Hair Building Fibers: BoostnBlend Review

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You all read recently how I’ve been occasionally going sans hair at night because my husband hates my beloved headbands.

I guess I can’t blame him—they aren’t the sexiest accessories. But, they cover what I need them to cover.

I’ve been rocking the comb-over quite a bit, but sometimes, I do need some more coverage.

I’m terribly out of practice with my Bumble & Bumble (although it served me SO well in the past!).

Enter BoostnBlend.

I’ve been talking with Bambi from BoostnBlend over the past few months, and she was gracious enough to send me some of her hair building fibers to try.

I normally wouldn’t try another concealing product since I’ve moved on to wear hair, but these hair building fibers for thinning hair had me intrigued.

Why, you ask?

Hair Building Fibers Made of…Cotton?

Yes, these fibers are made from cotton!

Bambi explained to me that cotton won’t drip and run and won’t clump, unlike some of the keratin hair fibers out there.

Also, because cotton is a natural ingredient, it might even be better suited for those with sensitive scalps than some of BoostnBlend’s competitors.

Apparently, aluminum chloride is commonly used in many of the hair building fiber options and that can be irritating on the skin.

One thing that I found interesting (I loved getting a crash course in hair fibers!) is that the keratin hair fibers are derived from animal hair (and some from wool). Because of this, the manufacturers have to apply chemicals and antibiotics to make them “ok” to be worn at the scalp.


This is one of the reasons why keratin hair fibers for thinning hair can sometimes be itchy and irritating.

Who knew? The cotton fiber from BoostnBlend sounds better and better to me.

Made By Women, For Women

You know how most hair fibers are clearly meant for men, but then they throw in a few pictures of women just to make it look like it’s ideal for both sexes?

Bambi made a good point—she said that most men don’t color their hair, and their hair gradually dulls as they get older.

I definitely see that in my own hair; as it has thinned, it’s gotten almost gray-brown (maybe that’s also because it doesn’t see the light of day!)

BoostnBlend colors are specifically made to blend with all hair colors, dyed or not. It’s nice not to worry about getting the absolute perfect color—the blending range on the colors are vast, so they’ll suit just about everyone.

In fact, I was torn between Smooth Medium Brown and Dusky Dark Brown. I went with Smooth Medium Brown and the match is pretty darn perfect.

Before/After Photos

No one likes “before” pics but it must be shared (also please note this is probably the only post I have on this site without eyeliner. Eyeliner is definitely a crutch for me, but, I digress):

womens hair loss

And here’s after. Yes, I do have eyeliner on under those sunglasses:

hair building fibers for thinning hair

I wish they would invent a product to help my teeny tiny pony tail (hint, hint), but let’s just all hold hands and agree that the top looks better, right?

Here’s another pic that shows BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers in action.


Can we all just take a moment and be thankful that my new house has a fenced back yard? No more neighbors wondering what the heck I am doing taking all these pictures…

Ok, back to the hair fibers.

Lastly, here is a closeup.

hair building fibers

There’s one MAJOR thing I like about BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers versus a few of other fibers I’ve tried.

I usually wash my hair every other day. If I sprinkle in fibers on day 1, after I sleep and look at my hair I notice that the hair fibers get a little clumpy right up against my scalp.

I’d have to take a comb and try to spread them around a bit to get them to evenly disperse.

I did not have that with BoostnBlend.

Even though I slept all over my hair, the fibers stayed where they should, and didn’t nest close to my scalp.

Does that makes sense?

Bambi explained that due to cotton’s properties, BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers have more static electricity than its competitors.

Seeing as I didn’t need a second application on day 2, I saw this in action!

I also didn’t have any creeping onto my forehead. Sometimes, with other products, the keratin hair fibers would “gather” a bit close to my hairline overnight.

When I woke up the next morning after using BoostnBlend, the fibers looked damn near close to how they looked during my initial application.


If you are in the market for a hair fiber, this is a good one to try! If you are prone to scalp irritation, then I highly suggest giving this a whirl to see if it works for you.

I’m so glad I gave BoostnBlend a try, and I’ll definitely be using it every now and again (especially on hot Texas weekends) when I want to go without hair or I need extra coverage.

I’m thinking this could be a good product to use, too, for helping to blend my bio hair with my topper. I can use my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Powder with this on top to really add some “oomph” to my wimpy bio hair.

Who here has tried hair building fibers? Did they cause any irritation?

