Cyber Monday Deals (Plus, Which Should I Get?)

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Woohoo, it’s Cyber Monday!

For someone (um, me) who only buys wigs online, Cyber Monday is one of the best days to snag a great deal on any hair you’ve had your eye on.

Here’s a round up of deals that I know of: 30% off with code BLACK
Are you an eBates member? If not, you should be. You get cash back at a million different retailers including—you guessed it—Vogue Wigs! Currently you get 8.5% back on all purchases if you shop through eBates (on top of any of their deals), PLUS, if you are a new member you get $10 cash back just for signing up to eBates.

So, if you are already an eBates member, head to eBates (note: this is my affiliate link) and search for VogueWigs and click through to save another 8.5% on top of their 30% off sale.

If you’re not an eBates member, sign up here, then click through Vogue Wigs to save 8.5% on top of their 30% off sale. And enjoy your $10 cash back that will be automatically deposited in your account.

I love combining discounts! I priced out my Milan for the heck of it, and when combining all the discounts, it came to about $130—the cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

Patti’s Pearls: 35% off with code BF35

Fortune Wigs: 25% off all human hair wigs, toppers and extensions with code (looks like no code needed) 30% off with code CYBER2015

Milano Wigs: $400 off human hair wigs (no code needed)

Here are two that I’ve had my eye on, and I’m not sure which to go with yet.

First, we have Alessandra, by Jon Renau (photo from Jon Renau):

jon renau alessandra dark

I love love LOVE the long layers. I was thinking of going a bit lighter than what I normally wear from Jon Renau, which is 8H14. Maybe I’ll try 10RH16.

This is the other I am considering. It’s Adriana by Jon Renau (photo from Jon Renau):

jon renau adriana red

I don’t know what color I would go with, though!

I’d love to try something with a bit of swing/volume, so I think that’s why I’ve been looking at styles like these. I’ve been itching to try something with a wave.

So…what do you think? Which should I go with?

If you are taking advantage of Cyber Monday hair deals, what are you getting??

P.S. Aside from hair, I’m about to throw down on this motorized Jeep for the kiddos—it’ll match Daddy’s. Ugh, the holidays are so expensive…

P.P.S. Lemme tell you about how the hair behaves in a real Jeep with the doors and roof off. I’ll have to do a post on it, soon. πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Deals (Plus, Which Should I Get?)”

  1. I like the Adriana, but I like the color 10 rh16.I have no connection to Cysterwigs but signed up for email alerts & the coupons are wonderful, renau is 30% off through Dec, other brands deeply discounted too, but you need to sign up for the coupons. I’ve bought from there, very satisfied. I think it’s the best wig site for great reviews, color info, photo color swatches & descriptions. Free ship too

  2. I like the Adriana, but I like the color 10 rh16.I have no connection to Cysterwigs but signed up for email alerts & the coupons are wonderful, renau is 30% off through Dec, other brands deeply discounted too, but you need to sign up for the coupons. I’ve bought from there , I think it’s the best wig site for great reviews, color info, swatches & descriptions. Free ship too

  3. I like the Adriana ‘cuz it is less full — I think that makes it look more like natural hair. I didn’t buy anything on Cyber Monday (damn) due to travels. But I had the top of my head patted down at the TSA security checkpoint. I grinned and said “hair extensions” but it really was a topper on my head. I wear hair extensions too, but not on top of my head.

    • Thanks, Barbara! Maybe some sites extended their deals…Vogue Wigs did. I got an email this morning for 30% off with code QX339GLL. That might be a unique code, but feel free to use as I’m not buying anything with it).

  4. I have the Alessandra, and it just wants to all hang forward. I’ve tried and tried to train it to no avail. Recently, I’ve heard others say the same. I love the Adriana though. She’s also lighter.

