Estetica Mackenzie Wig Review: Wavy, Gorgeous Hair

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What happens when a girl has a zillion brown toppers and wigs?

Inevitably, she forgets about one or two or ten of them.

I completely forgot that I had this beautiful, wavy, darker-brown hair that I bought from a hair friend last year.

I keep most of my brown hair in a canvas beach bag I have shoved into my bathroom closet, and I was looking through it searching for a different wig I planned on reviewing…and I found this piece.

Meet Mackenzie, by Estetica. This one is a bit darker than the color I usually wear (my Noriko Milan has a base color of a 6/8. In Estetica colors, I wear 8/14). She’s a 6/10, which is a cooler brown with very, very fine dark blond highlights running through it to give the hair a bit of shimmer.

Here she is on my mannequin head. I just love the waves. Love, love.

She’s also not crazy-shiny, which is a total plus.

Isn’t she purty?

estetica mackenzie wig

Estetica Mackenzie is a lace front wig, which I’m growing to appreciate more and more since it encourages the hair to have a nice, voluminous lift away from the face.

She’s a multi-directional lace front, which means that the Estetica Mackenzie can be parted wherever you want and you’ll see a few inches of lace parting.

estetica mackenzie wig cap

Mackenzie is NOT a mono top though—this means that a natural part line does not go all the way to the back.


estetica wig lace front

After the lace ends, the hair kind of gets poofy and permatease-y and covers the part. It sounds odd, and when you look at it closely it looks a bit strange, but I was surprised that it didn’t look bad on.

You can see the permatease here, right along the part line.

wig permatease

Look at the waves! I just love having a bit of curl, probably because my Milans are straight (heck, that’s why I recently added curls to my synthetic hair).

estetica mackenzie back

This wig is straight out of the box; I haven’t customized her at all.

I’d like to play with the lace front a bit. Pluck a few hairs out and use some of my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day powder to make the hairline even more realistic. Some lace fronts can be sparse, but this one is pretty full. I’d rather start full and pluck a bit than to have it the other way.

estetica mackenzie front

I’m loving the volume the Estetica Mackenzie has. Dare I say, I’m what those in the hair community call a “big hair girl”??

I’ve always told myself that I like lower density pieces, but I’m starting to realize that hair like this is totally normal (well, for some people—it’s literally 20x the amount of hair I ever had!).

I thought the permatease and the lack of monotop would bother me, but because this wig has the lace front, I don’t really notice it. It just looks like normal, thick hair (to me).


I’m not wearing wigs daily (yet), but I think this could be a fun one for date nights, or for weekend-wear when the weather gets cooler. To pull off this color I had to do my eye makeup a little darker.

(Did you know I modeled this for you, dear reader, in 106 degree weather?? Hair or not, I was dying.)

So, what do you think of this wig? The color? The volume? Opinions, please!

43 thoughts on “Estetica Mackenzie Wig Review: Wavy, Gorgeous Hair”

  1. Thank you so very much for this wig review.
    It is a beautiful wig and it looks simply gorgeous on you!
    It is so very natural and you are so poised would
    never have know it was so hot that day>

  2. I just ordered MacKenzie and waiting for it to arrive. It looks very natural on you. I like a little permatease because I don’t want my hair flat to my scalp. This wig looks nice and full without looking too thick. The layers on MacKenzie are flattering and very well done. I hope mine looks this nice. Did you use any kind of hair spray on the top/front to keep it from falling into your eyes?

    Also, awhile back I bought a Milan topper which I have worn only once. It’s a beautiful, very well made piece but I don’t like to wear my hair stick straight and since Milan cannot be curled, there is no other choice but straight. Do you know of any outlets to resell used toppers/wigs that have been seldom worn and still in excellent condition?

    • Nope, no hairspray or anything! You can always use a little bit of heat to coax them whichever way you’d like if you need to. Maybe try eBay on reselling?

  3. I love how your toppers look so natural. In your opinion of the brands you tried, which mono topper has the narrowest part line? I just got my first hair piece(topper) and it is not mono and I don’t like the frizzy look of the permatease at the part line. The mono one I tried on had a really wide part and looks like I’m thinning on top. Exactly what I’m trying to cover with the topper. It’s so hard to tell online, so your opinion is appreciated. Thanks.

  4. As usual, you look wonderful! Very natural looking and even the close-ups are awesome! Very pretty styling to the wig with the slight waves. And bless your little heart, out there in the 106! (almost as hot as us, at 112).

    I read some of the other comments and everyone feels as I do, that you provide such a great service to those of us who are still a bit apprehensive and not quite confident with helper hair. You’re wonderful, thank you as always.


