Follea Wigs and Toppers: Is Follea Worth the Hype?

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In the beginning of the year, I told y’all (I can say that now, being in Texas…) that I’d like to start featuring some readers’ stories on my blog.

I know so many of you think that you and I are literally the only human beings out there suffering from women’s hair loss, but I can assure you, we are not!

Below is Isla’s story—she recently purchased a Follea Lifestyle topper (T100, 14″, medium, color C5030) and was interested in sharing her Follea story with you all.

Isla’s Follea Story

I’m 21 and I have Androgenetic Alopecia that I triggered to start early by quitting my birth control pill (Ortho Tri-cyclen). I started taking the pill at 17 & quit taking it at 19 (wasn’t trying to have a baby, just got lazy), which a few months later caused my hair to start gradually thinning. I never had any “dread shed”; the hairs just became smaller and eventually didn’t grow back at all.

To make sure this was the true cause of my loss I had blood work done—all normal—and met with a trichologist. He did a dermoscopy (saw my hair follices on a super-magnified screen) and he confirmed my belief that I had Androgenetic Alopecia. In areas where there should have been 3 hairs there would only be 1, and while some strands were thick and brown, others were smaller and either white or clear.


It turns out I am genetically predisposed to get Androgenetic Alopecia (thanks, Dad), but it wouldn’t have started for several decades if I hadn’t messed with my hormones. There is no cure for AA, but I went back on my pill because it is high in estrogen which is supposedly good for hair loss. Being back on the pill, it feels like my loss has stabilized, but of course, nothing has grown back.

As I was trying to figure out why I was losing my hair, I was also looking for ways to disguise the thinning. In the past two years I’ve tried it all: hair fibers (Toppik looked like sawdust in my hair, although Caboki was better), Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo (a god send, thank you Lauren!), toppers, wigs & extensions.

At first, I did okay with just an EasiPart topper. It was synthetic and undetectable if I wore my hair up. Down, however, it just didn’t match the texture of my bio hair for it to be believable.

Needless to say, I’ve been extremely self-conscious about my hair.

For a while, I slipped into a funk and didn’t want to go out or do anything. I was torn between thinking I was being ridiculous—after all, it’s just hair!—but, on the other hand, looks really determine how you feel about yourself.

If you don’t look good, you don’t feel good.

It might sound vain, but I can’t help feeling that way, especially when I’m only 21! Either way, eventually I got sick of being a shut-in and decided to keep trying.

Real wigs terrified me since people would obviously be on the lookout for me wearing one (what if it falls off or someone pulls it off?!?!). I still had a good amount of hair at this point, so I tried extensions instead, mostly because they are more “acceptable” by society. At first I had a HORRIBLE weave done because I was trying to save money, but that backfired. It itched like crazy & looked insanely bad after the first day; my thin hair just couldn’t cover the tracks so you could see them everywhere. I ended up trying to take it out myself with pliers & caused a lot of damage before I went back and had the stylist remove them.


Then I tried tape extensions, which were a huge step up from the weave. They were so comfortable and I could hide the tracks by wearing ponytails, braids, etc., but I still didn’t have enough hair on the top of my head to be able to wear my hair down. Extensions only give volume underneath—not at the top where I need it. They caused some traction alopecia in addition to my hair loss from wearing them up so much.

Have You Heard of Follea?

After wasting a lot of money on products that didn’t work for me, I decided to shell out the cash and buy a Follea toppette.

Most people with hair loss have probably heard of Follea: Follea is supposed to be the best supplemental hair on the market. It makes me sick to think of how much money I spent (I could have bought a car), but I also have a very bad habit of being able to justify almost anything I do. My justification for this was that it could potentially give me my life back, and how can you put a dollar amount on that?

Thanks to my brother and other rude people in my life, I’m too insecure to wear anything that looks less than flawless, and I figured if Follea doesn’t do it, then nothing will.

But, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact just the opposite!

When the Follea topper first arrived, I was a little freaked out because it literally looked like the top of someone’s head had been carved off & put in the box (sorry if that’s too graphic, it just looked THAT real). Follea hair is European which matches the texture/density of my bio hair perfectly and the hairs are attached individually using a “french-knot” method, so it has a little bit of scalp cleavage that extends all the way to the back just like an actual part.