  5. I’ve been eyeing Adrianna as a possibility for me. I want something with some curl and wave and i like that one. I just haven’t bought a wig yet, so that’s a big step i’ve been contemplating for a while. Maybe by christmas! πŸ™‚
    Had to share a funny story that happened over the weekend. I climbed into my boyfriend’s car and as i was getting in I bonked my head on the side of the car. My boyfriend exclaimed: “OUCH!! That had to hurt//!! Are you ok?!?!” Funny thing is, i was wearing the milan which is like having a blanket wrapped around your head w all that hair and permatease. I had to explain to him why i didnt feel a thing, and he didn’t believe me! πŸ˜€

  6. I think the Alessandra is beautiful and would look gorg on you!!! It’s styled down the middle so not sure about side part. You might have to get it cut for side part….not sure….

  7. Alessandra is nice! I just ordered my very first wig ever. I am panicking just a little. Oh boy! I went with Brittaney by Envy since my hair is naturally curly/wavy. I feel so nervous for it to come in!! It really is a big step several months in the making. Websites like yours have really helped me accept that it isn’t just me, and that I am not too young for it to be fair, and that we have to play the hand we are dealt. So I am taking that first step today πŸ™‚

  8. Lauren
    I like both for you. It would be nice to have one with a little bouncy curl like the Adriana. You might like that for a change. At those prices go for it.
    I bought my first topper at Vogue for the 30% off. It is supposed to be here today. I am so excited because it’s my first. (Well 13 years ago I bought one from one of those specialty places for thinning hair. Big mistake) The one I just bought Jon Renau Top Notch in 10Rh16. I am not sure if the color will match. If I like the color, I could color my bio hair. Otherwise I will keep trying till the color is right. Online it’s hard to figure out the right color. I found watching the videos helped with picking the color. I just can hardly wait.

  9. You would rock both, but I am partial to the Alessandra. But if you want wave/swing, the other looks a little more wavy! cannot wait to hear more about what you decide on! Question: does a wigrip really provide all the security one would need for a wig? I’m so used to my topper clips for security but I am also so tired of my topper clips!!

    • Yes, I think so, absolutely. For a wig it’s a must have, in my opinion. My promise is I will *only* put products in my Recommended Products section that have made a difference in my hair-wearing life.

      The WiGrip sometimes needs some trial and error to get the placement right. Some prefer to wear it close to the hairline, but I find it works best when it’s about 1.5″ back.

  10. I like the Alessandra!

    I was going to resist buying a new piece today but your ebates sentence talked me into it. I bought another Top Notch (Jon Renau) so that I can have one to wear up and the other to wear down. It’s an investment in my happiness and self esteem…right?

    • You can’t beat combining discounts!

      You know…I know we all kind of laugh about the whole happiness thing, but I think what you said is spot on! πŸ™‚ Also an investment in time savings, too!

  11. I like the longer layers on the Alessandra. My own hair looks a lot like the Adriana right now, but only because I’m growing out a bad haircut. The choppy bangs are hard to style and require loads of hair spray.

  12. Alessandra has more body – lots of swing for Christmas!

    I was thinking of the same thing myself, until I saw the new Claire mono by Noriko. Suddenly took a left turn towards shorter and stylish! I’ve order it, but whether I’ll keep it remains to be seen. If not, I may exchange it for the new Janelle…somewhat like our Milan, but with some curl.

    What do you think of these new ones?

    • The shorter one is cute! I like Janelle, but am waiting until I hear more about it. It’s just a mono PART rather than a full mono top…so not sure if the part is as far over as I would like.

  13. Hi Lauren!
    My vote is for Alessandra, though both are super cute! Thanks for the info on all the deals going on out there today. Also, just FYI Top Secret Hair is offering 20% off all hairpieces today!

      • Yes I did get one! Not what I was planning on purchasing today but I have never seen these on sale, so……… I actually bought the same color/size as the one I currently wear. Boring, I know, but I will feel better with a backup. My one year old’s favorite pasttime these days is trying to grab as much of mommy’s hair as possible and yank as hard as she can…not the most pleasant thing in general but with a clip in topper on (that I cannot afford to replace monthly) it scares the beejeepers out of me!:) Sorry, rambling now but that is how I justified buying one today πŸ™‚

        Be sure to let us know what style you decide to go with!


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