  5. It looks great! I’ve been waiting for my first topper to get older so I can replace it with a wig. I hate having to style my bio hair under my topper to wear it down and make sense. I also want to do some blonde highlights in my next piece. I’m definitely going to see if my shop has this in stock.

  6. I love the MacKenzie on you. Everyone is right by saying it doesn’t look like a wig at all. I would also like to see how you use the Joan Rivers powder on the hairline as I’m also very thin on top. Thank you and keep up the good work. You are so encouraging. God bless.

    • I was also curious on how you use the Joan Rivers powder at the hairline. My hair is thin on top. I bought a topper about a month ago, and finally got the nerve to wear it. Although I was nervous about people noticing, I did feel better when I saw how beautiful and natural it looked. You look great in that hair, and thanks for all the tips you give us ladies!

  7. Love the way this looks! So natural. I have yet to attempt a wig or a topper and envy those who have the confidence to do it.

  8. I was wondering about this wig. There aren’t too many reviews on her. You look great. Do you think bangs could be cut into this style?

  9. Would you please explain (or demonstrate) how the Joan Rivers Great Hair Day powder helps to make the hairline more realistic? Does it make the lace and/or the knotting less visible?

    • Yes I was thinking the same thing 🙂 Would love to see how you use Joan Rivers on the hairline.
      It really does look awesome on you! I might have to give it a try too!

    • I’ll have to do a post or a video on it at some point. Usually I will pluck some hairs out of the lace to make it less dense. Then, I take some of the Joan Rivers Great Hair Day powder (note: I use Blonde) and swirl it into the lace. It kind of blurs the knots ever-so-slightly so they look less like little pinpoints. I hope that makes sense!

  10. Do you use any adhesives to keep your wigs on? I have always worn non-lace fronts, so have been able to use double sided tape, but just bought a lace front and the tape won’t work. I’m too hesitant to wear a wig w/o tape (especially when at work – no way can I risk any slippage) as I do still have a bit of bio hair and wigs tend to slide back on me, even when tightened. I did try the roll on glue as well (looks like roll on deodorant), which held a bit but not as well as the tape. Do you or or readers have any tips? Thanks!!!!

    • I had the same problem until I stumbled across some YouTube instructionals on “wig slaying.”
      This is the practice of taking economically friendly wigs and creating high dollar looking designer wigs. These kids nowadays are incredibly resourceful! I followed there lead for a short spell and had a lot of fun. This left me with approximately 100 $40 wigs .?. This left me with an incredible ability to see something more than a weft of hair and a great wig blue hack! I of coarse ran right back to my girls. Nothing can ever replace the comfort of Jon, Rachel and my dear friends Estetica. I have been courting the idea of increaaing the contacts in my little black book with some Euro designers now more wasloly abaolable here in the United States. So this brings me back to my point, glue hacks… With these 3 digit priced units the fear of damaging the fibers or cap is a conacwen so blue is just simply out of the question. Ghost bond is a preference to many because it is waterproof easy to manipulate during wig placement and is much safer for your edges. Which is yet something else mom didn’t teach me about wigs. What some people cover are their “baby hairs” or “edges”. What I call my hairline and broken hairs from ponytails are actually values addition to making wigs look real! But that’s another hack ..not only will glue strip you of your hairline of the valuable or in some cases the last remnants of our bio hairl but another bremoving it from the cap is a gummy bear’s nightmare. Ever have gum stuck in your hair? Well it is far worse . So protecting your hair and wig are both covered with this hack. Go to YouTube and type in Got2be glues! Don’t watch just one, watch as many of these reviews and tutorials . You will be in love with this product. In my case I was able to go swipe my son’s tube of it… yes it’s a edgy popular styling tool for Mohawks and spikes (don’t even get me started.”anyhow this sticky to dry goop is completely water soluble amd easy to manipulate during installation of your unit…Another term I learned from the more mature wig hackers on YouTube. The look in my husbands fave the first time I told him that I was going to install my new unit(?) was priceless. So good luck and a top deom me. Yellow tube is uickee and stickier, but can dry qhitw I’d not careful. Black tube clear on clear dry. It swdinatwlly morw time consuming . Also Jeat not only bad for synthetic but also this hack use dryer to expedite drying time set on cool . Done right and I was able ro wear a wig for a whole weekend on a short getaway! Oh FYI sweat is same as water to this product! Good luck PS. the carmkissm On MacKensie would make your eyes pop and if she is a bit thick for 106 degree weather than try Orchid by Estetica Naturals She would be perfect for you!

  11. I LOVE this! You look great in it. 🙂 Do you opt to wear a wig cap when you wear wigs? Thanks for sharing another great piece.


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