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Growing up, I was always told the same thing from all of my hairstylists: my hair was thin, but at least I had a lot of it!

Fast forward about 20 years later, and here I am - I never guessed I'd author a women's hair loss blog. I'm in my thirties. I have a loving husband and two *gorgeous* sons. I have a great job and live in a great house.

What's not-so-fab?

The hair, of course...I'm suffering from women's hair loss. Alopecia. That's right, I'm a female losing hair.

It's devastating.

I've gone from having "tons of fine hair" to "ugh, my hair kind of sucks" to "woah, I have a problem."

I've been blessed that while I think my hair loss is pretty horrendous, I've been able to hide it with a bunch of different techniques (using the right volumizing products for thin hair as well as scalp concealers definitely help).

Once I wasn't able to hide it any more (hiding the scalp was pretty easy and I have a whole tutorial on how to do that, but hiding the fact that my ponytail was the width of a pencil was not!), I decided to take the plunge into wearing faux hair...and I've never looked back.

womens hair loss with wide part

I now wear my faux hair daily (you'll hear me talk about it as "helper hair" quite often) and guess what? No one besides my husband and one very good friend know that I wear hair.

Because I now have a full head of hair, my confidence has skyrocketed and I do so many things that I felt I wasn't able to before - family photos (now I don't mind being in pics!) and vacations (no more burnt scalp!) are two that come to mind immediately.

Wearing hair has been a blessing I never thought I'd have to discover, but I'm so glad I have! There are SO many of us out there suffering from hair loss, and even so many of us who wear faux hair.

The Corner of Hope & Mane Community is proof that there are amazing women out there who have overcome their hair loss woes by wearing faux hair, and I'm honored to know each and every one of them.

Wanna hear the full story about my hair loss? Check it out:

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