Can You Glue Your Topper To Your Head?

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What’s a girl to do when she needs to wear her hair topper, but she’s created a huge bald spot and can no longer clip it to that area of her head?

A bald spot that has become so bad, that clipping the topper in that place is like basically clipping it to nothing at all?

Yes, friends, I did not rotate my clips nor did I sew/glue any additional clips in. After 18 months of wearing my Noriko Milan hair topper in the exact same placement on my head, I needed to find a way to continue with this topper even if I had little-to-no hair on one of the clip’s sites.

Sure, I could just sew another clip in and then attach the topper like normal, but, I worry about creating yet another bald spot on one of the most sensitive areas of my scalp.

I needed Plan B!

I heard about Got2B Spiking Glue and ordered it a few months ago.

topper glue

I heard that it can be used as a way to glue your hair topper to your head…basically, apply it under your topper (or wig) and press the piece into place and voila! Your helper hair stays put–securely.

I did just that. And it did not stay. And I got really frustrated and gave up on it.

I believe it was a reader (yea!) that mentioned this product again in the blog comments not too long ago, and she explained that you need to let the glue sit for awhile to get tacky before you glue your hair topper to your head.

Hmmm…that made sense.

So I tried that. And it worked!!

I place a pea-sized (or slightly smaller) amount of glue right on top of my sparse spot, and let it sit for two to three minutes. I clip the rest of my hair topper in place and when it’s time, I place my topper right over the Got2B Spiking Glue and press down.

I hold my topper in place for 15-30 seconds, and that’s all there is to it.

Thanks to this glue, my hair topper stays in place comfortably, without shifting, ALL day.

It doesn’t pull, and it actually lays flatter than it would with my clips (not a problem if you have decent hair for the clip to grab onto, but if you don’t have much/any hair, the clip just kind of rests on your scalp).

I’m in love.

So the real question: does it yank out your hair when you remove it at night?

I’m happy to report that I haven’t had any extraneous hair that’s been sacrificed when I remove my topper at night. Maybe a hair or two every now and again, but no more than I would yank out over the course of a day by adjusting my topper continually over that sparse spot.

I have used this hair topper glue on areas that have more hair just to test it out, and as long as you slowly peel your helper hair back while you pull your own hair forward (hard to explain!), you shouldn’t lose any hair.

The product hits my piece mostly on the poly rim, which is a nice material for this glue to adhere to.

A bit of it does get on the cloth ribbon that goes around my topper, but, so far so good. I’m thinking there should be a way to use some sort of tape to create a larger area for the glue to adhere to (so it doesn’t get on the ribbon), but that’s another experiment for another day.

(Update! I’ve hacked a remedy with tape to prevent glue from seeping through the topper – check out the post!)

Got2B Spiking Glue is also a fantastic product to use underneath your lace, if you have a lace front topper or wig. Sometimes the lace can lift, but just a dab of this product underneath will keep your lace front flush on your forehead, and super-secure.

For those of you who have a spot or two, consider trying this glue on your hair toppers to keep them in place.

What other tips do you have to help keep your pieces secure?

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  1. Iโ€™m so glad to have found this community of fellow women with skinny hair. These tips are so fantastic. The hassles can be frustrating at times and these solutions/ (hacks) are huge!!! Thanks for sharing the love ladies!!!

  2. Hi everyone, I’ve been using Eyelash glue, called Duo eyelash Adhesive – just a small dot on the silicone rim of my topper and this seems to work really well. Anyone else tried lash glue? I’m a Beauty Therapist so clients see the top of my head a LOT whilst I’m doing nails, and I had this already in my Studio, so thought I’d just try it! It makes me feel better about bending my head down whilst working, as my topper sits an inch or so back from my bio, ‘sparce but growing back with PRP injections’ hairline.
    Any thoughts on this?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Lauren,

    I just came across your website. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one that feels alone. I have had female pattern baldness starting when I was around 28 years old. In the last 11 years my hair loss has gotten worse. I had someone take a picture of my whole head and when I saw the pictures, I didn’t realize how bald I am. My hair has become so thinning (advance stage) that even if I try and tease my hair, it does not take. I used to have very thick hair once upon a time. For years I was so depressed about it, I didn’t even care to wear makeup or nice clothing.

