Personalized Hair Care for your Bio Hair (so fun!)

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We do a bunch of helper hair talk here on CH&M.

It’s fun!

It’s glamorous!

But, I don’t want to ignore our bio hair.

That bio hair is what brought you here in the first place, right?

Even though I only have about four strands left, I still like to find fun products to use on my natural hair.

My hair-BFF, Kellie, who used to blog about hair loss at Out of Thin Hair (Kellie, when are you starting it back up??), told me about Function of Beauty. Plus, she gave me a Function of Beauty coupon for $5 off (and I’m passing it on to you, too!).

Function of Beauty Coupon

No time to read but want your Function of Beauty gift code right away? No problem. You actually don’t need a specific code. Just click here and the coupon will be automatically added.

What is Function of Beauty?

Function of Beauty is a sulfate-free, 100%-happiness-guaranteed shampoo and conditioner company that allows you to personalize the formulation to best suit your own hair.

Their motto: Shampoo + conditioner as individual as unique as you.

I’m digging it!

You build your own hair profile that takes into account your hair’s current state: its type, structure and moisture level.

Then, you select five hair goals.

Want more shine?

More moisture?

More body?

Anything your heart desires, Function of Beauty can provide.

Well, almost anything.

This will not help hair loss, meaning, it is non-medicated and can’t help with shedding hair or regrowing it. This is purely for the more fun aspects of hair care. 🙂

Once you’ve chosen your hair goals, you get to pick the fragrance, fragrance intensity and product color (or go dye-free!).

The best part? Your name gets printed on the bottles.


This is great, personalized hair care that can solve all your hair issues. It doesn't matter if you have dry hair, oily hair, fine hair, thick hair, split ends, dry scalp, whatever! You can choose up to five goals to help make your hair the best it can be. Oh, and you choose your scent, too (I love the minty and eucalyptus scents!

As someone who is a sucker for anything personalized or monogrammed, I knew I had to try it out.

(Just sitting here typing out this post at work,–ha! Don’t tell my boss, please–in my view I can see my “L” water cup as well as my right-hand rings with each of my kids’ names on them. Those of you with eagle eyes may have noticed the giant “E” letter I have in my kitchen/desk area at home…you can sometimes see it when I film videos there. You know, when you aren’t concentrating on the mess…)

How cute are these bottles?

Function of Beauty can help fix your oily hair. This can be formulated to be an oily hair shampoo and conditioner so that you can actually wash your hair less. Such great beauty products for oily hair and you can save $5. I chose purple for the shampoo since that’s my favorite color. I loved how refreshing the mint color is, so I went with that for the conditioner.

My Function of Beauty hair profile is:

Straight (yep)

Fine (duh)

Oily – I’m not sure if it’s really oily per se…I wash every other day with no problem with excessive oiliness in between.

The hair goals I went with are:



Nourish Roots – I thought both this and the “Soothe scalp” goal would be good for hair loss (clips can be poke-y sometimes)

Soothe Scalp


This cruelty free shampoo and conditioner can be formulated to help frizzy hair. The anti frizz hair goal can be selected to help get your hair smooth and sleek. You can never have too many anti frizz products.

It took about 10 days from the time of order to arrival at my front door. Not too bad, but I was chomping at the bit to get my package!

Do I love the stuff?

I’ve been pleased with the Function of Beauty formulation so far – and I love looking at my bottles in the shower in the mornings.

It makes getting up for work that much easier. 🙂

My hair definitely has a bit more shine to it. Also, whereas before I could get away with washing every other day, now I could do it every 3rd day.

Hmm, did I say that right?

So, if I wash my hair on Monday, I can now last until Thursday before I really need to wash it again.

Sometimes I use a little dry shampoo…my favorite is this awesome smelling one I blogged about!

But, because the FoB formulation is specific to my hair’s needs, the oils are better-balanced on my scalp.

My hair stays fresher looking, longer – WIN!

Y’all know I glue my topper to my head in the front, though. While I CAN last longer in between washings, I tend to stick to my every-other-day schedule.

Three days’ worth of glue building up ain’t a good look, ya know?

Function of Beauty Promo Code

If you want to try it out, check them out here. You’ll save $5 off your order…automatically…. and I’ll get $5 towards my next purchase, too. 🙂

I got the 8 oz. bottles, and they cost $36. Definitely pricier than a drugstore product and more on-par with salon quality.

The coupon code (which, I guess is really not a coupon code since the $5 comes off automatically, but you know what I mean) definitely helps.

Being able to pick my hair needs and fragrance and stuff is worth it to me.

Update: Got my new bottles!! The first set lasted me about seven months. I went with the larger size this time and updated some of my hair goals. Also, I switched up the colors because, well, change is good!

Function of Beauty Large Bottles

New hair goals:

Fixing split ends can start in the shower! This shampoo and conditioner can be formulated to help fix split ends without cutting.

Has anyone here tried Function of Beauty?? What colors do you love the most?

40 thoughts on “Personalized Hair Care for your Bio Hair (so fun!)”

  1. How fun to design your own shampoo and conditioner! I would pick purple shampoo and blue conditioner. I would have to make pineapple the scent. It is my husband’s favorite fruit and he would love that I smelled like it too!

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing! I think I’d go with the mint color – but torn on fragrance between the musk and peony. I may need to alternate. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh my gosh, I would love to try this shampoo and conditioner too, it’s funny as soon as I try a shampoo my hair looks good for the first month and then after that I feel I need to switch again. It’s like my hair gets used to it and then blah…on to a new one, I would love to be able to stick with one shampoo that would actually work for my hair. My own formula sounds awesome! Gonna check it out!!

  4. Love these. Usually I just use whatever is in the shower—boring old Sauve. It would be nice to have some just for me that my husband and kid won’t get into. I’m thinking purple and pink and a totally girly fragrance.

  5. I would LOVE to trial the Function of Beauty products on my very sad hair! Thanks for sharing this line in your awesome blog :-).

  6. Lauren, what Jon Renau color do you think is closest to the Noriko Milan Marble Brown. I want to try the Top Wave, but want it to pretty closely match my Marble Brown so I don’t have to keep answering questions about ever so slight color changes.

    • There is no ideal match, unfortunately (I’ve tried to make the same switch!). 8H14 is closest, but not nearly as warm. Toffee Truffle gets close in terms of warmth, but it’s darker.

  7. I was lucky enough to snag this too from a giveaway in the community and I can say YES it is that awesome! Of course choosing the color and the name on the bottle is a fun perk…but the shampoo is really good quality and has a fresh herbal scent. Basically it makes my hair as good as it can get, its softer, smoother, and not so frizzy once I use this shampoo. Definitely recommend!


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