Excess Hair Growth in Women…AND Hair Loss (What Gives?)

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Surely there are lots of you like me: you experience both hair loss and excess hair growth. Wait, what? How can excess hair growth in women occur when you are also losing your hair? Kinda ironic, no? I really have never been able to justify why I can have no hair on the top of my head (ok, an exaggeration), but have hair around my jawline, between my breasts, and around my nipples (attractive, ain’t it?). No worries–I’ll forgo the pics for this post. 🙂

I’ll Take Your Excess Hair Growth in Women…and Trade You 200 Strands of Hair, Please

It seems like it should be one way or the other. If I’m going to lose my hair, slowly but surely, then I would also like to lose my leg and armpit hair, please. Don’t see why I should have one and not the other. Or, I’ll gladly take full, luxurious locks and be a hairy wildebeast everywhere else. I’d gladly shave my legs three times per day to have a great head of hair. Heck, I’d shave three times a day to have my before-loss, crappily thin-yet-normal hair. I’ll gladly have excess hair growth in women to the extreme (I’m sure there are other who would take the other route)!

I’ve tried to find resources in Google-land that explain why a woman can experience both ends of the spectrum when it comes to hair–too much on the body (or in weird places) and not enough on the top of your head. There have been pieces out there that make sense, but overall, PCOS continues to be a mystery. If anyone has any great resources explaining this mystery, please share.

The Spironolactone (Adactone) really did help with my excess hair (hirsutism) almost instantly, though. I’ve been on Spiro for a few months now, and noticed that my body hair issues diminished almost immediately–within the first month. I’m still undecided if it helps to regrow hair, however, I have seen some minor improvement, especially in the hair around my temple area.

Hopefully as my body hair woes become less and less on the Spiro, I’ll get more and more hair on my head. Wishful thinking? It only seems fair! Is anyone listening? I’ll trade you my excess hair growth in women for more hair on my head, dang it!

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”
― Leo Tolstoy

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