From Blah to Beautiful (Snip, Snip)

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You’ve heard me mention this before–a decent synthetic hair piece should last you anywhere from 4-6 months. My Milans, which I consider to be really great from a synthetic standpoint, last me between 5-6 months.

It’s funny, as the months go on, I always think that my toppers seem to be in really good shape. They are still fairly swingy, they aren’t losing hair and they don’t seem overly dry. But then, you run your fingers through a new piece and the magic happens.


Synthetic hair is just that–synthetic. But there is a period of time where it does feel like human hair. Like, legit human hair.

It’s almost uncanny.

Now, if you were to compare it to actual human hair, I’m sure you’d notice a difference. But when you are comparing old-synthetic hair to new-synthetic hair, the difference is pretty extreme between the two. It almost makes me want to start wearing a new piece right away.


There are two big obstacles that hold me back from doing so, however.

The first is cost. Cost wasn’t too big a deal before I moved. But now, with two houses and a hefty daycare bill, spending money on new hair pretty much makes me want to sob. I need to make my pieces last as long as humanly possible.

The second is the break-in period. Sometimes toppers are fine to wear right out of the box.

Most often, they are not.

They need to be wet down, re-parted, deshined, rooted, etc. Not everyone does all of these things, but I do, so my list goes on and on.

When my current topper starts to feel too dry, or too weighed-down, or too, just BLAH, there’s one thing I know to do that helps it instantly (actually, there are two, but we are only talking about one today).

I cut my bio hair.

Yep, seems a bit strange right? That something that’s laying underneath the topper could make that big of a difference. But, I promise it does.

Even though my real hair has always been limp and flyaway, whenever I’d take an inch or two off it would always feel so much more healthy and light (but, light in a good way, if that makes sense).

(Do you fellow hair-wearers remember those glory days of getting your bio hair done at the salon? I miss those scalp massages…)

A good wash of my topper combined with a trim of my bio hair makes the piece feel 10x better…and I’m not sure why. Washing always brings it back to life a little (be sure to use a good spray-in conditioner), but bringing up the length of my bio hair helps the whole thing to feel light and new(er) again.

Depending on your hair style, you might not even need to make it into the salon. You all remember how I cut my own hair, right?

This picture is now a few months old. It’s sad to see my old house in the background. Boo. My hair feels amazing here, though!

noriko milan marble brown

I probably took off about two inches bringing it ever-so-slightly longer than the Milan I wear.

What do you think? Can anyone else attest to the fact that giving your hair a trim sometimes makes your pieces look and feel so much better?

P.S. If you’re a savvy reader you’ll notice this isn’t my current color (Almond-Rocka), but rather my “old” color, Marble Brown!

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  1. Hi. I’m new to this website, and can’t tell you how happy I am to have found you! My hair has thinned significantly, so I’m afraid that if I start using any type of prosthetic, my friends and family will immediately notice. Hoping I could find something that’s relatively light and not too thick so that the change isn’t dramatic. Does this exist? Any ideas?

  2. Great tip thx, I’m going to try that.
    Btw I got the Ellen Wille Code wig which I love but the main reason I got it was so I could wear it pulled back off my face. I trimmed the lace back a tad but I can still see it.
    Do you have any tips I don’t want to cut too much?

    • I trim it back waaaay far. Another trick is to take a stiff brush with powder and blend it from your face through the lace. It kind of “meshes” it all together. Let me know?

  3. I tried your trick! Cut my bio hair by about 3 inches to match the length of the topper. Looks sooo natural! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hi Vanessa,

    I have an Enchantop. I do like it when I put it on and play around with it. It looks very natural and feels very nice. However, I have not worn it full time or for an extended period of time to know how that goes. I also haven’t washed it a lot, or curled or straightened it a lot either so I’m not sure how well long term they hold up if that makes sense. I bought two and took one to my stylist to have her cut some bangs into it and they were all blown away at the salon. Couldn’t believe it was a topper and all said no one would ever know you were wearing hair. It’s the first topper I ever ordered and I got lucky with color. It matched perfectly! I’m not an expert on toppers by any means. I sent a pic to Lauren and it got her expert approval! 🙂 Let me know if you get one and how you like it! I should also add I do really like the company. When I ordered the second one it came with a bit more red in it than my first one. I contacted them and they happily let me return it and they sent one with less red in it.