    I finally decided I had enough with my look and decided to buy a topper. About 5 years ago, I did wear a wig but because of my thinning hair, I had to place so many bobby pins in, that is used to scratch my scalp. I finally got rid of the wig and this past year decided to buy a topper. I like the topper because it is not too thick, heavy and makes me more natural looking as opposed to some wigs that are thick.

    I use clips to attach my topper to my hair but because I have really thinning hair, I can lift up my topper off my head. The topper doesn’t come off easy but you can notice it. If I put my head down, the topper does move forward a bit. I was wondering if that Got 2B glue would work on my head? If so, should the glue be placed where you have bald spots (I do have sparse hair in those areas). The glue would have to be put in the front of my hairline as that is where I am really thinning and also at the top and sides of my head? I guess I could use the clips as well. I just wondering if using the clips are going to weaken the hair I already have?.



    • Carol, you’d be surprised that glue just at the front might do the trick. It would be difficult to do this around the perimeter of your head, as this glue isn’t a true glue…just a gel….so you wouldn’t get the hold you want. You could also try tape! But, I’d definitely try some of this “glue” first and see what you think.

      • Hi Lauren,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I tried to use tape on the front and when I tried to peel it off it pulled a number of my thinning hair. Also my topper has bangs and does not have a lace front in order to have the glue hold or the tape. I use 3 clips in the front. I really do have sparse hair. If I have to use the clips, I just want to make sure that they hold the topper down without being able to lift the topper a bit. Is there anything else you could suggest to help with this problem?


      • Lauren, have you or anyone you know ever bonded your hair topper at home? I am looking for a more secure alternative to clips. Tried to find resources for bonding hair but only come across bonding glue that holds for 6-8 weeks. Would love to be able to take it off at night or at very least only have bond last 1-2 days. Would love to hear any advice you may have on this topic. You’re an inspiration. Can’t thank you enough for doing all that you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi May! I do know of a few that have done it, but unfortunately, I don’t have any people to point you to! I wish they were YouTubers! I can tell you they got their supplies from Hair Direct. Maybe check out their site? I know they have lots of videos.

    • I haven’t tried the Gorilla Glue (I think it’s called Gorilla Snot…definitely don’t use the office supply Gorilla Glue that’s like a superglue!)…if it works similarly to Got2B, then give it a whirl.

  4. Has anyone tried the glue only? Without using the clips at all. I’ve developed numerous spots or bumps something like warts or blisters (but not blisters) after wearing my topper for a year. I love my topper but the irritation from the clips is a killer. I need an alternative method of attachment for my topper.

    • Tape is likely a better option, but give the glue a try! I find it works great on the top of my head but not on the sides. Plus, it takes a while to set so you do need another way to keep it secure until it dries fully.

  5. Hi I have just discovered your website and it has made me a lot more confident that I am still a part of society and someone deserving of my husbands love – despite hair loss!

    I have just bought the Got2B Glued and tried it with my clip attachment lace topper. Its great around the clips and they are going no where but it hasn’t “glued” the parts of the topper without clips. Any tips please?

    • You can really only glue to a solid surface, like a polyurethene rim or the (clips) as you mention. One tip – if it sticks to your lace, you might try using a piece of packing tape on the underside of the topper, and then use the glue on that.

  6. I don’t think this available in Australia anymore. I have found Schwarzkopf ‘Full On- Super Glued’ which is new. Perhaps this replaces the ‘got 2b’.
    How long do you leave it to let it go tacky? I have had a first go but my topper didn’t stick down, but it certainly super glued my bio hair together!!

  7. I’m pretty darned amazed by this stuff! I kept the clips on, but didn’t fasten them and it sticks to the clips. Doesn’t quite lie down flat, but a good fix if you don’t want to move the clips. Lifesaver for less than $7.00!

