I’m Stocking Up on This {Heavenly} Dry Shampoo…

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I have a new obsession.

I use dry hair shampoo a few times a week – it’s the best for so many things!

Getting rid of excess oil.

Adding some “grip” to the area where you clip a topper so that the clips don’t slip and cause soreness (or breakage!).

Injecting some volume into my (very) limp bio hair.

You can add my past post on dry shampoos to the many dry shampoo reviews out there, mainly as a way to help eliminate shine from synthetic wigs and toppers.

If you asked me last week, I would’ve said the best dry hair shampoo is Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract (head’s up, it actually comes in tinted colors now, too!).

I love it for two reasons (and it’s still a top contender, but read on for what I think is the best dry hair shampoo now!). First, the particles that are sprayed are super-small, meaning that you don’t end up with a ton of caked-on-powder-stuff on your hair. Also, the scent is mild – so many dry shampoos are very perfume-y and I’m not big into floral scents.

The major downside to this product is that it’s SFE.

You know.

So. Freakin’. Expensive.

You can buy the mini on Amazon for $10 or the larger version for $20. Either way, the cost is over double that of most drugstore brands, and for a product that I run through quickly, that kind of stinks (as much as I loooove it).

I ran out of Klorane and was making due with some Batiste Beautiful Brunette, but ran out of that, too…so was searching for an option last week.

I came across Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Tapioca Dry Shampoo (link so you can see it, cheaper buying locally) in the scent…wait for it, wait for it…WARM SUGAR.


best dry hair shampoo

OMG, guys, this smells just like cookies.

You wouldn’t think I’d want my hair to smell like warm, straight-from-the-oven cookies, but dangit, I do!

Something about this scent is just irresistible to me.

It could be because I’ve been watching my diet…or it could be because it’s just plain awesome!

The smell of this dry hair shampoo comes off a bit strong at first, but settles in after a few moments. For a few hours after I sprayed it, I caught a subtle whiff of fresh-baked goodness every time I touched or combed through my hair.

It’s basically like carrying around a little Yankee Candle with you all day. 🙂

The practical part of me likes it, too. It’s an add-on item on Amazon, which means that you have to meet a certain dollar threshold to add on cheapy products like this – but it’s less than $5, y’all! And, it’s bigger than any other dry shampoos I’ve tried by a few ounces!!

I shop on Amazon all the time, so no big deal for me (my beloved eyeliner is an add-on item as well, so there’s always an excuse), but drugstores carry this, too! I’ve seen it at both Walgreens and CVS in recent weeks.

This has quickly become my go-to dry shampoo. It doesn’t leave a lot of white residue, it cleans pretty well, it’s HUGE…and it smells like one of my favorite foods in the whole, wide world.

Check it out if you’re in the market for a new option! If scents aren’t your thing, they make an unscented version, too…although more expensive when shopping online than in the drugstore.

I’ll be adding this to my Recommended Products page, soon (only the best stuff I’ve tried goes there).

Which do you think is the best dry hair shampoo? Do you have a favorite? Drop us a comment and share below. 

16 thoughts on “I’m Stocking Up on This {Heavenly} Dry Shampoo…”

  1. Hi, so if you had one choice for dry shampoo and not caring about cost, what would you choose. The reason I need it is for removing shine on wig.

    • Hi Sandra – all of my photos on my blog (95% of them) are with a topper. A very few are with wigs, but I’m really clear in the posts if they are a wig or a topper. My pic on my homepage in the blue button down shirt? Topper. 🙂

    • A few things. 1) It will remove oil from your hair. A fine powder sprays out and absorbs it. 2) It adds volume. 3) It provides a bit more “grip” to the hair in which a topper clip could be placed on…this is good so that your clip stays secure. It’s a great product for hair-wearers or non-hair-wearers.

  2. How did you begin wearing the topper? Did you just get one in the length your hair was and got longer ones as it grew? I just chopped my hair thinking that it would make it look better. WRONG!

    • For me, I got one close to my length. I recommend wearing one the same length or slightly shorter (as it will give you a layered look). Remember…anything can be trimmed!

  3. Thanks for this tip! I have never tried a dry shampoo, but as soon as you said ‘adding some grip, I knew it was time to try. Just placed my order.. cannot wait to try it.

  4. I was loosing my hair for the past 2 year. I was an avid user of dry shampoos, and adding Toppix. to the mix to my scalp.

    I completely stopped using them, got a topper from Tressmerize, started taking vitamins including biotin with silica and tried to get my scalp healthier again.
    Used the shampoo and conditioner from Nioxin #3

    I did warm coconut oil scalp treatments 1xweek and massaged my scalp every other day,

    I can say that my hair started to grow back. I’m have at 3″ of regrowth
    I’m thrilled, I persevered and had hope and it paid off.

    I don’t recommend dry shampoos, they clog the pores, and don’t recommend any fiber filler, they also clog pores.
    keep it nourished, clean, and massaged.


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