Bumpits + Thin Hair = Disaster

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Have y’all heard of hair Bumpits?

I don’t even know if Bumpits are made anymore, but they were fairly popular on the infomercial circuit about 10 years ago.

You know those ponytails that have a nice bump in the back…just a bit of height in the back (or maybe more than a little)? Or, I’m sure you’ve seen girls who wear their front pinned back with a little poof (I actually did this with my blond Ellen Wille wig)?

If your bumps/poofs are a little wimpy, hair Bumpits to the rescue!

hair bumpits

I found these in the back of my closet when I moved…and just about died laughing. I remembered what a horrible fail these were back when I had a full head of hair.

Why so horrible?

My hair was simply too thin (even though I had much more of it) to even cover the Bumpits! You could see lovely plastic peeking through my hair.

Fast forward 10 years, and I knew I had to try again.

First up, let’s try the smallest Bumpit, meant to give your hair a little oomph in the front.

Oh yeah, can’t wait to see what this looks like.

hair bumpits thin hair

Just as I thought. Simply magnificent.

Ok, so let’s try the back.

Apologies for the fuzzy photo—I didn’t realize it looked like this until I uploaded it to the blog.

bumpit hair

What a perfect bouffant!


Seriously, how good does this look?

I think it makes my bald spot directly in front of it stand out even more, woohoo!

bumpits up close

You can see in the closeup the little “teeth” that stick out from the Bumpit. So it looks like a headband-gone-wrong combined with a torture device.

Seriously, you must have thick hair to wear these things. And even then, I’m not sure how they’d look natural as hair Bumpits do provide quite a bit of height.

Then I had a brilliant idea. Why not try it on a normal head of hair?

Luckily, I have at least a dozen wigs at my disposal.

bumpits hair style

This wig certainly doesn’t need any extra volume, but at least now I can see what the outcome actually should be.

Speaking of this wig…what do you think about it?

Can any of you wig aficionados (or wanna be hair gurus) tell what this wig is? I’ll help you narrow it down by giving you the color: it’s Iced Mocha.

It’s got some major highlights, but I love that the color is on the cool side.

More on her later.

So there you have my adventures in Bumpits wearing (they actually are still out there!).

Mine are currently at a Dallas-area Goodwill if anyone is interested!

16 thoughts on “Bumpits + Thin Hair = Disaster”

  1. Is it the Angelica? I think the style is great on you. Perfect volume and cut. The highlights are a bit too eye-catching for my tastes though. I prefer to not draw attention to my hair. 🙂

  2. Bumpits… I remember trying those years ago before my hair had thinned at all & it was an epic fail lol. You need thick hair to wear them but why do thick haired girls need even MORE volume?

    Btw, I recently bought a topper called Easipart. It was around $300 & heat defiant. This thing looks so realistic, the part is incredible & the hair sits extremely realsitically. Voguewigs.com has the hair to you within a day or two at no additional charge (actually I think orders over $150 are free) & they do really easy returns if you don’t like it (as long as the tags are still on & in new condition). Not a sales rep just some advice from one thinned hair girl to another lol.

  3. I’ve never seen those before but they definitely look like one of those As Seen On TV specials. LOL I had a hair stylist pile and pin extensions into my hair for an extra lift at my crown. They weren’t clipped or glued in, just pinned on top with my hair combed and pinned over it. It’s actually a very Edwardian way of styling hair as the girls of ye olden days would pile hair collected from brushed and cuttings on their head to form those beautiful styles we see in pictures. Those Bumpits are definitely an EPIC Fail, though. Hehehe.

  4. What hair ARE you wearing anyways! It always looks great! What others do you wear and like too??? Thx!:) btw I wore a bump it one time for a 60s costume party and it was great but gosh they are hard to get out without taking hair out!!

  5. Baahahaha! 😀
    Thank you for the morning laugh. Just when I’m feeling sorry for myself, you show up in my inbox with the bumpits. You always remind me to laugh at life’s absurdities, including the things people who already have a full head of hair will do to it. Your expressions In the photos are priceless, too.
    Thanks for a fantastic, uplifting blog. Cheers!

  6. Oh my goodness, I needed this laugh. SO funny!
    I think i’ll skip the bumpits! haha
    I like the cool color of the wig, but i think the highlights AND the bumpits are a little much for my taste 🙂

  7. Recently my hair dresser told me that hair stands can be used in a fusion method to add fullness to the top of my head. In the past I was told that extensions could not be used on the top of the head. The process involves looping strands of hair to my bio hair. No glue is used. Do you have any information regarding adding hair in this manner. I have noticed you don’t offer information regarding add in hair extensions. I enjoy your website and your willingness to offer women support. I think it is important to discuss hair loss so that we all don’t feel alone and inferior. I have loss due to thyroid problems and it has been 20 years of searching for answers and camaflog. Currently I use hair fibers and creativity to disguise my substantial loss.

    • I *think* know someone who did this for awhile, but it was pricey. If you decide to proceed, let us know how it goes.

      I do have a post on the one time I used extensions. I usually only write out things I’ve experienced, so you won’t find much on here if I haven’t tried it.


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