Cute Bob Alert! Alison Wig by Jon Renau

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Once upon a time (like circa early 2000s), there was little more that I wanted than hair like this.

This style is ever-so-slightly different than what I had envisioned, but the length is *exactly* what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, with super-fine bio hair that has no natural shape, achieving a style like this was really a pipe dream.

I tried, many times, to get hair like this, back in the day.

You’d think if your bio hair was pretty crappy, that having a shorter style would be easier to work with.
I’ve always found the opposite to be true, so I’ve had longer locks for the past 15+ years.

I don’t do much with my hair. Especially my bio hair.

In fact, right now, I’m donning a new Softie style in the pattern “Shifts” from Jon Renau to cover up my scalp, while I type. This is about as stylish as I get, often throwing one of these on when lounging around the house at night or opting to wear my topper up for day-to-day.

Guess who braided my hair in this pic? The hubs. 🙂

When I saw that the new Alison wig style from Jon Renau was available in my standard 10H16 color, I thought she’d be a fun one to try. A bit outside the box for me.

In fact, here she is:

Jon Renau Alison Wig Review

Note: All pics in this post feature Alison right out of the box – no tweaking or customizations at all.

Jon Renau Alison’s Features

Alison is part of the SmartLace collection, so she’s a lace-front style that allows for extra lift at the hairline…plus, you can wear your hair off your face. Here’s what the hairline looks like from an arm’s length away (as if you were a normal distance from another person. If anyone gets closer to you than this, tell them to back the heck up. Personal space, you know).

lace front wig

And here it is up close:

lace front jon renau alison

The cap is a monofilament cap, which means you can see through the meshy material on the cap of the wig down to your own scalp. You can always part your hair whichever way you’d like (even though I part my hair on the right, this one came parted on the left).

She’s waaaay shorter than what I usually wear. This wig caps out at just under 11”.

Here’s the thing about me and shorter hair.

First, I tend to only like shorter hair *on me* when I wear clothing necklines that are more closed in. I was wearing a V-neck tee shirt but threw on a fall/winter vest to help close me all in. For some reason, I think that looks better.

I know I’m nuts.

Secondly, let’s just be honest. I’ve gained about 25 pounds since I started this blog (oddly, I was WAY thinner after having both kids which is ironic, but alas, here we are) and you can definitely tell in my face. Shorter styles seem to accentuate this, and draw more attention to my now-larger face.

Obviously, I’m not a fan of this.

You can’t tell as much when my hair isn’t tucked behind my ear (scroll down a bit to see that pic).

But when my face is front-and-center…I feel like it is INDEED, Front. And. Center.

Just being real, y’all. I know I am my own worst critic.

Alright, moving on.

The Alison bob wig does have a lovely shape to it. Check out this piece from both sides:

alison wig

alison wig angled

Such a pretty, (slightly) angled shape, without looking hugely stacked (which is terribly out-of-date).

That sort of shape was exactly what I was looking for when I wore my bio hair shorter…but I was never able to make it work. Limp, lifeless hair just doesn’t seem to work with much, does it?

How cute is this style??

Someday, when I get my Dairy Queen Blizzard obsession under control, I’m totally interested in wearing some shorter styles. Until then, this one will be fun on the weekends during turtleneck season. 😊

Is anyone out there like me, who shies away from shorter styles for fear they draw attention to chipmunk cheeks?

One more shot of Alison:

alison wig jon renau

P.S. If you haven’t yet tried Dairy Queen’s Snickers Peanut Butter Pie Blizzard, you aren’t living.

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  1. I think you look great in both styles! In long hair you look natural, earthy, sensual…The bob really changes your look; you appear sophisticated, professional, like a corporate powerhouse who’s secretly a spy…😉


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