Meet Camilla: A Fun Long Wig with Bangs!

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I love fall for so many reasons!

I’m not a pumpkin-spiced-anything fan (blech), but I love the seasons shifting, fall décor, and getting to wear clothes that aren’t sleeveless.

Texas is WAY too hot sometimes.

Fall is also NEW HAIR SEASON as many of the top manufacturers debut their new styles. It’s like back-to-school, but for hair.

I always watch with anticipation for Jon Renau’s new styles. Not only do they tend to introduce styles that suit me, but they have a few colors that I can wear (8H14/8RH14 and 10H16/10RH16 to be exact).

This year, even though I don’t tyyyyypically wear bangs, I set my sights on Camilla. Of course, in color 10RH16 Almondine.


Love the length, love the density, and love the bangs.

She even looks cute on my mannequin.

Camilla Wig Jon Renau

She’s a bit different than what I usually wear in that, 1) she has bangs (duh), and 2) she’s not overly layered.

My everyday piece doesn’t have a TON of layers, but Camilla has decidedly fewer layers. This makes the ends look super-luscious, and I’m kind of digging that.

I mean, when you’ve had straggly ends your whole life, to have density down there is a dream come true.

Camilla’s Bangs: Need to be Trained

About the bangs.

I’m not going to lie. The bangs were a bit unruly at first. I’m plain just not used to them, so I immediately wanted to get them to be more side-swept than they were right out of the box.

(Fun fact: I always wanted amazing bangs growing up. In the 80s, so many girls had BIG bangs…and I was sad because my hair was always too fine and limp to get that great height that those girls had. No amount of Aqua Net would give me that look, as much as I tried!)

Those of you with longer foreheads might be able to wear these bangs as-is, but I needed to train them a bit so that they wouldn’t fall into my eyes.

A little heat does the trick, and y’all have this heat source attached to your body.

Know what it is?

Just use your HANDS for this simple styling trick.

Check out the video review I did of the Camilla wig by Jon Renau, and you’ll see how I use my hands to gently train the bangs to go where I want them.

If you’re not getting the hair to comply like you want, a wash helps immensely, too! Just pin the bangs back as they dry and that’ll help tell them who’s boss.

Camilla Wig Cap Construction

I wanted to also show you a pic of the inside of the cap. As I mentioned in the video, Camilla is hand-tied, so she’s super-soft and stretchy. She does not have a lace front, however.

One of my favorite things about Camilla is that she has a double-monofilament top. Rather than being a single-mono top where you can see your own hair underneath the meshy material, this scalp is lined. It gets you closer to the look of a silk top (which looks 100% real) without the expense.

Jon Renau Camilla Cap

Because she’s long and swishy, you have styling options with Camilla. A low pony, braids, half up/half down…the options are really endless. Here’s a quick half up style I did using bobby pins (being careful to ONLY pin hair-to-hair…you don’t want your hand-tied cap full of pin holes):

Camilla Wig Half Up

Pro tip: Do make sure that you remove ANY of the fun styles you put synthetic hair into at the end of the day. You know when you leave a clip or a braid in a bit too long and it leaves a funny bend in the synthetic hair?

It’s called cold-crimping.

Never fear, though…spray a bit of water and comb through and the fiber will magically go back to looking perfect. That’s the beauty of synthetic hair! You care for it just a wee little bit, and it rewards you by looking beautiful with minimal effort.

I’ll leave you with a few more shots of the lovely Camilla. She’s a gorgeous wig in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

on Renau Camilla Indoor Light 10RH16

Jon Renau Camilla Wig Review

She’s a fun one! I recommend her if you like long styles and prefer a bang. She’s very comfortable and versatile–she’d make a good addition to anyone’s collection.

Let me know what you think of beautiful Camilla! Are there are new wigs or toppers on your wish list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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27 thoughts on “Meet Camilla: A Fun Long Wig with Bangs!”

