They Say You Can Never Have Too Many…

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…shoes, that is. Isn’t that a “thing” with most women? I know, back in the day, even though I only really rotated between three or four well-loved pairs of shoes, my closet was overflowing with them.

I still have a healthy shoe collection, but my focus has definitely been on hair. Much like shoes, no matter how happy you are with your current hair piece, you’re always on the hunt for something else. Because, there’s GOT to be something better out there. A better color. A better texture. Something more like our bio hair. THE ONE is out there, somewhere.


That’s one of the best things about wearing hair – you get to constantly experiment with and try on new pieces.

And if one option doesn’t work? Keep it for an “around the house” wig or topper. Wear it on weekends only. Cut bangs into it to try a new look. Or–if the website you buy from allows it–send it back for a refund.

When’s the last time you could say that about your bio hair?

I was going through my hair stash a few weeks ago as it was overtaking my bathroom closet. I always knew that is what I’d find, but it was still astonishing to look at it all laid out.

brown hair toppers and wigs

This, my friends, is 10+ pieces of what appears to be all the same brown hair toppers and wigs (nope, your eyes don’t deceive you, I know they look identical). Believe it or not, there are probably six different pieces here. Not including the three –you guessed it– brown hair toppers I just received in the mail.

While some hair loss sisters are constantly on the prowl for more comfort or more coverage, I guess you could say I’m on the hunt for more BROWN.

Is that sad?

I think we can all agree that color makes such a huge difference in how we look. For me, just a bit too red or gold immediately makes me look super-pale. I’m a neutral brown kind of girl (although, I did recently learn I can pull off warmer tones if there are ashy highlights to offset them), and I’m always looking for just the right shade.

My ideal hue? A neutral-ish brown (about a level 8, at least in the synthetic world) with golden blond highlights on top. But not too yellow. More caramel than butterscotch. A bit of ash. But not too ashy. It’s all so complicated, and why I was never happy when I got my bio hair colored, either.

It might be crazy, but I love my big ol’ collection of brown hair toppers and wigs. It represents so much to me. A few tears. A ton of trial and error. A bit of money down the drain (yikes).



Brunette Hair Toppers and Wigs

What can brown do for you (get it?)? So, SO much.

20 thoughts on “They Say You Can Never Have Too Many…”

  1. After researching a bit I found that I could pour hot water on my wavy topper and straighten it out. It worked! I also use loose powder to take the shine off. But my topper is blond so it works OK. I took my topper to Merle Norman to have it trimmed. Lots of hair stylists won’t want to trim or are not allowed by their companies to trim a wig.

  2. Hi, can you sleep in synthetic toppers or wigs? I’ve had human hair toppers these last few years but can’t afford it anymore and am buying jon renau toppers in 12fs8 shaded praline and also the drew wig in same shade from jon renau. I am so worried about the fake factor looking obvious to others and never ever want to be caught without something on even at night and apparently sleeping with a silk pillowcase will help? Also what do you think about using laundry detergent and fabric softener to wash synthetic wigs? I’ve seen it a lot on you tube. Do you have a YouTube channel?

    Sorry so many questions from one stressed out mama of four minus real locks lol ???

    Thanks in advance ×

    • You can! It may not be comfortable but I understand not wanting to be without. If I were you, I’d probably get a wig in the same shade as that would be more comfortable I think (no clips digging in). Yes, a silk pillowcase would help for sure. As for detergent – I tried it once and didn’t like it. Plus I smelled like Snuggle Bear. 🙂 I do have a YouTube channel:

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Could you recommend where I should look to buy a hair topper. I don’t know where to even begin looking. Thank you so much for your blog, it brings hope to disheartened people like me.

  4. Hi, Lauren,
    I enjoy so much your website.
    I just want to know how you store your toppers…in the big baggies?
    please let me know.
    Thank you so much,
    Dee Dee

    • I fling them on my bathroom counter at night. 🙂 Synthetic you can mistreat…human hair I’d pin to my canvas head, or store on a mannequin so it stays nice.

  5. I love love loveee that you are updating your blog more frequently! I’m 21 & have androgentic alopecia so it’s great to see how other women cope with their hair loss & I haven’t come across any other blogs that are similiar to yours! Thanks so much. <3

  6. Hi Lauren, came across your blog and think it’s great. You look great. I also have alopecia areata since 2007. Are you based in uk? I am launching brand Olivia Hush. We tailor our remy human hair toppers to individuals from colour, length down to density and clip size. We have own factory so costs can be reduced significantly. Let me know if you would be interested in trying one out.

  7. Hi Laura,

    Wow. I wasn’t aware you already have so many Toppers and Wigs.

    I realised colour is very important when choosing a topper. For me it is definitively the dark brown shades.

    I am so looking forward tp reading more reviews from you. I really appreciate your blog.

  8. I love your profile picture! I’ve always had a hard time getting my hair colored as it never turned out exactly how I wanted. I’ve found a great topper to wear–now to just get the courage to wear it. lol

  9. I’m sort of stuck in that ashy dark blonde/light brown colour that is extremely hard to match. Pieces are either too light, too dark, too brown, too yellow, too brassy, too ashy… ARGH! It’s kinda funny seeing all those wigs, though. Sort of like my obsession with nail polish – I can see this becoming an obsession too.

      • Oh honey, don’t even get me started. I have all the bibs and bobs for nails. The wraps are actually a bit of fun, I love some of the designs you can get. I’m currently dealing with an addiction for “flakie” nail toppers.

  10. Cute post… agree 100%. If the shade isn’t quite right, it’s usually a deal breaker for me. Somebody would notice “something” is off (altho that’s probably just my insecurity and imagination) and that would raise a red flag that would garner attention to me. I’ve done the same as you, where I lay out all my pieces and take a look and when I see some of them think, “What the HELL was I thinking??”
    Amazing to me how many shades of brown there are!


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