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You all might remember my post about using glue to secure my toppers–it’s a great way to keep them from shifting and to prevent bald spots.

Really, it’s a super-strong hair gel called Got2B Spiking Gel. I have both the 6 oz. tubes for everyday use as well as the travel size.

How often do I use this glue?


The worst part of my hair loss is about an inch back from my hairline, and that’s where I want my toppers to feel the most secure. And since my loss is bad here, I can’t place a clip there–there’s too little for it grab onto.

I had to get crafty.

You can read more about how I make this glue work in my first post, but basically you place a pea-sized amount of product on your head (try to move as much of the hair as possible out of the way…if it gets on your bio hair, no biggie. It washes right out during your next shower). Just let it sit for a few minutes exposed to air so that it gets tacky, then place your topper on.

When I was wearing my Noriko Milan, the glue used to hit the very front of my piece, right at the poly rim.

Which was perfect.

You want the majority of the glue to hit here because if it gets on the mono are (the meshy part), it will seep through to the hair on the other side.

This isn’t TOO big a deal as you can’t really see it, but it will cause your helper hair to stick to itself and feel crunchy.

With my current daily piece, Top Secret, where I need to place the glue doesn’t quite hit the poly rim.

I needed to improvise.

Glue is the perfect solution for me, but I can’t have glue seeping through my piece every single day.

My solution?

Would you believe packing tape??

I use Scotch Ultra Clear Packing Tape. The only reason why I chose this one is because I needed a new tape FAST, and this one was one-day shipping on Amazon.

Here’s my beloved tape:

Tape for Glue for topper

You’d think any tape could work, and maybe several do, but I tried this Wexford tape before and it was super-slippery and the glue couldn’t adhere very well.

Wexford Tape

Something about the texture of the tape just didn’t work with the glue…but since this tape works fabulously on boxes, it’s been relegated to pack-n-ship duty. 🙂

All I do is attach the tape to the poly rim, and press it down towards the back of the piece.

The tape does not stick very well to the mono top area at all – so I don’t think this method would work very well on other types of construction without a poly strip.

(If you have an ideas on how to make that work, let us know!)

The back of the tape kinda hangs freely, but that’s ok since it’s secured at the front – the grip is pretty strong on the poly.

Packing tape on topper

This creates a nice barrier between the glue and my piece. I can get the glue all over this area if I want, and it won’t seep through to the other side.


Full-disclosure: sometimes when you are pressing the piece to your head in the morning, it does sound a bit crinkly. But, no one’s patting your head…right?

It’s a small price to pay, in my opinion. 🙂

The glue will catch 99% of the glue, but depending on where I place the glue, sometimes I miss the mark. Operator error.

Oh, and one 2″ piece of tape will last me the whole time in-between washes, so two weeks. It gets a bit grimy-looking, but…eh.

Not too shabby!

Do you have any topper hacks to share?

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24 thoughts on “Glue Hack”

  1. I ordered a topper from uniwigs which is curly, so I have a fighting chance of will match bio hair. It will not be long enough however. I will need to glue it up front as my hairline has receeded almost 1″ with bald spots behind that.
    I am very nervous awaiting the arituval.
    It is a lace front.
    Can you tell me ,e how to glue down a lace front topper? How much lace do I cut off? What is tweeting, and must I do that?
    I already have my tube of Got 2 Be.
    Thanks Lauren!

  2. I’m thinking try medical tape. – The kind that is fabric that you find in some first aid kits. I’ve used fabric medical tape on itchy clothing tags before and it worked wonders. I believe it would adhere well to the mono as well.

  3. 3m Transpore medical tape is easy to tear and doesn’t sound crinkly. Good to put between piece/ tape attachments because it’s more fun to pull stringy, degrading scalp tape off the Transpore than to pick at your hair piece foundation. Not as cheap as packing tape, but potentially more comfortable. Sticks to felt edges, too, enough to hold everything in place.

    Also, you can buy liquid polyurethane to create a poly edge where you may have fabric or elastic (I have some, haven’t done this yet, but be aware that the painted on poly may crack over elasticized areas like the nape, but you could apply to avoid that).

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’very had that same fear at the airport. :-).

    Can you imagine how difficult learning all the “inside info” was before the internet? Hair sellers & manufacturers would have you think you needed to replace your hair pieces every other day and not do ANYTHING once you put it on… Just sit and look pretty and save all your money for tomorrow’s hair purchase since you “can’t” use heat or regular shampoo or anything but what they sell on your two-day hair….

  4. Hi Lauren!

    I really like this idea. I’ve tried to use the got2bglued, but this trick never seems to work for me. After reading this post I’ve pretty much concluded that it’s because it is seeping through my lace topper. There’s just not enough surface for it to adhere to right?

    I’ve also been trying the version of gel/glue in the black tube, not the yellow tube. I can’t remember why I picked up the kind in the black tube. I’m thinking I saw in a video saying is was better for some reason… Anyway, I’ll have to try the tape trick and use the glue in the yellow tube.

    You mention in this post and your one about how you use the glue that you use a pea sized amount of glue at each area you like it glued down. Do you take this amount and spread it on your scalp (like a thin layer) or do you actually put a bead of glue and let it get tacky in “bead” form?

    • Hi! Sorry for the delay, I was out of town. I use a bead/blob, and let it set for a bit before plopping my hair (with tape!) over it. As for the lace…I think, some of it seeps through the lace and therefore there’s not enough to adhere, yes. And it’s probably making your hair a bit crunchy, no? Let me know if you try the tape!!

  5. Thanks for the tip Lauren! This is ingenious! I also secure my topper with the got2b and can’t stand it when it seeps through and makes the parting area “crispy”. My 18 year old son loves to pat me on the head and he always jokes that my hair feels “crusty”! Can’t wait to try this ?

  6. That’s brilliant!!!! I hate it when the glue seeps through. This will also solve the problem with having to rinse the poly rim after every use. I don’t know if it’s a must, but I always rise mine. I’m going to have to try this out, thanks for the tip. ???

  7. Lauren, what is a poly rim? The toppers I’ve seen have a fabric edge, called seam binding(in sewing), on a lace or mesh disc.
    I still do not have an actual topped per se, as I can’t find toppers made of curly hair. Still trying to make one.
    My barest spot is the exact same location as yours (hmmm, imteresting) so clips just float away and won’t stay attached to anything.
    I want to try your glue hack for sure. But first I have to make a topper by hand using curly hair wests.
    So, I need to know what a poly rim is in order to make It!

    • Hi there, you can see the poly rim in the pic – it’s what the tape is attached to. It’s often a shiny, plasticky (but not rigid) piece right underneath the rim.


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