Ellen Wille Wigs: Mega Mono Wig Review

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As promised, here is my official review with more photos of one of the most gorgeous Ellen Wille wigs out there, the Mega Mono. In my last post about synthetic lace front wigs, I told you about how this wig kinda, well, stole my heart. As soon as I saw this beautiful color, I knew I had to try it.

So, here’s my Mega Mono wig review!

Inside of Mega Mono

Like most wigs, there are a few standard areas of the wig cap to pay attention to:

  • Lace front: You see this running across the top of the wig. In this pic, I’ve trimmed it a tiny bit (more to come on that).
  • Mono top: The middle-front top of the wig has a mono top (monofilament), which gives that area a scalp-like appearance. The hair can be parted any way you want in this section.
  • Ear tabs: See the shiny things flanking either side of the mono top? Ear tabs are meant to help keep the wig in place. Inside are wire/bendy things/something that you can adjust by pushing on this area to help “mold” the wig closely to your head. I think these are beneficial especially if you don’t have any bio hair.
  • Tighteners: The tighteners/adjustable tabs are used to tighten or loosen the wig.

    Ellen Wille Mega Mono Cap

    Lace Front of Mega Mono

    Here’s a pic of the Mega Mono before I cut the lace–just to give you an idea of how it looks right out of the box. If you look closely you can see the lace right below where my part is. It bothered me so I cut it back pretty drastically, which is totally ok! It’s meant to do that, if you want.

    Ellen Wille Wig Tobacco Rooted

    Ok, so on to what everyone wants to look at. Take these next few pictures of the Mega Mono Wig by Ellen Wille and look at them closely. Blow them up to 8×10 and hang them on your wall if you want. But know that NO ONE looks at our hairline and part as closely as we do. I’m not saying that because I think it looks bad (because, I don’t!) but I know everyone is going to have nose-smudges on their computers/phones/tablets. Just remember, due to our lovely condition, we are more hair-aware than ANYONE out there!

    Ellen Wille Wig Hairline

    You’ll see in the image above that I’ve trimmed the lace front back significantly. The lace front was tricky for me…unlike the toppers I’ve been wearing, there is no rim to use as a guide to where the hair should begin. I kept wanting to trim further and further back, but at some point you just have to stop and let it be.

    Close up of Mega Mono

    Here’s an even more close-up of the hairline with the lace trimmed back.

    Ellen Wille Mega Mono

    I think having a deep side part helps with this look. Also, since the hair is parted on sort of a diagonal, it causes more of the lace to be covered which I think is a good thing.

    And here, of course, is a pic of the wig from the front.

    Over-exposed as always (sigh).

    Mega Mono Wig Review

    Finally, no wig review would be complete without a photo outside. I remember the sun being in my eyes, ha.

    Ellen Wille  Wigs Tobacco Rooted Wig

    Pros of Mega Mono

    What I really love about Ellen Wille wigs is the lack of unnatural shine that some synthetic wigs get!

    Some synthetics (wigs or toppers) have an artificial shine to them that gradually lessens the more you wear it (there are some tips and tricks to get rid of it faster which I’ll talk about soon), and I found that is the number one drawback of synthetic hair.

    These wigs look 100% natural right out of the box. I really wish some of the more readily available synthetic companies (are you listening, Noriko and Jon Renau?) would figure out how to do the hair fiber as nice as the hair fiber this brand has.

    I’d say the fit is average – my head is not too large nor too small and it fits me just fine.

    Cons of the Mega Mono

    Not many! The hair fiber itself is so incredibly realistic, but I still struggle with the lace front and the knots.

    You might be able to see it if you look at my photos, but the knots underneath the lace front are dark.

    With human hair, you can get bleached knots so that they are invisible under the lace. That’s not happening with darker wig/topper colors.

    I think my hairstyle disguises this well, but the fact that I am aware of this means I’m not 100% comfortable in this wig.

    Closing Thoughts

    I do love this wig. I love how the hair moves and I love how natural it looks. The density is perfect, too, as it’s not “wiggy”.

    If I could find a way to make peace with the lace front, I’d be wearing this in a heartbeat. I actually wish Mega Mono was made in a non-lace front as I would love to try to integrate some of my bio hair with it. That’s difficult to do with a lace front.

    I’m going to continue to wear this now and then but it’s not going to be my every day look…at least, not yet. But, I can assure you…someday is probably closer than I think.

    What do you think?

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    Oh! Did you know you can wear a wig in a ponytail? I demonstrate this wearing another EW wig. Check it out: Yes! You Can wear a Wig in a Ponytail!

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    1. Hi
      Very nice review, actually all your reviews are nice and very helpful
      Could you tell me where are Ellen’s Wille wigs made? i mean what is wroten on the label inside the wig(inside your Mega mono)?
      Thank you
      P:S: if it’s possibile send me an email

    2. I’ve been wearing wigs for over 20 years, so I know my way around the block on how to take care of them. I’ve mostly worn Raquel Welch wigs, the wig I liked was discontinued. I tried the Ellen Wille line and I was so disappointed. Maybe I am in the minority.