My Follea looks extremely realistic, even to my meticulous, ridiculously self-conscious eyes. I had to dye my hair to better match the piece (which actually plumped my hair & made it look a lot thicker. I will keep doing this from now on).

However, it still wasn’t 100% perfect.

Even though the Follea topette looked extremely realistic (even the front which I can never get to look real with hair pieces blended in perfectly with my bio bangs), European hair is known for being very fine. The Follea hair looked flat and it didn’t flatter my face at all.

What I ended up doing was putting in a few more tape extensions for a little extra volume. I never had the piece cut or styled. I curl the Follea once a week and curl my bio hair/extensions and either wear it in a low pony that looks really cute/voluminous & pull some strands out around my face, or I do a half updo. That way I can fake more volume with a clip than if it just hung naturally limp. Curls suit my face much better than straight hair does, and I think it makes the topper virtually undetectable, versus if I were to wear it pin straight.

Thanks to this blog, I’ve also found two other pieces that meet my high standards when it comes to wearing hair. When I am giving my hair a “rest” from the extensions, and to preserve the Follea, I alternate between the Code Mono wig by Ellen Wille (Thanks again, Lauren!) and the Effect topper, also by Ellen Wille.

The wig I wear with my own bangs out and pinned into a sort of “bump” that covers the lace front & I sewed clips into it so it would feel more secure.

I *love* the layering of the back of this wig, and it is much fuller than the Follea so I don’t have to have any extensions in to get that nice volume (but not too much volume that it looks wiggy).

The topper I wear strictly in up-dos, like buns, and messy things, mainly just for added volume; the texture of it stands out too much from my bio hair to wear it down.

Bottom Line

So, after two years I am finally okay with how I have managed to get my hair to look (though it is annoying how much time/effort/work/money I have to put into it… but the result is worth it).

Although, I hate how I can never run my fingers through my hair and anytime I touch it I have to be mindful of how I’m touching it. That gets annoying, too.

The worst is when someone compliments my hair, because now a lot of people do (maybe they notice a difference?). I feel guilty since half of it isn’t even really MY hair, like I’m lying about who I am or something, but I just say “thank you” and try to change the subject.

I still have some insecurity issues to work through, and it will be interesting to see how dating goes (ughhh, how do I say my hair is almost all fake?) I’m also anxious about the future since I hear Androgenetic Alopecia only gets worse with time, especially if it starts when you’re young (what if I loose my bangs and can’t blend wigs/toppers to look real enough?!).

But, I can’t think about that stuff right now.

I’m living in the present instead and I’m switching my focus once again, this time to working on becoming a stronger person & working on my confidence—I think that will get me a lot further in life than having fake hair.

Isla before helper hair:

Isla after Follea:



Don’t you love Isla’s last words? I know I do.

Be on the lookout next week for a follow up from Isla…you won’t want to miss it!

49 thoughts on “Follea Wigs and Toppers: Is Follea Worth the Hype?”

  1. I too have a follea wig that I purchased in Austin two years ago. It is a gripper sport in an extra small. I told the lady that assisted me that I play tennis every day and needed a wig to stay on my head. I had read about the gripper and thought this would be perfect for me. Turns out you basically have to have no hair for the gripper to work on you and even though I don’t have a lot of hair, it was too much for this type of wig. I was not informed of this fact at the place where I bought it from. This was my first time wearing a wig as well so I didn’t know how it was supposed to fit. I tried to take the wig back as it was sliding off my head like my hair was covered in butter and was told I waited too long at 33 days as their policy was 30 day return and that I was my fault because I asked for the gripper. I’m sorry but if it was my job to sell wigs all day I would damn sure know what wigs would work for people especially when they are spending 4k!! Con artists!! I also asked if they would sell me an additional Follea at cost since I wasnt informed I was the wrong candidate for a gripper but no they couldn’t do that either but they did try to sell me the one that WOULD have worked for me at full price! Also, I called Follea directly hoping someone would be nice and admit a mistake was made even if Parker Serinity in Austin would not, but was told there was nothing they could do except add extra fabric to the cap (on my dime) so it wouldn’t slip off. Since the wig is heavy enough with the silicone cap, I decided against this option. The color is the light brown I think it’s the 5030 (?). If anyone is interested in purchasing this from me, let me know. I’ll sell it at a very reasonable price!

