Create a Hairline & Blend Your Topper to your Bio Hair

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Today, I’m sharing the exact process I use to help create a hairline and blend my topper into my bio hair.

It’s the kind of thing that’s difficult to write out, so I thought I’d let the video do the talking.

I use Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Powder (color: Blonde) to help conceal my sparse hairline – you can see what a difference this product makes in the video!

If you need extra oomph and density, you can always top off this concealing product with hair fibers like BoostnBlend (my absolute faaaavorite fibers!).

Be sure to watch how I blend in the hair powder not just above my forehead, but also down the side of my head…I think it make a world of difference when you continue the technique down your hairline.

Oh! I was working with some hats prior to shooting this, and because I don’t typically wear my glasses when I film, I didn’t notice the fuzzies in my hair. Whoops. Ignorance is bliss. ?

Not too shabby, eh?

Here are a few more pics. All car selfies – but they have the best light to show the hairline!

By concealing your hair line when you have hair loss, you can easily integrate your hair topper with you bio hair. I like to fill in my balding hairline (so sad!) with a hair loss concealing powder. You can even touch it up on top with hair fibers to add density. Once your hairline is stronger, add your hair topper for a flawless finish.

You'd never know that my hairline was sparse and weak. Filling it in with hair loss concealing powders helps to ensure a flawless look when I place my hair topper on. Just having a few hairs pulled out, too, create a natural look that doesn't look wiggy at the hairline.

Let me know if you have any questions on the process!

P.S. Obviously, to copy my method exactly, you do need a bit of bio hair in the front. It doesn’t take much! If you don’t have even a few strands up front to make this work, than a lace front topper might be exactly what you’re looking for. The lace front create a hairline for you, and required no blending at all! You can see a lace front in action (albeit with a wig), in my post about Code Mono by Ellen Wille.

25 thoughts on “Create a Hairline & Blend Your Topper to your Bio Hair”

  1. Hi Lauren,

    I just got my Jon Reneau hair topper last week. It is been nicely made and the hair colour is great. My only problem right now is that when I put it onto my head (I have a part) it looks like I am top heavy on my front. The hair on the right hand side falls right into my face. I am not too sure about whether to get in styled or not as you can’t go back to what hair you had on it before. I could do what you do; by pulling that side back to my ear but I don’t want to have to do that all the time. I am wondering if I was to take a picture and send it to Jon Reneau, do you think that they could suggest something? My hair is very thin and sparse. It is not as thick as my hair topper and I guess it does look weird to be because I have had thinning hair for over 20 years.


  2. Lauren, I am curious why you don’t wear Top Wave by JR more regularly? You look absolultely fabulous in your profile pic in it :). I would also love to see you do a video on how to wear Top Wave and your thoughts on integrating it. thanks again!

  3. That was an amazingly helpful video. thank you so much for taking the time to show us how to do this!! I will definitely try the technique. I am still not entirely comfortable with toppers. I do have the top secret and the top wave (inspired by you – I haven’t tried any other brand since you recommend JR so highly)..I want to like top wave for its light weight and the natural curls. In reality the top secret sits much better on my head but i feel like it shifts around and that i can always see the rim of the topper and that others can see it too. I will have to try your technique of backcombing and the JR powder. thanks again for all you do!

  4. Aaaamazing!!! I have not yet taken the plunge into toppers. Still in research and all your videos have helped so much! You make everything look so easy. Thank you for sharing your journey in order to make ours more smooth!

    Keep all the advice and coming please!

  5. Does the Joan Rivers product ever “melt” down your head or face if you get hot or if it’s raining? Or if you just happen to rub your face during the day, does it come off? Thanks for such a helpful video!

  6. Great tips Lauren, you have helped me so much and are the reason I even started wearing toppers in the first place. One question, though, I prefer a long bang and have tried cutting them on my toppers but it never looks right, do you know of any topper that come with a long bang?

  7. Great video Lauren! I’m going to use your tips with my topper. I have to put mine right at the hairline too and I always feel like everyone can tell I’m wearing one. It doesn’t help that I really don’t like my topper, but maybe integrating some of my own hair will help. How do you make your part look so natural?

  8. Beautiful job, Lauren! I am still locked out of the topper club until I can find one in curly hair. Still no luck. Please advise if you hear of anything!

    • You can make a topper out of a curly wig I’ve done this with wigs using tutorials on YouTube. It’s not hard to do. I don’t sew so I used super glue to attach the clips. I bought the clips on Amazon &I they have a nice amount of cushion to them. I got the super glue idea from Lauren’s blog ? I do recommend trying it first on an old wig. Good luck & best wishes.

  9. Thanks for all your videos, Lauren! Such good info. I have not tried a topper yet because my hair is blond and very fine and I don’t know if I could ever find a topper that would blend in with my bio hair. You make it look so easy with your dark long hair. Are there toppers for chin length very fine hair or is it hopeless and I should consider a wig?

    • Jon Renau makes an 8″ topper as well as a 10″ one (I believe). Or, have you look into Tip Billing by Raquel Welch? I’ll have to profile her soon – she’s very low density. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to see her, I have a photo of me wearing her – she’s also in the Hair Try-On Shop as part of the CH&M private community, so you can view her on this page to at least see a profile of her on a wig head:

  10. Thanks for sharing your entire process, Lauren! It’s definitely helpful for those of us who are somewhat new to hair toppers. I noticed that you didn’t use any Got 2 b Glued so do you only use it on certain occasions? I feel as though my topper slides from side to side or isn’t lying flat enough without me securing it with glue.
    Incidentally, I couldn’t get the Joan Rivers hair powder when I purchased my topper so I bought a concealing powder by Clairol. It’s made to cover greys but I love it for filling in sparse areas. It doesnt seem to transfer once it’s had a little time to set. And Walmart sells it so it’s pretty cheap. ?


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