Going Off Spiro: What Happens to PCOS Symptoms?

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Yes, you read that right. As much as I love Spiro, I’m going off of it. The husband and I decided it’s time to expand the family (eek!) so off the Spiro I go; Spiro can supposedly cause birth defects in male babies (although, opinions are all over the board on this. I say better safe than sorry!). It gets out of your system fairly quickly, but you definitely want it long gone before your fetus starts developing its sex organs.

I’ve been off Spiro for a few weeks now. My first concern, as always, was my hair. I have little sproutlets all over! Again, it could be because of the dread shed regrowth, but I’m happy to see that they are all over my head. My second main concern was my hormonal acne returning. My acne went almost all away during my time on Spiro. I used to get acne mainly all over my jawline and even down my neck some. Those were the cystic kind; I would get some “normal” breakouts elsewhere but at least those weren’t cystic. No matter what type of breakout I had, though, it would *always* leave a mark. So much so that my face always looked a ton worse than it actually was. Even having mostly-clear skin for the past five months on Spiro didn’t make up for the fact that I still had scars on my face. Of course, I looked tons better in makeup with no bumps (and less oil!) on the Spiro.

So, what changes have I seen in my PCOS symptoms since going off Spiro about 3 1/2 weeks ago? Nothing too much, yet. I’m still following a gluten-free/Paleo diet (I hate to call it full-on Paleo since I haven’t been 100% “good” on it) with a few splurges. I’ve also got a few other tricks up my sleeve that I think appear to be helping (watch out for those in future posts). I used to get longish hairs under my chin and on my jaw with a few dark ones in between. I haven’t seen too much of that reappear, thank goodness. My skin is definitely oilier but I haven’t had any major breakouts or anything. My hair is getting oilier, too, but I can still shampoo every second day (although, I think I will change that to every other day starting this week).

There you have it–a big change in my life! I AM happy to report, too, that I have a normal cycle this month (woohoo!). I ovulated on day 20. I’ve been temping and using OPKs so I’m sure of it. I’m 11DPO, so right in the middle of the “two week wait.” We’ll see what happens. I’m not holding my breath or anything but I was really, REALLY happy to have a normal cycle coming off both birth control and the Spiro. I’ve heard that you can either have a textbook-type cycle, or your cycle will be out-of-whack for awhile coming off of those things; I’m glad I fall into the former option! I know next month can be totally different (I’ve had cycles of 70 days with no ovulation before!), but I’m grateful for this normal one!

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  1. Lauren-
    Have you read about Pregnitude? If not, look it up. I think I am going to start it. It’s a great option for PCOS’ers, especially since you are TTC now.


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