    • Wendy I could probably buy your wig from you. I’m also from Texas and am looking for a wig with a gripper because I have almost no hair right now. Also my head is very small & the synthetic wig that I have looks big & makes me look like I have too much volume in my head. Please let me know. Thanks.

  2. I have a Follea wig also that I paid over $3500 for. I’m not happy with it as it’s just too big. I purchased it in Colorado last March. The blonde hair matches my hair perfectly but honestly it’s uncomfortable because it’s too big and it’s a TON of hair. I flew back to Colorado for health reasons this winter so while I was in town I had the owner of the wig salon adjust it. It’s still too big. The fine european hair is gorgeous but it doesn’t look right on me as it’s too much volume for my small head. It’s a wig but I wore it like a topper so it has clips attached. My hair is naturally fine, blonde but quite thin. Antibiotics made it even thinner. I wear a wig pro at less then half the cost of my Follea and I must say I love the Wig Pro. The hair isn’t as fine but it’s comfortable and looks good. If anyone wants to buy the Follea from me, please let me know. I will give you a good deal. It’s hardly been worn and I’ve taken very good care of it. It’s stored on a plastic head piece and I’ve kept it clean and conditioned. My salon recommends Pureology Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner in the purple bottle. Leave the conditioner on for 20 min and rinse well. You must wash it attached to a head. Styrofoam is fine. Use very small T-pins to pin it to the head before washing. Dont use the large T pins as this will damage the netting. I live in south Florida. It’s best if you can try the peice on before buying.

  3. I have a Follea Topper, that I bought about 18 months ago which I have not even worn yet. I had a miserable experience at the salon where I ordered it from (in the UK), who insisted they fit it – basically put it on my head. They also insisted that only their Follea approved hairstylist cut it, so I booked an appointment for her to cut it, and unfortunately she was the ruddest hairdresser I have ever encountered. She didn’t even wash my bio hair …I thought I was booking a hair appointment. She just cut the ends and charged me £10……I paid £1660 for the Follea and had a £10 hair cut for it! I contacted Follea uk to ask where all Follea approved hairdressers are in the Uk, and they only said the one where I went. I have never washed it as I am terrified to do so. I have emailed Follea UK again to ask what shampoo to use, and they just forwarded my email to the place where I bought it – who recommended a shampoo costing less than £5; that I did buy and it stripped my bio hair because it is such a cheap harsh product. I paid more for this hair that sits in my bedroom than I paid for my car! The follow up/customer care experience in the UK has been for me, appalling. Of course the hair itself is lovely – and quite right too. I bought a premium product, and I expect a premium service to go along with that….and Follea UK have fallen short. I am having no option but to take the piece to my own hairdresser to blend and shape, which will then void any guarantee I have for the piece, once I start to wear it I will update you guys on the quality. Sorry for the rant!

  4. Lauren and Isla, Thank you both so much for sharing your stories and experiences! I’ve been back and forth trying to decide whether to begin with synthetic or human hair. I finally got off the fence after watching June Penny on youtube telling about the different hair pieces and toppers she has worn that lead me to I am finally taking the plunge and buying the Charm Remy Human Hair Top Hairpiece in 16″ length. At $74.06 it seems like a good price for the piece. I’ll come back and let you know if it was worth it>


  5. Thanks for sharing your story, You are an excellent writer. We have so much in common, I’m way too insecure to wear anything but genuine European hair. People have acted as if I’m spoiled or something for the fact. The wig business is very sad. Go on sites like Ebay and BuyMyHair and you will be sickened to know the true value of European human hair. We need talented wigmakers that can custom make a piece for us with hair we provide.

  6. Yup! I hear you! I went as far as meeting with Follea rep. here in Toronto. The topper was so thin. We agreed a full wig was the way to go. $5000.00…ouch! Thought I’d wait to hear about your full experience. I have 2 human hair toppers and honestly they are awesome. Not follea..but human hair.

