Clip in Hairpieces … in a Ponytail!

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I’ve had a few ladies email me and ask if I can wear my clip in hairpieces (toppers) in a ponytail. YES! This is one of the main reasons that I am loving them right now instead of a full wig. The nice thing about clip in hairpieces, too, is that you can adjust them ever-so-slighty as well, depending on the hairstyle you are trying to achieve.

The most important thing is to find a clip-in hairpiece that is close to your bio hair’s color. There’s no big deal at all if your bio hair is slightly darker; that’s a pretty natural look, actually, since the sun tends to lighten the top layers of your hair.

Here is my Milan topper (color: Marble Brown) in a traditional ponytail. The base of the Milan is larger, so I was worried that a pony wouldn’t be possible but it totally is!

Milan Clip in Hairpieces

I just love having a thicker ponytail with my clip in hairpieces, rather than one that is the width of a pencil!

Here is my Amore Long Top Piece (color: Medium Brown) in a messy up-do type thing.

Amore Topper Ponytail Back

And then a quick peek at the look from the front, as well.

Amore Topper Up

Clip in hairpieces can definitely be worn in a ponytail/up quite easily (in fact, if you bond, you can achieve the same result). This isn’t necessarily the same when it comes to wigs, so, for now, I’m rocking the topper full-time.

It’s really easy if you wear your hair similar to mine, with the front area that is kind of “swoopy”. Obviously, since there is a rim on these pieces, it’s very difficult to wear them with your bangs straight back (unless you are wearing the topper set back away from your hairline, which some women do. Unfortunately, my front hairline is too weak to do that).

See how easy it is to replicate your old bio-hair look with these clip in hairpieces (and, I’m sure, many others)? So, if you’re teeter-tottering about getting a topper but you are worried about your styling options, fear not! You definitely still have some ways you can wear your new hair, aside from just down!

14 thoughts on “Clip in Hairpieces … in a Ponytail!”

  1. Lauren- How did you style your hair up in the swoopy up do picture? I am trying to figure out the most comfortable way to wear my hair up with the topper. So far, butterfly clips are a bit more comfortable than ties/rubber bands. Is your hair styled in that pic with a clip of some sort? I like how it’s like swooped up almost like a messy bun. A messy bun (pony tail style- hair not pulled all the way through the last loop of the rubber band) was/is my go-to style for my bio hair and I would love to be able to do something similar with the topper. I love a messy bun!

  2. Hi Lauren! Just wanted to say first that you are so cute! You look amazing! And you are so inspiring for so many people!
    I thought I was suffering from a bout of TA from a poor extensionist, but after 7 mos and no hope I am skeptical. Also seeing a hair replacement center for women they have me convinced I will lose all my hair and/or may be terribly ill (definitely freaked out about both of these possibilities!).
    Sorry to be a blabber mouth. My question I have is: is there any particular reason you didn’t go with a bonded piece versus what you have? I plan to add some extensions for volume and see what I’ve still got then go from there and I just need guidance/advice/support/etc.
    thanks for all your posts. Keep rockin’ it girl!

    • Bonding would require me to shave the top portion of my head, and I’m not there, yet. However, maybe soon I will be! Did you have any loss prior to the extensions?

      • I didn’t. At least not any above normal daily loss and definitely not noticeable (trust me, I have a tendency to sweat the small stuff and I would’ve noticed). I was still convinced that it was TA and then stress from that causing some possible additional thinness until I saw the woman at the hair center. Now I feel doom and gloom 🙁
        They definitely didn’t mention shaving any hair! That seems so counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve.

        • The glue/tape has to affix to something, so, yeah, you’d need to get rid of the hair in those areas. I know lots of women that do it and they look AWESOME but I’m not read for that yet.

  3. Wow it looks so natural! I am thinking of getting a topper but wonder about it blending in in the front. Do you have a silk insert on your topper? Is it lace front? How do you get it to look so great?

    • Hi Laura, no, I don’t have a silk insert on any of my synthetic pieces. In fact, I’m not sure if that’s an option out there in the wig-world. I could be wrong, though! My human hair piece, which I have yet to blog about, does have a silk top. The look is very realistic, however, the monofilament top of my synthetic pieces really isn’t too bad. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s really only those of us in the hairloss community that check out scalps. 🙂 It’s also not a lace front. I’ll do a post soon on how I integrate the piece, but there really are no secrets. It does take trial and error to get it to work. For me, I leave a little piece of my bio hair out right where the piece meets my own hairline. I think this helps to disguise it a bit.

  4. This blog has been so uplifting for me and has totally changed my perspective on getting a hairpiece clip. It looks beautiful! Thank you so much for this blog! I just found it a month ago!

  5. Just wanted to say, you look so cute in these pics. I love the second one especially. I hope that if it comes down to it I can have as much success with helper hair as you seem to be having. Thanks again for this blog, you are helping so many.


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