  8. Oh ladies! You must must must try Jobst’s “It Stays!” It’s a roll on body fixative (glue?!). I heard that It’s used by theatrical performers to keep their wigs intact. It’s AWESOME! Completely water soluable ~ washes off easily with water & my toppers/wigs do NOT move! My husband & I ride Harley’s ~ Yup, I can put my helmet on and take it off dozens of times & my hair stays put! And, we’re also boaters ~ Yup, helper hair whipping me in the face as he hits speeds upwards of 50 mph. I roll onto my front hairline ~ on the hair AND on tipity top of my forehead (where my hair loss is concentrated) ~ it allows me to lower my hairline slightly & place the hair lower (or higher!) on my forehead. It can be found online and in “specialty” kind of drugstores. It’s actually used by patients who apply to their legs to keep their compression socks from rolling or sliding down. Give it a try & let me know what you think! =}

      • Ugh Yes, Lauren! ๐Ÿ˜€ Happened to me too. I was at the very bottom of the bottle and thought it would be “smart” to store it upside down ~ like you would…ketchup. Not so smart. Ugh! Icky sticky everywhere in my vanity drawer. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Ha, I’m sure it’s happened to all of us. Mine also developed a bit of a weird smell, too…almost like maple syrup. But it still grips nicely! Found that it works better with wigs then gluing “down” a topper.

    • Hi there – I wrote you back via email, not sure if you received? I’m not sure when I’ve ever talked about specific combs that I’ve used and certainly not for a topper. If you are referring to the clips that I recommend, you can read more about them in this post. Hope that helps!

  9. Hi, I too have problems with the clips causing more hair loss, but I opted for a different option: remove the front clips and attach an elastic (the kind used for sewing waistbands – they have thin or thick ones, I got a thin one at the dollar store) by measuring it from where the topper lays on your temples — from temple to temple. Then sew the elastic (mine is black so it’s not noticeable with my naturally dark hair) to the underside of the topper at the edges of the temple where the clips used to be. So basically you end up with a “bonnet” type of looking thing that stays on with just the back clips and if needed, some on the sides, but not the delicate temple areas or the front of the hairline. I find that this helps to keep the topper laying really flat on the top, especially along the front hair lines, then I just use the end of a rat-tail come to take some of my bio-hair out about 1/4-1/2 inch all the way around the perimeter so that I can even put my hair up in a pony and have it look more natural. Good luck and hope this idea helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Can you please email me with more information on how you use elastic in place of wig clips fir your Toppers? I wear Toppers myself but also have my own In Home Wig Business and this information would be very helpful to me and my clients. Thank you so much, Nancy

    • Is there any chance to get more information about this. Iโ€™ve only been wearing my beautiful highline wigs topper for 3 weeks and am already finding that Iโ€™m losing hair in the front clip areas and find that they pull. I do have some hair st the front but itโ€™s very fine and I just canโ€™t get the front to lay flat. Feeling a little down on getting my helper hair to look as natural as possible because of this issue. Desperate for any advice?

      • You might try some red wig tape. It’s not SUPER tacky and will adhere to your piece and your hair/scalp just fine. The glue would work if you have a poly strip..but she doesn’t put those in as standard so I’m guessing you don’t!

    • Please can you give more info on the elastic front for toppers. I donโ€™t want my hair to thin any more in front. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  10. I am also seeing barer spots where I continuously wear my topper..I have shifted it ever so slightly to give each area a “rest” but not sure how much longer I can do it this way…

    So nice to share tips with all of you ladies…I am feeling more confident every day and coming to terms with my topper.. I’ve been wearing one for 10.5 months now.. it is a lifesaver!

  11. I’ve been using Got2b Ultra Glued under my Milano Wigrip for over a year now. With my hair still wet, I pull it up into a bun, apply the gel to my hairline (all the way around) and then put my Wigrip on top. I wear my hair down under my wig, so I put it up during the application to prevent the gel from coating my hair. This process not only helps the Wigrip stay on, it prolongs the life of it, as you can use them long after they have begun to stretch out. I own three grips. Because the gel does tend to pull at my hair when I’m taking off the grip, I find it’s easiest to complete this process by doing it in the shower (letting the hot water loosen the hold). While one grip is drying, I can use another.

    …It was also requested I follow up on how the Jackson wig by Noriko is working out for me. It took me a few days to get used to the thickness in the front, as I’m used to lace fronts, but my boyfriend actually thinks it looks more realistic than my previous wigs. I was able to by 4 of them from NameBrandWigs for about $100 dollars more than 1 of the wigs I usually wear would cost. That was a definite bonus! The only issue I have is that while the front is thick, the back seems a bit thin at the bottom (because of all the layering at the crown). I am solving this issue by buying a couple halo style extensions, which I will wear under the wig. I have done this with previous wigs as well. Once you cut them to the appropriate length, they blend into wigs amazingly well.

