Can Pregnitude Improve Ovulation (So You Can Get Pregnant)?

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For those of you also experimenting with Pregnitude, you may recall that I started Pregnitude not too long ago. I figured as a tasteless powder added to my drink of choice (in my case, I was adding it to my spearmint tea [which, by the way, I consider to help with hirsutism and maybe even acne]) there really was no harm in giving it a whirl, right? There are tons of stories out there of women who have gotten pregnant by using Pregnitude (even PCOS women), so I thought it was worth a shot.

Hope #1: Pregnitude Would Allow Me To Ovulate More Regularly, And On Time

My main draw for using it was that I was hoping I’d ovulate more like clockwork (many women have reported that this happens). My cycles–especially since having my son in early 2011–were all over the board. Some months I would ovulate on day 25, some on day 42, and some not at all. I’ve had a few cycles that topped close to 70 days, which is not fun. My period was always pretty crazy prior to getting pregnant with my son, but my pregnancy is really what made my PCOS go haywire.

I had done one cycle (in which I ovulated on day 20) prior to starting Pregnitude–this was Cycle 1 off of birth control. Usually, when I come off birth control, I have one semi-normal cycle and then the subsequent cycles are all out of whack. Since I ovulated on day 20 for my first cycle, I was fully expecting to ovulate no earlier than day 27 or so, and then later and later as the months went on. So, I was really hoping Pregnitude would help me ovulate closer to day 14, or, at the very least, not get any later than day 20.

Hope #2: Pregnitude Would Lengthen my Luteal Cycle

I wasn’t entirely sure if I had a problem with my luteal cycle, and since I only had one period prior to trying Pregnitude, I was hoping it would help me hedge my bets. Through temping and taking OPKs, I found out that my luteal phase was a full 11 days. Supposedly, anything less than 10 (or is it 10 or less?) can be a problem, however, I’ve also read that anything less than 12 can be borderline. So, I was kind of nervous that on top of all my other PCOS-symptoms, this would be another to add to the list. There’s way too much conflicting info out there! Regardless of the info, if Pregnitude could help to standardize my luteal phase, I’d be happy. Supposedly a standard LP is around 14 days, which gives any egg that may be implanted the best chance of hanging on.

Pregnitude Results — Did it Improve Ovulation?

Take a look! This is what I saw on day 21.

[Ugh – the pic has somehow corrupted – going to try to get this reinstated!]

Needless to say, I was happy!! Yes, it was one day past where I was last month, however, I was fully expecting it to be much later in the cycle that I’d see that little Smiley Face (if at all). The test on the bottom is, in trying-to-conceive terms, an IC (internet cheapy). I swear up and down that the Wondfo One Step Ovulation Test Strips are THE BEST out there. You get 50 of them for about $20 — if you are serious about testing because you are trying to get pregnant, you want alot of these because you could be testing two or even three times/day to ensure you don’t miss your “LH surge”. Once that surge is detected (and this surge may sometimes last only a few hours, which is why it’s important to test often), the test line will get darker than the control line. I’ve always found that the left, outermost portion of the test line gets really, REALLY dark, and that’s how I know I’m about to ovulate. I really don’t need to, but I confirm it with using the Clear Blue Easy tests — the ones with the Smiley Face. I just happened to have some left over, so I used them; I wouldn’t buy them again as they are way too expensive (anywhere from $15-$20 for 7 tests, if I recall).

My Get-Pregnant Tool Kit

The below are from Amazon — I’m a Prime member so you really can’t beat free 2-day shipping. You can find Pregnitude on for a few bucks cheaper (although you may sacrifice a few days shipping for it).

 Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips (50)Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips (50) Pregnitude (1 Month Supply)Pregnitude (1 Month Supply)


So, Can Pregnitude Improve Ovulation?

Maybe! My results for my first month on it are promising. I’ve had zero side effects from using it and it’s very simple to use, so it’s worth continuing. Stay tuned for more Pregnitude updates!

UPDATE: See my update after one full cycle on Pregnitude!

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  1. I been diagnosed with pcos since i was 14 or 15 and now im 21 and i dont get regular periods nor do i ovulate will this product regulate my periods soon enough?

  2. I took it for 2month it change my vaginal discharge to a milky discharge few days after my period. Does it give u a mikly vaginal discharge?

  3. Hi i have been usong Pregnitude for the past 4 or 5 days. I have been trying to become pregnant for the past 5 years so figured i would try. With that being said everytime i drinkbit i have diarhhea is that normal also started cramping a little……just wanna know if these are symptoms

  4. I was told I have premenopause my periods come when they want I just started taking pregnitude will I still be able to conceive a child using this? I don’t want to the the fertility clinic so I decided to do this sometimes I feel my doctor just tells me anything I will be 40 next month I just want to have another child

  5. Hi Lauren would pregnitude help my period come done it comes when it want to then it take months to come down I want to know will it help regular my period and how long do I have to take pregnitude to work?

  6. Will pregnitude work for me… I am 28yrs old and I get my periods once a year… My Anti-Mullerian Hormone/Mullerian inhibiting substance is 10.20ng/ml… I am really worried plz somebody reply

  7. My doctor suggested I take myo-inositol supplements, which is the active ingredient in Pregnitude, to help regulate my insulin levels and prepare my eggs. I am hoping that I have quick results like you did!

  8. Hi My periods are very irregular meaning i can go years with out having one. Will preginitude help me get pregnant???

  9. I have had pcos since 2004 and have not had any luck with pregnancy. Ive been trying to get pregnant since 2005 with my with no luck. Ive just recently been put on birth control in October of 2015 to regulate my cycle. Im also on metformin and i am over my BMI. Will pregnitude help along with my metformin after coming off the bc pills? Desperately wanting a child before i turn 40.

  10. Has anyone ever heard of women getting pregnant with twins from pregnitude? I know sometimes clomid can cause this so I was just wondering….. ty

  11. I have 3 children, youngest is 17. After my youngest child I didn’t get pregnant again for 6 years. I miscarried. Didn’t get pregnant again for 6 more years. That baby miscarried as well. 2 years ago I found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency, as well as a pulmonary condition which affects my immune system. After reading about my pulmonary condition, I found that other women with the same condition also had vitamin D deficiency and problems conceiving and/or miscarriages. Do you think pregnitude could help me conceive? I am newlywed and would like a child with my husband. I am 41, so I’m sure you can understand why I would like to help my chances any way I can.

    • I’m not sure – I don’t have any experience with any pulmonary conditions. Your doc would probably be able to take a look at the ingredients in Pregnitude and give you his/her opinion. I will say that I’m confident Pregnitude can’t hurt, only help! Good luck.

  12. Hi. My name is Jessica and I have very irregular periods… I’ve been trying for three years now to have a baby with my fiance. I was hoping for some advice.. I’m twenty years old and I can’t understand why I have these problems and no doctors I’ve seen want to help me… Any advice?

    • My #1 hands-down best advice is to use take your temp and track your ovulation like I did in my tracking your ovulation post. Get the cheap OPK tests and test to see when you will ovulate. Track it ALL in Fertility Friend (an app). If you notice any strangeness (i.e., you aren’t ovulating) you can take those charts from the app straight to your doc and demand some testing.

  13. I took it for 30 days and it had me having sever mood swings and horrible night sweats. I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago and unfortunately I have to say it didn’t help me. It made things worse so I stopped taking it. My body may not be able to handle it I don’t know. 🙁

  14. I really want to have a baby I been married for three years and I haven’t get pregnant and I’m not regular in my period and somebody told me about pregnitudo and I been wandering if works hope it does I have five days using it

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