Hair Building Fibers: BoostnBlend Review

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You all read recently how I’ve been occasionally going sans hair at night because my husband hates my beloved headbands.

I guess I can’t blame him—they aren’t the sexiest accessories. But, they cover what I need them to cover.

I’ve been rocking the comb-over quite a bit, but sometimes, I do need some more coverage.

I’m terribly out of practice with my Bumble & Bumble (although it served me SO well in the past!).

Enter BoostnBlend.

I’ve been talking with Bambi from BoostnBlend over the past few months, and she was gracious enough to send me some of her hair building fibers to try.

I normally wouldn’t try another concealing product since I’ve moved on to wear hair, but these hair building fibers for thinning hair had me intrigued.

Why, you ask?

Hair Building Fibers Made of…Cotton?

Yes, these fibers are made from cotton!

Bambi explained to me that cotton won’t drip and run and won’t clump, unlike some of the keratin hair fibers out there.

Also, because cotton is a natural ingredient, it might even be better suited for those with sensitive scalps than some of BoostnBlend’s competitors.

Apparently, aluminum chloride is commonly used in many of the hair building fiber options and that can be irritating on the skin.

One thing that I found interesting (I loved getting a crash course in hair fibers!) is that the keratin hair fibers are derived from animal hair (and some from wool). Because of this, the manufacturers have to apply chemicals and antibiotics to make them “ok” to be worn at the scalp.


This is one of the reasons why keratin hair fibers for thinning hair can sometimes be itchy and irritating.

Who knew? The cotton fiber from BoostnBlend sounds better and better to me.

Made By Women, For Women

You know how most hair fibers are clearly meant for men, but then they throw in a few pictures of women just to make it look like it’s ideal for both sexes?

Bambi made a good point—she said that most men don’t color their hair, and their hair gradually dulls as they get older.

I definitely see that in my own hair; as it has thinned, it’s gotten almost gray-brown (maybe that’s also because it doesn’t see the light of day!)

BoostnBlend colors are specifically made to blend with all hair colors, dyed or not. It’s nice not to worry about getting the absolute perfect color—the blending range on the colors are vast, so they’ll suit just about everyone.

In fact, I was torn between Smooth Medium Brown and Dusky Dark Brown. I went with Smooth Medium Brown and the match is pretty darn perfect.

Before/After Photos

No one likes “before” pics but it must be shared (also please note this is probably the only post I have on this site without eyeliner. Eyeliner is definitely a crutch for me, but, I digress):

womens hair loss

And here’s after. Yes, I do have eyeliner on under those sunglasses:

hair building fibers for thinning hair

I wish they would invent a product to help my teeny tiny pony tail (hint, hint), but let’s just all hold hands and agree that the top looks better, right?

Here’s another pic that shows BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers in action.


Can we all just take a moment and be thankful that my new house has a fenced back yard? No more neighbors wondering what the heck I am doing taking all these pictures…

Ok, back to the hair fibers.

Lastly, here is a closeup.

hair building fibers

There’s one MAJOR thing I like about BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers versus a few of other fibers I’ve tried.

I usually wash my hair every other day. If I sprinkle in fibers on day 1, after I sleep and look at my hair I notice that the hair fibers get a little clumpy right up against my scalp.

I’d have to take a comb and try to spread them around a bit to get them to evenly disperse.

I did not have that with BoostnBlend.

Even though I slept all over my hair, the fibers stayed where they should, and didn’t nest close to my scalp.

Does that makes sense?

Bambi explained that due to cotton’s properties, BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers have more static electricity than its competitors.

Seeing as I didn’t need a second application on day 2, I saw this in action!

I also didn’t have any creeping onto my forehead. Sometimes, with other products, the keratin hair fibers would “gather” a bit close to my hairline overnight.

When I woke up the next morning after using BoostnBlend, the fibers looked damn near close to how they looked during my initial application.


If you are in the market for a hair fiber, this is a good one to try! If you are prone to scalp irritation, then I highly suggest giving this a whirl to see if it works for you.

I’m so glad I gave BoostnBlend a try, and I’ll definitely be using it every now and again (especially on hot Texas weekends) when I want to go without hair or I need extra coverage.

I’m thinking this could be a good product to use, too, for helping to blend my bio hair with my topper. I can use my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Powder with this on top to really add some “oomph” to my wimpy bio hair.

Who here has tried hair building fibers? Did they cause any irritation?

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  1. I too would like tutorial videos. I have used a Kerratin fiber product called Finally Hair but just recently swallowed my pride and started going natural and I have extremely thin hair. It took so long to apply in the mornings and it is so messy and it seemed for me that possibly my hair had fallen out more since starting to use it.