108 thoughts on “Hair Building Fibers: BoostnBlend Review”

    • No problem here – I’m in hot Texas and lived in muggy Florida for a long time. I even wore them while giving birth, and I was kinda sweaty there. 😉

  1. I’ve watched all of your youtube videos and happened to stumble on this blog this morning when searching toppik vs boost n blend. I just ordered my second bottle of boost n blend. Two things – first, I just want to tell you how much your videos have encouraged me! You’re so beautiful and wear your hair so well! It has given me a lot of hope. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all the tips and encouragement with us. Second, I LOVE boost n blend! It literally gave me my normal hair life back. I even thought my hair was about back to normal and I was seeing some regrowth….but then I ran out of my boost n blend and I realized just how much it was helping! I highly recommend it! One bottle of it lasted me three months. Definitely worth every penny! It has kept me from having to wear a topper.
    Which leads me to one more thing…I ordered the Top Secret Topper and had it cut to blend in with my hair. It’s just way too heavy and way too much hair, so I’ve never worn it. Have you ever tried the Easipart by Jon Renau? I’m worried it will look too fake. Would love some honest feedback on it!

    • Glad you like the B&B, it’s such a great product!! I ordered EasiPart once but sent it back as it was the wrong color (too red). Also, even in my early stages it was not enough hair for me. This was, however, before they had an XL option. Lots of women have tried this and loved it, but like any piece it is trial and error. It’s a great price point and comes in both HD synthetic and human hair so there are several options.

  2. This product looks so very natural. I have hair loss around the frame of the face. Could I use this product near the temple area so that it does not look as though my hair is receding so much?

  3. Hi! I just stumbled upon your delightful blog. Thank you for your transparency and honesty. I have a question regarding the Boost and Blend product. I exercise 5 days a week and I was wondering how Boost and Blends hold up under those circumstances. Any idea? Thanks!

  4. Hi Lauren!
    I recently found your blog and absolutely love all the tips you share! Thank you for putting it out there and spending the time and effort to help others feel better about themselves! I’m sure you get this all the time, but it’s so nice to know that there are other women who understand my plight! Your hair looks wonderful whether it’s your bio hair, a topper, or wig! I especially LOVE your curls with the Tressmerize system!

    Once upon a time, I had beautiful hair. It was thin and fine, but I knew how to make it look great and I received lots of compliments—even from strangers. My hair started thinning when I was 20 (thanks to medications to treat a kidney disease) and it has continued to thin for the past 17 years. Needless to say, there’s a lot of scalpage going on! I’ve just walked around with it because I couldn’t imagine that there was any volumizing product that would do any good and I didn’t want to wear HH that looked fake or was uncomfortable. My sister is a cosmetologist and bought some keratin powder for me a few years ago. She can make it look good, but it takes me way too long and I don’t love it so I only use it for special occasions when I have hours to get ready. BnB seems like it might be easier for me to use and look better.

    I did purchase my first topper (the Claire from Uniwigs) shortly before I found your blog and am anxiously waiting for an exchange in color to arrive. I’m also terrified that it will look unnatural or that it will be hot and uncomfortable and it will end up sitting in the closet collecting dust. I’m super excited to know that if I decide HH isn’t for me right now, or if I want to ease myself in, there are products that help! I didn’t realize how many options there are!

    Anyway, there’s my lifelong hair loss story in a few paragraphs ;). I’m wondering if you can tell me approximately how many uses you got out of your BnB, or how long it lasted you with regular use. (My hairline and front is pretty similar to yours, although I have a bit less in the back and on the sides.)

    • Hi, and welcome! Thanks for sharing your story – I’m interested in hearing what you think about your exchange. As for the BoostnBlend, I still have my bottle. I’d imagine you could get 2-3 months out of it if you were using a lot of it, every day.

  5. Wow. I’ll have to try these. I’ve been using the bumble and bumble dry shampoo and the x fusion for over a year now. Though the combination works miracles, my hair looks matte in the roots and it gets itchy for me. If I only use x fusion, it falls all over my forehead all day long. Thanks for the review!

  6. I’ve been reading literally every single one of your posts and i’m so grateful/relieved to have found your blog. I’ve been such an emotional wreck lately because of my hair loss and knowing that i’m not alone and its not the end of the world has helped me immensely. I just ordered Boost n Blend and I can’t wait to try it! It looks so great on you! I’m also looking into buying a Fortune Kippah Topper. Do you know anything about the quality of Fortune toppers?

    • Great quality for the price! Their toppers have a lot of hair, so be prepared to have them cut in and thinned at your local stylist. Also, the hair tends to hang a bit heavy in the front, so bangs work really well, or, your stylist will need to have some skills in thinning that area in particular.