    • Cost of Follea Wigs are crazy expensive for only lasting a year. My Follea Wigs last about 1 year. The price of a Follea human hair wig is between $4000.00 – $6,000. I also purchased a American Virgin Unprocessed wig from Hair Couture Designs It has been over 3 years and the hair quality has not changed. I paid $6500 for it. In the end the Follea costs $6,000 a year. And so far the Hair Couture Designs wig after 3 years now cost me $2200 a year. I hope this helps.

      • Hi! I’ve never heard of Follea lasting that short of time, so that’s very strange. I have heard of Hair Couture – I’ve seen actual pics from someone who owns one. It looks pretty on, but I can’t visually see what makes these pieces so much more expensive than others. I’d have to feel and use it to understand.

  7. I agree with Isla- everyone talks SO highly of Follea products and I just don’t understand why.

    I drove an hour and a half to a salon in IL that sells Follea and I’m so glad I did because after leaving there, I thanked the universe for not letting me just say “screw it, I’m worth it” and spend all that money by ordering directly with them online.

    The French cap was so unnatural looking and feeling. It was like trying to clip a paper plate on your head. The other cap I looked at just did not scream thousands of dollars to me! I will say that the hair quality was very nice.

    I’ve ordered a human hair topper through Fortune Wigs- fingers crossed.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Isla.

    Great website!

      • Em, I know lots o’ ladies who wear Fortune! I’ve found they are best if you can wear some sort of bang (full bang, side-swept, etc.) as their fronts tend to be heavy. Great return policy, though!

        • Hello All,
          I am also very lacking confidence because of my hair loss. Top of my head is at the point that I spend a lot of time covering with different products from dermamatch to fibers and so on.
          I am ready for a hair topper. Recently I found CR clinic or Cesare Ragazzi systen,where they examine your scalp and assess your follicle health, that provides a map of your problem areas, based on the results they map your scalp, match your hair (color and texture) and send it to Italy to saw in the hair by hand. The cost is 5,000-6,000 for 10 inches topper. Did anyone have experience with that, before I will spend that much money? The claim is that it will be ideal match

      • Hi Em-

        What Lauren mentioned in her comment to you is exactly why I sent my Fortune topper back this week 🙁

        The color I purchased (10/6/8) was beautiful and matched my hair pretty closely. I was very happy with the quality of the hair too (soft and natural). The front of the piece (I purchased the “Large Part Human Hair Topper”) just didn’t fit with my difficult (disappearing) widows peak.

        However, the customer service was IMPECCABLE. I will purchase from them again soon.

        I’ve decided to shave my head in the next couple of weeks after following the “The Bald Movement” on instagram. It’s going to be a huge step for me, but I just can’t give my thinning hair anymore life energy, ya know?!

        I hope this helps in your journey!


          • I worked with Ellie, but I just emailed her and was told she isn’t there anymore. I will say that Ellie gave me insight that Fortune doesn’t put on their page. The first order they sent me for the their large topper was in error. It was not hand tied, as ordered and the hair was very heavy and course. They had charged me $100 more to customzie the topper as ALL hand tied and also, for hair with body. So, I sent it back and waited again, for the right order. The hair with body was far better, although extremely thick. I had to thin it a LOT, but after working with it, I could not be happier.

          • I just sent back my first Fortune topper (6×6 Kippah) because they sent me a strait instead of wavy, but after seeing it I’m a little concerned. I’m not someone who can wear bangs, and my hair, as sparce as it may be, has a lot of body, but the Fortune was soooo flat and heavy. It seemed like each strand was very thick and totally unnatural looking. I wondered if thinning it out and cutting would help, but I’m a little concerned to try and waste all that money… I wondered if Hair Couture Designs was any good? Or is there something that is Human Hair and has medium or large coverage and body?…

    • I have had my Fortune topper (3/4 wig?) for just over a year now. The only supplementary hair I’ve had. It is FANTASTIC!!!! I do have enough of a bang that I can make it look perfect! After my #7 light brown faded to lighter coppery color, I colored it with the same color I put on my hair to hide gray. Works like a charm. Nobody knows. I did order mine during a sale and I found that for only $100 more, I could have it customized. I spent $580-something for the 16″ and I thinned it greatly and trimmed a couple inches off. I wanted it all hand tied and I wanted it as fine as they could give me from the Mazali line, with some body. They nailed it. This piece had really rescued me! I had fretted so much looking at wigs and hating the idea. I had listened to people who liked synthetic, even while they don’t last and I hated the look of lace fronts that ALWAYS look detectible, to me. Silk top, natural hair, hand tied is the way to go! How do you like yours?