    • Yeah, I use Finally Hair almost every day. Its a little messy but I apply it in my dry shower after styling it so my natural hair covers as much as possible. I have a mirror that is hanging on a hook and use a hand mirror to see the back. Makes it almost mess free. In my opinion it is the best value out there. I buy a refill bag that fills my bottle up twice for about $20. Can’t beat it. Its a great product.

      • I use Finally Hair as well because their ingredients say it doesn’t contain ammonium chloride or any chemicals. I buy their refill bags and refill my bottle. I haven’t noticed any more hair loss and I will say that the price is right and it works.

  2. Some of these products come with a spray and claim that you have to use their spray for best results. Do I need spray? Can I use any regular hairspray?

  3. I wound up here by visiting a page from Google+, and then here….I HAVE HAIR LOSS TOO! I am older and my hair loss is most likely due to hormonal changes within my body. I have used all sorts of hair products and when you stop using them; you are as before.

    Finally I wear a wig….you read it right and I am a person who has worked in the corporate world for 30 years +. I stopped the fuss of trying to make believe it wasn’t real and just bought me a great wig; and then another one. I have been amazed that most of the time; no one can tell it is a wig unless they have known me for years and sometimes not even then. MY PICTURE IS ON MY WEBSITE. NO…I have not written about this, but maybe it is time that I do.

    It is very disappointing, my sister 7 years older than I, has a lot more hair on top than I do. The back of my hair is full and no loss is significant. It is at the front and crown.

    Sometimes we have to accept that for whatever reason; we have been thrown a curve. But….as with most disappointments; that does not change who we are, what we can do or how we can influence other…..

    Thank you for having the courage to make this blog and inform others about how to deal with hair loss. Great Blog.


  4. You look amazing! Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I can buy boostnblend in the UK but I’m definitely going to try one of the other brands! Are there any other brands you’ve tried with good results that you could recommend? I also want to ask you about bumble and bumble hair powder, I couldn’t find it in my local store when I went out to buy it the other day so instead I bought batiste dry shampoo with a medium brown tint. It works okay but leaves a sort of whitish chalky residue on my hair. I can rub this off to an extent but it still looks a bit dull and chalky looking and before I go and order bumble & bumble online I was wondering if you have a similar problem with it? Thanks Lauren, and I’d like to echo the comments made earlier – your posts always give me such a boost of confidence!

  5. I think the price is a deal breaker. I realize people need to make a profit but this is highway robbery and just nasty to take advantage of people who’ve been desperate to find a solution to hair loss so they can face the world with some semblance of dignity. I can afford it but I won’t be trying it.

  6. I really hate to deflate everyone’s excitement, but my experience with BoostnBlend was a real letdown. As soon as I saw Lauren’s post, I hopped on to Amazon to order. I even opted for next-day delivery, because I was so excited. Well…
    I read the instructions (both on the BoostnBlend site and other reviews), so I knew that it needed to be used on squeaky-clean hair that has been dried with a hair dryer (to boost the static charges on the hair). I stood in front of the mirror and stared at what used to be my part, and is now a wide chasm of despair. I opened the box, unscrewed the top, peeled off the protective sticker, and started shaking. Not too much, at first — I didn’t want to overdo it! The color was a good match for my roots, but instead of sticking to my hair, the powder just fell straight to my scalp and made me look ridiculous! To be fair, some of the powder did stick to the hair and visually thickened individual strands, but the side effect of a curiously brown scalp made the thicker strands just seem like a cruel reminder of what used to be.
    I thought my hair loss was similar to Lauren’s, based on her many (very appreciated) photographs, but I guess my frontal loss is too much for BoostnBlend to effectively combat. Keep this in mind if you’re going to order. You do need to have adequate coverage for the strand thickening to make a difference — and, if your loss is ANY more extensive than Lauren’s, BnB might not be the solution you’re looking for.

    • What does your loss look like in front?

      One thing to try, and I’m going to copy/paste from another comment as it’s long: One thing that I ALWAYS do with my concealers is take a tiny sliver of hair on either side of my part to create, in essence, a new part. Then, I apply the fibers from that area all the way over my crown. Then I create a new part on the other side of my actual part and do the same. Once both sides are covered (my right side doesn’t need much), I then take that hair that I’ve created the new/fake part with and place that over the concealed area. So, that part, no matter how thin, lays over what I’ve concealed creating a very natural look. Does that make sense? Basically, all the product lays under a very (VERY!) thin layer of my bio hair.