  7. I’m glad my question was answered in an earlier comment and reply. I’m a regular user of Toppik, but in the sunlight it does turn green!! I’m hoping this product will look more natural and blend with my hair better, since my grandmother asked me during Thanksgiving if I had ‘thinned my hair out’ even when I had used Toppik and though I was having a good hair day :/ I ordered the BoostnBlend Dark Dusky Brown and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I love your blog, it has been extremely helpful for me. I haven’t quite come to terms with my hair loss yet because I don’t know why it has happened to me. I still have hopes that I can get a regular, full covered head of hair back, but it is looking unlikely at this rate. In any case, your blog has helped me immensely and I THANK YOU FOR THAT!! <3

  8. I have not tried this product yet currently using toppik. Just curious has anyone experienced more hair loss from these fibers. I swear that since using toppik on occasion for 6 months I am losing more where I use it and of course there is the irritation and migraines…wondering if anyone else that affect

  9. I tried Boostnblend on your recommendation, and found it far inferior to another product that I use daily… Vivascal. My hair is auburn and I use the light brown version and it blends in perfectly. I work 18 hours and it rarely fails me. It never gets on my pillow. Have you tried it?

  10. Hello,
    I am currently going through hair loss. I’m 31 and it’s very frustrating because I haven’t gotten any “real” answer. I’ve been losing hair badly for about 2 mons now. I have bald spots on top of my head and above and behind my ears 🙁 I think the most frustrating part about it is not getting answers and unfortunately the Dr’s in my area just aren’t that good and act like they don’t care. So anyways, I have been wearing head bands while I work to cover up and hats on the weekends. Its getting worse and the head bands aren’t doing so well, so I think it’s time to go to a wig, which scares me. I have no idea where to shop, what to look for and what is a reasonable price. I’ve seen wigs priced at $1000 and some priced at $50. Can you help?! Your hair looks very real. I also noticed you called it a “topper” is that the same thing as a wig? Any help would be appreciated!

  11. Thank you for sharing your story and being such an inspiration to other women. These hair fibers look amazing on you! I purchased BoostnBlend after reading about it on your blog, unfortunately the fibers fall straight on to my scalp instead of sticking to my hair (each strand of my hair is much finer than yours, but I do have enough for the fibers to hold on to). Do you have any tips / please would you consider doing a video on how you styled your hair with BoostnBlend? Many thanks

  12. Hi Lauren, I’ve been using the Fullmore spray concealer and find it a lot easier to apply than Toppick. It also looks really natural and I’ve had no real problems with it, apart from making the occasional white pillowcase a little grubby looking!

  13. My partner has a scar on his head which he is really conscious about. Like other fibres, I’m guessing this works by attaching to hair? Obviously if so this wouldn’t work for him as there’s no hair on his scar. Is there anything you could recommended which will stick to a scar?

    • Correct – you need hair for this to work. Look into either DermMatch (probably your best bet) or Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Powder. Both of those can be applied directly to skin to help camouflage.

  14. How do you get it to look natural? I’ve used cabooki and it’s so clumpy and fake.
    would there be possibility of boostnblend video also.?

    • A video…possibly. As for making it look natural, two things. 1) Is it very close to your bio color? 2) Do you have any hair to place over it to help conceal it? It really makes all the difference.

  15. Hi Lauren! My biggest problem is that Im auburn haired and there are so few powders/sprays that carry colors for redheads. Im a medium to slightly dark auburn. Do you think the lighter or cinnamon brown could work for me?

  16. I currently use a mixture of dermmatch and then top it of with either toppik or caboki. I am okay with the results I get but my worry is how long this will work. I guess my question in your opinion do these fibers look good even if you have a lot of hair loss. I know sometimes by looking at before pics it is hard to tell how bad the loss really is. So since you can see your loss live and in person do you think the fibers would work.

    • Marsha, I think it will depend on your hair style. I consider my loss pretty bad, and as long as I have a bit of hair to cover where I sprinkle, it looks a-ok.

        • In these photos, yep, I did. It didn’t take long at all to apply, but if I was going to use this every day I’d probably use my Joan River Great Hair Day powder (for you, Dermmatch) at the hairline and sprinkle this over top of it. Just so you don’t have to be super-precise…hairlines can be tricky, as you know!

  17. Is it a painful process when you’re loosing your hair? I’m starting loose mine but it has been very painful on my scalp.

  18. Hi Lauren, and everyone. I use Boost n Blend and I think it’s fabulous! I wouldn’t be without it now. I’m in Australia, so I can get it easily.
    I use a volume mousse as I can’t get Big Sexy Hair products here, so far. Then I use a sprinkle of volumising powder on the layers under my part. It makes my underneath hair feel like straw, but it gives it a bit of boost and a lift. (during the day, I can run my fingers under my hair and give the vol powder a stir to lift my hair again) Then I finish with Boost n Blend in the layers under my part and in the part. I seems to be working so far.
    My hair colour is mid -blonde, but I find my hair looks better and my scalp is not so visible when I have a little bit of darker re-growth.
    I also take Q silica capsule every day. I’m not sure, but I think it slows down the shedding.
    Thanks so much Lauren for your honesty and inspiration!
    Rock on!


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