  8. I really can relate to your story. I also started with the EasiPart. It was a godsend for the past year, but alas I’ve had to move on to wigs. I just purchased Ellen Wille Sky and a Jon Renau Ignite. Love, love, love them. I’m getting so used to wearing wigs that I actually like it now. No worries about having to incorporate my little bits of bio hair into a topper. Still working on trying to figure out if my alopecia is medication related or genetic related. In any case, I was just looking into Follea wigs and saw this post. Very informative and helpful. I know how you feel. You are not alone. Thank you for being brave enough to share your journey. You are truly helping so many of us “invisible” sufferers.

  9. Thank you for sharing your story! I’ll be looking forward to part 2. I remember going to the same type of doctor you did. He irdered up thousands of dollars in all types of blood tests. Nothing. I remember him scratching his chin and saying… “Hmmmmmm”. It was a waste of time and money. It has been a very frustrating journey for me too. No easy answer but I take comfort in knowing we’re all there for each other. I will be having a certain conversation with a boy soon. Who knows how he’s going to take it. Thank you again!

  10. Wow, reading your story was by far the closest to my own I’ve ever read! I went off OTC after a few years (3-4) for no good reason other than being tired of taking it and a year later am still not stopping the shed. I finally resolved to go back on this month after my derm finally (finally!) believed me that I wasn’t going through a routine TE (there has been really no regrowth for the past year). I’m now on Spiro, too, and considering Rogaine. A topper is not far off in my future at this rate. I’m also in my early 20s and have no idea what dating will be like. It’s very hard to feel pretty (let alone normal) most days, and I have the same reaction whenever anyone says my hair looks nice. Stay strong, girl! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for the update. Great story. I also have a follea topper and I love it. I am very very happy. I have the less expensive one but it is still crazy expensive. however I feel it is worth the money to have something that blends and matches my own so well.
    Looking forward to your update.

    • Guessing you went with an Aero topper? I should have done that too. It also sucks you have to buy something so expensive offline with never seeing it in person, I think Beverly Hills is the only place you can try them on before buying. I’m glad you love your piece though. (:

      • I found a rep. Carmen west (in Florida) she came to my house and I was able to try a few on. She is so nice and has always been there to answer questions for me. She even cut in for me. i am happy to give anyone her info. And yes I did by the topper.

  12. inspiring story and website; my hair loss upsets me; mine also started at 21 also – and i was also put on the pill for a wee while after I was told it was good for hair loss, i stopped taking it and that was that. but my scalp hair loss was triggered to a much more rapidly advancing stage after I came into contact with black mold at my previous residence several years ago at age 28. my mom has a bald crown, so its genetic, and I can feel upset and alone when i look ahead at my prospects.but i also try everything i can to fight it. thanks for sharing, this site is helpful.

  13. Thanks Isla for sharing your story. I really did identify with what you said and I am sure we all have the same fears and anxieties when it comes to hair loss and helper hair, It does help me feel less alone so thankyou

    • Not a problem 🙂 this has been my favorite hair loss blog so I wanted to share my story in the hopes others would share there’s and we could all feel a little bit less alone in the this.

  14. Great post, thanks so much for sharing this story, both Isla and Lauren. You’re definitely not alone Isla! I’m also 21 with androgenic alopecia and I’m so glad to hear the Follea topettes are as impressive as they sound, I’ve been researching one for a while now. All the best, and let’s just take each day as it comes xxx

    • Wait for the next installment before you take the plunge, I wrote this post when I was still in the honeymoon phase & hadn’t had the piece for that long. Things changed a bit as time when on, but more to come on that later!

  15. Oh my gosh… Another lady from my world. This was beautiful to read and mimics my experiences completely. I am looking forward to the next installment.

  16. Really interesting to hear about the Follea piece. Looks great! Would it be okay to ask for a ball-park figure on how much it cost?


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