      • Thank you Lauren for your response. I so wish you could get an enchantop topper and try it out and see what you thought since you pretty much wear your toppers full time. If I do get one I will for sure let you.

        Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!!!

    • Thank you kadee…for your input. I have been really saving up to get me one and it would be my first topper ever so I’m very nervous about it and I know that even though the Milan looks wonderful on Lauren, that probably won’t be my case since my hair texture is more on the curly side and a HH topper is the way to go for me.


  5. Hi everyone. I am new to this website. I just got my first topper yesterday. I have a receding hairline (gone about an inch back from my original), and I had her take the front clips out because I still want to give the hair a chance to grow back. I had a hair transplant five months ago (long, long story), and that is why I want to wait to clip in the front. But I also afraid to use tape, but obviously without and security in the front it feels lose. Ugggg, this limbo stage stinks. Any suggestions? Thanks all. I hope to make some new friends on here and deal with the bad situation called “hair loss” as best I can. Lauren, u r an inspiration. Thanks:)


    • Courtney, if it were me I’d sew a clip right on the center of it (in the middle of the mono top or silk if you have it), OR maybe glue one in. Bottom line, the clip doesn’t HAVE to be right at the front hairline, you know?

      • Thanks Lauren! She actually taped one in the middle (it is silk. She said she did not want to sew because it is delicate). It still does not lay very flat. I was thinking I may need to cut bangs on it to get it to lay more. It is a Follea, so it cost a fortune. Thinking I should have started with a cheaper one until I become more of a topper expert:(. My biggest concern is I live in Iowa, and the wind here is always crazy.

        I was also wondering if I could ask hair wearing women who are married/in a relationship a question. Do you feel uncomfortable when u take your hair off at night in front of your significant other or kids? Since I am new to this I am concerned about that when I go to wearing hair full time. Any advice? Thank you!

  6. Thank you Lauren for your wonderful help. I absolutely love your page. I do have a question about a human hair topper that I have been thinking on getting and its called THE ENCHANTOP TOPPER from Gorgeous Strandz….I have heard a lot of positives reviews on the Internet but I just wanted to ask you if you knew anything about it. Thank you and BTW you look great!!!

  7. My human hair topper is 2″ longer than my bio hair. Waiting for bio to grow out a bit more. I curl it and my bio hair in beachy waves, toss it around, and spray it which works wonders. I love my topper and it is so freeing from wearing wigs all the time. *I do have a HH wig, too, and this allows my head to get a break from clip alopecia.
    I just got these 2 pcs. so I am a newbie to HH helpers, but I am glad that I switched…ask me again in a few months – I hope that I feel the same!

  8. Your look is “On point”! Haha! Question: Is it “politically correct” to wear a topper that is longer than your hair?

    • PC? Eh, who cares. Do what you want. I know a few that wear the topper longer, but it probably looks “most natural” if it’s the same or slightly shorter. Just depends on the piece, your bio hair, and your “look”, I guess!

      • Hiya Lauren

        I have a beautiful betsy hair topper (UK), enchantop in US I believe. Have you ever compared them to Jon Renau easipart XL HH? Would be interested to know your thoughts on it?


        Ally X

  9. I’ve been wearing a human hair topper for about 2 months. I went to a place that specializes in medical hair loss because I was at a loss for how to move forward with my scarring autoimmune hair loss.

    The salon owner / wig specialist told me to use moroccan oil on the piece twice a week. I don’t know if this would apply to synthetic hair; but she said that since the topper is not getting natural oils from the scalp, that it’s important to give that oil and moisture to the topper hair regularly.

    • I think because human hair is porous, that would help. I did try it–once–on my synthetic hair and it felt coated (probably because it can’t absorb since it’s not porous).

      Has anyone else tried this?

  10. Yes! It does make a difference and my bio hair needs trimmed, like pronto! I am not as good at trimming though. Last time was a few months ago and my right side is shorter and more uneven than my left. Luckily the topper hides that, lol.
    Are you ever going to venture into the human hair world or just going to stick with synthetic? It clearly works for ya 🙂


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