  12. I’ve been having great luck with the Got2b glued too. I’m considering just taking the front clips out completely and only using the glue in front. I didn’t realize how sparse I was in front, but I start hurting by the end of the day… I even recently went on a trip & ended up staying two nights with friends. I slept in my topper two nights with this glue & was pleasantly surprised.

    • I do that, take the clips of in the front & glue! Works great, holds tight & lays nice & flat, no ” lift” that imho can be a giveaway. I do use the clips in the back. My hair is thin there too so I use little hairspray on my hair first to give a little more heft for the clips to grip onto. Btw I use hold up, rolls on:)

      • Love it, Barbara. Do you “glue” to hair or to scalp? My next step might be to remove my right-side clip and just glue the front, but I have considerably more hair on that side than the other.

        • I glue it onto my skin, my hairline is receding so this works well. Some gets on my hair but no worries, it washes out easily.
          Have a great weekend Lauren!

  13. Thanks for the tip, Lauren. I am going to try this right at the front of my topper where my hair is very sparse, so the topper does not sit quite flat. I cut bangs into the topper, but it would be nice to have it a little flatter. Have a great time with family and at the park!

  14. Glad the new product is workin out for you! Do you think the topper pieces stretch over time? The first time I wore my HH, it seemed to fit well. Now, the piece seems loose and slips back. I am constantly going to the bathroom or looking at my reflection to make sure all is in place.

    • Is your hair a wig or a topper? Wigs can stretch, yes, but toppers shouldn’t. If it’s a topper, was there a change in your bio hair? Less hair where the (presumed) clips are, or maybe need more product to help grip?

  15. Hi! I’m just a new member here (I think less than 24 hrs). Like you guys, I’m in trouble of my bio hair. So thinning, lots of gray hair and it’s a hereditary. I am using a Gofyber to cover my crown area. But it seemed that it is NOT good enough. So, I ordered a HH wig from China which is very beautiful. But when I put it on me IT looks like I am wearing a helmet! I was so depressed.
    I’m a person with a brave heart. I wont give up!..Plus also, I told to myself that I will stop ordering HH from China.
    I found this WIG Company just last week thru YOUTUBE and started to order. Geez, door to door in my country is NOT a joke tho. It costs $30-$50. I’m living in Philippines! And then after 5 days of waiting they shipped it out just 2 days ago.I am so excited of course! SO, I started monitoring the Tracking #. NOW, I’m kinda depress again bcoz I found out that the package was pick up from China and not from USA!
    I am here, to share my feelings. That I’m depressed on my hair and also to the system of the wig company as well ๐Ÿ™

    • Hey! I live in China myself and have been to the hair market, where the hair is sold in bundles before it becomes a wig or topper. As like most things in the world, most of your hair will have past through China at some point. Itโ€™s frustrating because unless you are here, companies canโ€™t pick out the hair they want. And of course, all vendors in China claim they have the best hair and best quality. But a day in the market proves thatโ€™s not true. Donโ€™t get discouraged!

  16. Lauren – you are always a wealth of information! I will be ordering this product as soon as I finish posting this message. Can’t wait to try it and will let you know how it goes.

    • Let us know what you think, Pam! I completely wrote off this product and I’m SO glad I learned how to correctly use it. I’ve been using this glue for a few weeks now and love it.

      • I definitely will, Lauren. I’ve recently found myself in some precarious situations so this will be a huge test! I will let you know how it turns out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Lauren,

    Do you think this will happen to everyone who wears toppers? I’ve only just begun to wear them and only do so three times a week; the remainder I wear a hat. I’m worried that this will happen. I think I have a good chance of my natural hair growing back but now with the prospect of developing traction alopecia, I’m a little worried. I don’t feel I’m ready for a full wig…haven’t mentall gotten there yet…

    Kim Smith

    • Hi Kim,

      I think it could happen to everyone but I think some people are more predisposed than others. I developed spots within a few months, but I know women who have worn hair for years with no problems.

      • Thanks Lauren….you always look so pretty. I’m glad you’ve made this informative site especially for someone like me who’s new to toppers. You’ve taken a proactive approach…It’s taken me almost a year to even acknowledge my hair situation and move toward doing something about it. Thanks again!

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