 years and up.

Update: Congrats to our winner, Patricia! She has been contacted and is excited!

165 thoughts on “Tressmerize Review: Gorgeous Human Hair Extensions + Topper”

  1. Hiiiii! I actually JUST discovered your blog and YouTube channel (why’d you stop making videos? I love them)…I haven’t tried any toppers yet but I would love to try this one! It looks so high quality and easy to use! Thank you for all that you do..I’m sure it must’ve not been comfortable in the least bit when you first started! You’ve got a new fan =)

    • Ha, I still do videos, but I place most of them in my Community. I should do a few, though, for everyone else! I’m a much better writer than I am being in front of the camera. 🙂

  2. hi i am super excited to try these!! i have severe damage to me hair from wearing tape in extensions, sew in’s ect.. the only question i have a couple of the colors im interested in are on back order.. can you tell me how long? dark brown or tress chick?? thanks

  3. Tresmerize is the best hair set I’ve found that includes a topper. It includes everything you need!!! I purchased a set and colored them burgundy and it looks amazing. The color really holds and people ask me about it all of the time. I’d love to win and try out another color and share my results. Do you have any tips to prevent/help with dryness from cold weather?

    • HiStacey,

      Thanks so much for kind words. What I use on my system is even during the washing, I mix macadamia natural oil with conditioner and let that sit for about five minutes before rinsing.

      Always use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner on it.. Then I use IT’s a 10 miracle shine spray and let it dry, after the hair dries I’ll re apply the miracle shine spray every time before I use heat tools.

      It’s a 10 miracle shine spray has so many great benefits even for your hair, I love it and use it both on my hair and the Tressmerize. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Lauren, love the curls on you! I currently wear synthetic toppers every day, would it be possible to ever wear the Tressmerize topper portion only, if the rest of my hair would blend in? What are the dimensions of the mono inside? I can’t seem to find a pic of the inside. I love the idea of “real” hair and all the extensions, but I all those beautiful extra extensions might be best for a special occasion as opposed to everyday. Appreciate your thoughts regarding this, and thank you as always for sharing!!

    • Hi Robin, the size of the base is 4″x4″. You can wear the topper only if your hair is longer if you have shorter hair then you would have to cut the topper so it matches the length of your hair, otherwise it wouldn’t look right. Hope that helps.

  5. Love the look and have been trying to get up the courage to buy a topper for a few years. It just sounds like this might be a good way to start.

  6. This looks so great on you! I am trying to get the courage to start wearing helper hair and this looks like it might be a good start. Thank you so much for writing this blog!

  7. Hey Lauren,
    Just curious if you feel like the wefts would show if it were windy out. Is it something that looks great when it’s just sitting? Or would it continue to loon great if it were windy. I know it’s a random question, but it’s windy here lol!

    • Hi Amy – I think that will depend on how you wear it. Because I have so much frontal loss, I have to wear the topper portion pretty darn close to my hairline. This means there will be less coverage in the back. I do have diffuse loss all over, so my back is sparse but not as bad as the front. If it’s not windy and I make sure my back has adequate volumizing product and is teased properly, I don’t think there would be any issues. If it was windy, I’d probably be concerned the wefts would show in the back–so, I can only speak to how I have to position the piece and my level of loss, but I hope that helps.

      • Thanks Lauren, that helps a lot. I currently have a Milan so I don’t worry about the back coverage but I was/am considering this system as an everyday option. Your feedback is great and much appreciated. I’m still on the fence but I love the idea of a lighter, more natural feel!

  8. Thanks for the product review! I am looking for a more affordable human hair option than my current topper (which is AWESOME but PRICEY)! Thanks!

  9. You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing. This definitely looks like something I want to get! The fact that this kit is made for thin hair makes me feel that it would work out for me. I’m thin all over, so this would give me a boost (in hair volume, AND confidence! 🙂

  10. I would love to try this to. Cover the large bald spots on the top of my head. They are getting hard to cover and I’ve never tried a topper before.

  11. I happened upon your blog through your you tube videos. I cannot belief how wonderful your topper looks. I have two and they look so fake on me. Maybe because I know they are toppers. Anyway I am happy to have found your blog to know I am not the only woman with this problem! Thank you

  12. Been looking for a real hair topper! Tried one but it wasn’t very good. Would love to try this one by Tressmerize since you love it. I know it will be good. Thanks for doing the research and trying it for all of us.

  13. You make their hair look gorgeous! I would love to have that feel of human hair again. Can only afford synthetic right now, but would love to have the opportunity to try Tressmerize!


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