      I wear wigs daily due to hair loss from medication and I found that the Ellen Wille wig did not last more than one month. After shampooing the wig (after 15-20 days of wear) the wig never looked the same.

      I was disappointed in the shiny look it had and I felt it looked wiggy despite having my stylist personalize the style for me. I went on to a different line and have had no problems at all.

    3. This is a really cute wig. I’ve had my eye on the Ellen Wille wigs for a while but haven’t yet purchased. I’ve never bought a lace front where I’ve actually trimmed the lace. Can all of the, be trimmed – or how do you know when you should trim? Do you risk losing any of the hair from the wig when you trim it? Thx!

      • You can trim it back a bit, but don’t want to go too far as you will start eating into hair. Most lace you don’t need to cut (it comes what they call “pre-trimmed”), this wig included. I just cut it back a bit by my part line as personal preference.

    4. Hey, Lauren! I went for it and bought the mega mono in sand mix! I’m really excited with her right out of the box! Overall she is so realistic looking, and seems like the color is close enough to my human hair piece that I could swap back and forth. I am all full of synthetic qs since this is my first one. Would you mind sharing your quick thoughts?
      1. Can I use any wide tooth comb to comb through her? I am in a pinch because I think I might want to wear her to Xmas (I just flat ironed my human hair and she is still so much pucker than I’d prefer) and I don’t have time to order anything.
      2. I also ordered the code mono to try at the same time and while I prefer to mega style much better and the cap better fits my head, the code mono has silkier feeling locks. When I run my fingers through the mega they stick a bit here and there. Does this mean in destined for tangling? I also seem to get a new hair shedding each time I run my fingers through it…
      3. What can I do for the few staticky pieces / flyaways? Could I spray static guard on my fingers and lightly work it through? I’ve also read that a little fabric softener w water in a spray bottle can keep the wig feeling soft. Really I know I need to order synthetic products but I’m trying to problem solve until I’m home from Christmas travel.
      4. Last one, promise! Have you had trouble w static and or tangling in the long sythetic wigs? Worried I’ll wear it out and suddenly have a rats nest in the back of my head! Especially if I’m wearing a coat, etc.

    5. Hello! I’m so close to purchasing the mega or code mono, but I’ve been wearing human hair did quite some time. But it’s so expensive and often, despite having a great stylist, it feels like a little too much hair. I love the smooth, thinner look of these synthetic pieces but I’m worried about how they will hold up with washing and daily wear. Could you tell me how the Mega Mono has held up for you?? Any pictures from a few months in/after multiple washes would be so so helpful. Thanks!!

      • Hmm, I don’t have many pics since I wear wigs so infrequently (I wear toppers all the time), but the good news is that I know a zillion women who wear these pieces and I’ve yet to hear a complaint! I’ve probably washed each of these 3-4 times and they still look good as new. Even though they are Ellen Wille brand, the actual fiber itself is sourced by many different companies (Noriko and Raquel Welch, to name a few), so the fiber itself will perform as it will from those other companies. I hope that makes sense! If you plan to wear daily, you should get 5-6 months out of these.

        • Thank you! Do you think it will be a disappointment going from human hair to synthetic? Also, you mentioned the EW fiber being a little more realistic than JR. That’s interesting to hear the fibers are not their own… Are they still worth the price? And will the fibers be consostent from wig to wig? Thanks again for sharing your time and insight!

          • That’s so hard to answer because the feel WILL be completely different, there are so many pros to synthetic hair, too! Have you read this post about it?: https://cornerofhopeandmane.com/hair/human-hair-vs-synthetic-hair/

            I do find the EW fiber more realistic than the JR, however, I was comparing it mostly to my long mono topper. I know own several JR wigs and that fiber feels different from the topper fiber, which I know doesn’t make any sense and maybe it’s in my head. Or, maybe the hair just moves differently due to the construction, I don’t know. 🙂 Fibers will vary from company to company but should be consistent within the same company. I do think synthetic wigs are worth their price since they are so convenient.

            I believe the company is Aderans, which supplies many of the big wig names. I haven’t done a ton of research on it, but I was informed by a wig boutique owner than even she doesn’t know why the shine quotient on the EW is so much better than many brands (i.e. less shiny) since the fiber is supposedly the same.

            It doesn’t hurt to try synthetic, right? If anything, if you don’t like the feel or look it can be returned.

    6. I think the Mega Mono looks great on you too.

      Like a previous poster, I have been going back and forth between Mega Mono and Code Mono. I really don’t know which one to pick.

      Which one do you think looks more realistic? I’ve spent a lot of money so far trying to get something that looks completely natural but without success.


      • Hi Bonnie! They both look natural because they aren’t super thick. The scalp is nice and the fiber feels good. You really can’t go wrong, in my opinion!

