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Hi, Lauren here. This site was built with you in mind since it was first launched in 2012 (ahh, it's been forever!), and every piece of content I put up here on Corner of Hope & Mane is published to serve you. It's my hope that you'll find the content educational, uplifting and a resource for you to come back to again and again--wherever you are in your hair loss journey.

Because I write a lot about hair and hair-care products, I've had the opportunity to test out a bunch o' stuff along the way. Most I don't write about for one reason or another, but the products that I truly, TRULY use and love and I feel you'll also enjoy, I'll post about. Hopefully, through my trial and error, I'll save you a bit of time and money along your own journey. Some of these product links I place on the site will result in a small commission back to me if you purchase through them.

I pride myself on the fact that I receive email from women every day telling me that a product that I've recommended has changed their lives in some way--it could be hair (check out one of my favorite posts, "What's YOUR Thing?" on how wearing hair has helped so many women) or it could be an amazing hair-care product like those found on my Recommended Products page. Every product I've supported has been personally used and loved enough by me to feel confident telling the world about it. So, feel 100% positive that when I talk about product it's because I know you'll get as much value from them as I have.

You'll often see me linking to products on Amazon. It's convenient, is cost-effective and is my go-to for everything from doorknobs to mascara. You should know that is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

There are several other companies that I support, and in turn, may provide a small commission back to me if I refer you to one of their products after an honest and thoughtful review. Because I add new companies and products to my "love" list throughout the year, it's safe to assume that any link placed on this site is an affiliate link. It may not be, but let's just assume it is so that we are covered.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me by using the contact page. It can be accessed on the menu above.

Thanks for reading and for your support!