Crazy Hair Regrowth (Post-Pregnancy)

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I just can’t decide if I’m happy with the way that my hair is growing in, or if I’m annoyed. Well, let me rephrase…yes, I am happy that my post-partum shed has slowed a bit and my hair is starting to grow back. But, man, sometimes it looks really funny under my toppers. At least, with my first child (and no toppers), the loss was horrible but when it started to grow back I had the short and spiky pieces all over. This time, they are all sprouting out underneath my “perfect-looking” toppers and it’s just an odd look sometimes!

Check out my hair growing back. The majority of it is the temple area and just beyond it. I do have some hair right at the front hairline, as well.

(And don’t ask where I am looking. I simply don’t know. Haha.)

Post Partum Hair Regrowth

When I wear my topper, however, sometimes it creeps out underneath it unless I have the topper laying perfectly flat on my head (which is sometimes difficult because, due to the post-partum loss, it’s hard to find hair in these areas to clip to!). See the little hairs laying just under the rim of the hair piece?

Hair Under Topper Hair Regrowing

I’ve been trying to apply some hairspray prior to putting on my topper in the morning in an effort to keep those little hairs off to the side. They are still short, so sometimes this doesn’t work very well. If all else fails, a little water helps to move them over.

I don’t have a good picture to show of it, but having these little “baby hairs” actually helps to make the area where the part of the topper meets my forehead to look more natural. In fact, many stylists will cut baby hairs into wigs and toppers for this very reason.

My hair also seems to be filling in a little towards the back — it’s hard to tell in this area, though, since my loss isn’t so prominent there and I have more bio hair to cover those tiny hairs. We’ll have to see what I look like in a few more months!

All in all, my post-partum shed lasted, at full-force, about three months. For women that already experience hair loss, that’s enough really to devastate your look. Luckily, I anticipated this and started my hair-wearing journey awhile ago. I just don’t know what I would’ve done without my helper hair!!

This is my Jon Renau topper, in color 8H14, my current topper that I’ve written about before.

Helper Hair Post Partum Regrowth

18 thoughts on “Crazy Hair Regrowth (Post-Pregnancy)”

  1. Hey Lauren,

    My name is Lizzie and I am new to your blog/ web page and so happy I found it.
    I am 27 (from Ireland) and have been dealing/ stressing (more so the latter!!) with hair loss since I began to notice it at 20 years old. My hair loss is worse on the crown of my head. My friend said to me one day in work, “you’ve really thin hair on top, don’t you?!” my heart was broken from that day on. I never looked at the back of my head or my crown (why would I?!) but since that revelation I haven’t been able to stop.
    I am so so so paranoid about it and although it hasn’t gotten really bad (completely bald) I know that people still notice it and it guts me.
    I can hide it if I part my hair to the side but if I was to do a middle parting it looks completely see- through.
    I hate it so much 🙁 I’m afraid I’m going to lose all my hair and would love to get a ‘topper’ but I’m so afraid it will look fake.
    When did you first start to notice your hair loss and was it sudden or gradual loss?

    Thank you for reading my post.
    Lizzie x

    • Hi Lizzie…awww that’s tough. The nice thing about getting a topper is that if you do it sooner rather than later, it looks less “fake” because it’s not such a harsh change. My hair loss was both gradual and rapid, actually. It was gradual over several years to the point where I didn’t notice, and then when I got pregnant BAM! it started falling out in clumps. That recovered, only to resume a few months post-birth.

      You can always just try a synthetic topper (as it’s less expensive) to get the feel for clips and wearing hair (you don’t even have to do it in public!). Then, you can decide if you want to go the human hair route. Both Fortune Wigs and Milano wigs make very affordable human hair toppers. From the look alone, I prefer Milano toppers (Google them!)…I’ve seen MANY women wear them and they look flawless.

      Good luck. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing all your experiences, it’s very helpful. It’s good to know that even where the clips were you see regrowth. The other thing you can see from the photos that with wearing the toppers your regrowth from pregnancy was still very substantial. I guess I wondered if there would be a problem with new growth because your head is covered. But you have a lot.

  3. Looking at your experience it seems there is no problem with hair regrowth with wearing hair throughout the day. Would you say that the damage from clips is minimal and that the hair additions are a good way to get through the shed and regrowth stage? I’d appreciate your feedback.

    • No, I wouldn’t say that exactly – I definitely have more loss where the clips are. I highly recommend placing additional clips around the perimeter to share the tension (for lack of a better word), plus it gives you the option to clip some clips one day and other clips the next. That being said, I’ve positioned my current topper differently in an effort to help the area where my old clip was “heal” and I’m already seeing regrowth.

  4. Hello Lauren, I first want to say you are very inspirational about your hair loss. I have the same issue and look your blog.

    How do you choose the best length? How do you measure?

    • It seems alot of the manufacturers measure differently – really, what I do is look online and at actual photos to determine if a length will work for me. I like it to be close to my bio length…if it’s longer (which is rare) it can always be trimmed, but anything too short won’t work for me.

  5. Thank you for the update and please keep them coming! Since finding your site I have gotten a little bit more comfortable with my hair loss. You are an inspiration to me and you are so beautiful!=)

  6. Your eyelashes always look so good!

    Hopefully the regrowth will continue and develop into longer, stronger hairs! Regardless you look great in the topper as always 🙂

    I am wearing the JR topper full time as well. Next is a Fortune HH topper…nervous and excited for it!

      • What kind of mascara do you use? My lashes have always been long but they have no curve…then go straight down so I struggle with curling them and getting them to stay curled.
        The Fortune piece had a 6 week lead time. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I ordered. I can’t freaking wait! Even though I am having an “I’m sick of all things topper” kind of day- sick of clips, sick of blending, sick of it shifting, sick of HAVING TO WEAR IT! Grrrrr! Anyway there is something exciting and motivating about getting a new piece. This can be so addictive! I hope I love the Fortune cause I can’t afford to keep ordering, lol!

        • I figured you’d be getting it soon! I hope this one works out – can’t wait to see pics.
          Mascara – I use Voluminous Butterfly (L’Oreal). You’re like the sixth person to ask so maybe I should do a post on it, haha. Eyelashes are hair, right?!

  7. Great photo, that’s exactly what my hairline looks like right now, lol. Now for the agonisingly long wait for the hair to do its thing and grow….
    You are so brave to share these photos and your story with such humour, it’s very inspiring 🙂

  8. YAY for the baby hairs sprouting very happy for you.

    Love your posts on your toppers, infact it was a post of yours thats encourage me to get my first one. the ROP long top mono loving it so much I bought I backup !


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