    7. It looks great! I am getting ready to purchase my first Ellen Willie wig. I have darker hair like you so I’m a little concerned about the knots.but hopefully it won’t be so bad. You had mentioned that it is difficult to use your bio hairline on lace front wigs. Have you had any success since this post? I’m going to be getting the code mono and I was hoping that I would be able to pull my bio hairline out to help it look more natural and maybe hide and visible knots. It will be my first lace front. Do you mind sharing why it is difficult to do?

      • Hi Kris. I know plenty of women that use their bio hairline with lace wigs…for me, it’s just been difficult. But, I only play with wigs, I don’t wear them full-time. So, maybe a bit more experimentation is order. Lace fronts are lace so that you DON’T have to use your bio hair, but what do you do if you want some bio hair to help conceal the lace? That’s where I struggle. Since the lace will “hang” (for lack of a better word, obviously it’s taut) down past the hairline, it’s hard to use your hairline because 1) you’ll see your hair through the lace, and 2) the lace will push your bio hair down somewhat. Now, if you have a good amount of hair you want to integrate then you might have better luck. But if you’re only trying to integrate 10-15 strands (like I do), then it’s hard.

        I don’t know if that helped at all…it’s hard to explain!

    8. I am starting to have thinning in front of scalp, so extensions, etc are of no help, I have been reading EVERYTHING I can find online and have spent sooo much on wigs and toppers that did me no favors, sigh, I found your website awhile ago and for weeks was obsessing over this Mega Mono …actually, I was on the fence, this one( mega mono) or code mono? I could only afford one, so I went with this in ginger mix, WOW. I am almost in tears, it’s perfect!!! I am sooo happy with this and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants a truly realistic wig , I also would like to thank you so much for posting your reviews and giving guidance to newbies like me who are suddenly thrown into a new , unexpected dilemma of how to find coverage and how to remove the shine in most wigs, etc.

    9. Hi,

      The colour and hair look fantastic! I am thinking about ordering this colour and I wondering if the wig covers the head well. For example, I have found Jon Renee’s wigs do not cover the sides near my ears completely.

    10. Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for this post, very interesting! I recently bought this wig too due to alopecia totalis. It’s very beautiful but i’m also struggeling with te lacefront. I cut it back a bit but I still feel like it’s very noticeble (even though my family says it’s not of course! It’s my own obsession I think :p) I was wondering how far you cut the lace back. In my wig the front of the lace has more blond hairs.. I feel like cutting it back to the darker hairs but i’m affraid i’ll ruin it :s. I don’t see many blond hairs in the front of your lace in the pictures. Did you cut that back?

      Thank you for your review!!

      • I cut it back – way back! I want to say the lace was probably 3/4″ long when I got it and I cut it to about 1/8″ – just be careful and go slowly, especially as you get towards the sides of the piece. You’ll need some extra lace as you get closer towards the ear tabs, since the tabs can lift the piece a bit. Obviously, you want the lace to lay flat.

        I love the way the lace gives some lift and movement, even though it takes some getting used to.

    11. I think this particular looks amazing. I know exactly what you mean thinking that every person you encounter will be staring at the top of your head/front hair line and they will be able to tell that you are wearing a topper or a wig.

      Now this comment is directed to all women going through hair loss. I spent over two years buying wig after wig in the hopes that it will be completely realistic looking. What I have come to find out is that the only person staring at it that hard and closely was ME. We are our worst critic. Most people don’t give it a second glance. For years I felt so self conscious that it was affecting my personal and social life. My hair loss consumed me most days. I hated washing my real hair because I couldn’t stand looking at the shower drain and see more hair that I lost. I finally accepted it one day and wouldn’t allow my hair loss to take over me any longer. I hate that there is such a stigma about wearing wigs, extensions, toppers, etc…

      I still have my ups and downs in regards to my hair loss, but it’s becoming less and less. I think it’s because I had TOO much hair at point in my life and now it’s barely anything. I does get better though. Don’t live your life like I did for a couple of years.

    12. Hi Lauren,

      thank you so much for this post. It looks great and very realistic even observing it with a magnifying glass (I am just joking 😉

      Also it really seems that the synthetic hair of that wig is much more realistic. Do you think it is more realistic than the one of Jon Renau. I just discovered a hair topper from Ellen Wille and am very tempted to get this one.

      Thank you so much.

      Kat x

      • Yes, this hair is hands-down the best I’ve seen. They all look great when you don’t have something to compare it to, so don’t think the others look “bad” – this one is just stellar. I actually tried an Ellen Wille topper – post to come. 🙂

    13. I NEVER would have guessed that was a wig from your close-ups. I think it looks just stellar on you too. I we had such nice wigs available to us here in Australia. (Limited range and anything this nice costs a few limbs and the promise of a first born child. Sigh.)

    14. Honestly it looks great. You are right when you say that no one scrutinises our hairline as closely as we ourselves do. I remember when I got my first topper I was convinced everyone could tell I was wearing hair and was looking at my hairline. It took my husband weeks – infact I was the one to tell him in the end as he just thought I’d styled my hair different lol.

    15. Great to see the wig up close! I don’t think the lace front looks noticeable at all. A concern I have are the ear tabs. Don’t they show if the hair moves around?


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