  1. Hi!
    I’ve only worn human toppers and just recently bought my first synthetic about a couple months ago (heat friendly) and love the easy style. After watching your videos and others talking about wigs, I made my first purchase today. Now I’m wondering whether I need a wigrip. What do you use to keep your wigs in place? TIA! Your videos on synthetics have opened my eyes to a new adventure!

  2. This looks beautiful on you. I’m thinking about a JR in Almondine, too, as my first wig. Do you think one with or without lace front is a better starting point? I like the look of the bang but wondering if they can be tucked or pinned instead?

  3. I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog. I started losing hair when I was 28 and now I’m turning 34 in 2 months. I’ve always been a heavier woman and I felt like all that I had going for me was my hair – and people have always said “your hair is so pretty” and now I have a thin pony tail and you can see my scalp as far back as three inches threw my hair. I can still disquise it with products fairly well but for some reason it’s falling out pretty good this week. (I’ve been to three doctors I’ve done all the tests and I’ve tried all the products..sigh) I found your site and this past week instead of searching the internet for products that won’t work I’ve been checking out your blog and looking at toppers, (how did I not know about toppers??) Anyhow, I hope you continue your blog for a long time and thank you for all your tips and help. -Jen

  4. Hi! May I know how long does a synthetic wig lasts? I have 2 human hair topper from Lauren Ashtyn Collection and 1 wig by Jon Renau.

  5. Gorgeous! I have a huge forehead so bangs are a MUST. I’ve seen a few styles I thought I’d like. I have a deep widows peak so I could probably work the front into this since there’s no lace front. I wish it had the color I want…

  6. Once again your choice in wigs looks spectacular on you!
    I noticed the three pieces in the background.
    Can you please tell me who/ what they are? I’m particularly curious about the one in the middle. =)

  7. Please help me to understand how we can get away with any of this with out our husbands knowing? My husband has no clue about my thining hair and I really don’t think he notices but I do.i don’t wanna wear something he is going to notice drastically and what would you prefer me to think on the top and in the crown.

    • Leslie, first off never say you don’t have brains! As for your husband…what does he know so far? It’s a bit hard to hide unless you plan on dressing/getting ready for the day out of eyesight, as well as sleeping in your pieces.

  8. Hi, Lauren! Please help me. I have been looking for quite some time for a wig that looks natural….mono top, side swept fringe that is not sooo long that is goes in the eyes (about 4 or 5 in), synthetic, length slightly below the shoulders, not straight, slightly curled or waved, and definitely not flat on top as I do not look good in flat, straight hair. I need height on top. The closest I came to a wig like this is called Long Color Me Beautiful by Paula Young. However, the quality of her wigs has changed and the last two times I ordered this I have had to return it because of a lack of hair. The top of the wig showed the wefts and my family said it looked like a wig. If you can help me find a wig with this style, I will be forever grateful. Thank you and I think the wig with bangs looks great on you!

    • It’s difficult to get that type of style with a mono top – the lack of mono top in the style you referenced helped to give it the lift you are looking for. You might want to check out Jon Renau’s Scarlett or Jessica. 🙂

      • I just received my Scarlett today and she has an enormous amount of Permatease! She’s so poofy it looks unnatural for someone like myself who has naturally fine, thinning hair. Thinking of exchanging for the EasiPart HD XL 12″.

  9. Lauren, have you tried the topper from the company Thin Hair Thick? They are a bit pricey but you can have them custom colored to your liking and they don’t use compression clip that cause more thinning/baldness after a while. I want to try it out but wanted to see if you have tried them out?

    • I haven’t. From the pics/video I’ve seen and from what I’ve hard from a few, the coverage looks pretty sparse in the back. I’ve been happy using tape/glue at the front to help with any weak spots, so I don’t think having a headband-type thing around my head will help me out too much. I definitely prefer the coverage and need it for my level of loss–I don’t want to risk any peek-thru where I need it.

      • Ahhh, good point, I am glad I asked you before shelling out the money…. I have been using the Tressmerize kit for over a year and love it!

        Thanks for your reviews I always look forward to them!


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