      • Hi Lauren,

        I tried your method after facing the same issue of more on my scalp then my hair but alas it doesn’t solve the issue. It’s certainly better but I have to agree that it’s better if you have at least those lovely see through tiny hairs for the firbes to cling to. I thought I did but maybe not after over half my life with andro dependant alopecia. It’s strange actually because my hair isn’t terrible (think im too used it, started at the age of 16) but I guess my hair loss is not suitable. I will wear it a bit and its definitely better than toppik for sure.
        On another note as I have read you are interested to try human hair toppers, I just wanted to recommend Enchantop. Lovely toppers for not crazy prices although I get the medium as I have mid length hair.

        • I’m glad you think it’s better than Toppik!

          You know, I was going to try Enchantop, but I tried on two occasions to contact them and have no gotten a response. 🙁

  7. You look good, girl! I bought Toppik the other week and will try it as a concealer at special occasions! But i want one for like everyday, haha!

  8. I too have tried Caboki which is also made with Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, which is a variety of cotton (also known as Levant cotton) that grows only in the arid regions of Morocco. It claims to have no synthetic dyes or chemicals, no artificial fillers and preservatives, and no animal ingredients and is a great concealer for even the most sensitive scalps. I have an issue with 1 or 2 areas in particular on the top back portion of my crown, feeling extremely irritated and sore after putting on various types of concealers, and the Caboki, unfortunately was not an exception even though the main ingredient was cotton. I have zero issues with any type of products I use after my shower, but those are either sprays, serums, foams, etc for adding texture, body & moisturization. All lightweight products that never create any additional irritation. At this point, as weird as it sounds, I’m starting to think that products that have more of a weight or density to them that may pull or force the roots to lay in a certain direction are what may be creating the soreness and intense burning/irritation. Dermatologist says he doesn’t really see any redness, etc which is very frustrating, and even more so when I’m still struggling with the fact that I am needing some type of concealer on more of a daily basis now than ever before. I also worry constantly that using the concealers on my scalp is speeding up the hair loss in general (sure looks like it) and I make sure I don’t use the ones like Toppik because of ingredients like the Aluminum Chloride. I found out about that nasty ingredient along with the additional irritation of the wool keratin quite a while ago when looking for something for sensitive scalps. The use of Silica in some of the concealers has also had some negative feedback on the Internet as well. Jeez, at this point my concealer powder from Sally Beauty or Ulta beauty supply (similar to Joan Rivers but only $10-$12) has been the least irritating out of everything, even though it definitely does still bother me after a short time. I’ll look into this product as well, but if the ingredient list is long, that may scare me off. I can’t afford to encourage my hair to jump off my head any faster than it already has been! Ps Sorry so long…

    • That’s so strange that you experience irritation with these with NO redness. I wonder if there is some mystery ingredient somewhere that is doing it to you…?

      • I know right? I just don’t know what it could be since I’ve found not 1 of the same ingredient that has been present in all of the different concealers I’ve tried. I’m tempted from time to time to go ahead and make another appointment with the Derm and then use the Caboki (which has so far proven to be the most irritating) a day or even two in a row & really try to get it bothered, then have him take a scalp biopsy of that area, just to see if there is something crazy happening beneath the surface. Too bad I’m a big baby & don’t want to be left with a scar and/or possibly permanent hair loss in that spot which is already looking more bare every couple of weeks or so! We’ll see how much longer before I’m completely fed up with not knowing if this irritation or inflammation is real or some type of stress induced symptom…

  9. Lauren your hair looks great with that product!! I am a cabooki user, and have been using it about a year. My biggest problem is the dusty look I get….yours does not appear dusty at all. I am wondering if you look at it in person, do you feel it has a dusty dull look? According to the cabooki expert, this dusty look happens when you use too much, but I find it happening even if I use too little….but I take dust over the baldness alternative. My biggest problem is the horror of having an itch, or just to brush my bangs out of my face…poof of dusty fibers flying around….yuck. When it is windy out I always think I look like pigpen from Charlie Brown with the dust flying around me. Does this boostnblend stay where it is supposed to, or do you find it flakes easily?

    • I don’t have any dustiness, no, however, the color is near an exact match to my hair. I’m wondering if what you are using is slightly lighter, causing that issue? One thing that I ALWAYS do with my concealers is take a tiny sliver of hair on either side of my part to create, in essence, a new part. Then, I apply the fibers from that area all the way over my crown. Then I create a new part on the other side of my actual part and do the same. Once both sides are covered (my right side doesn’t need much), I then take that hair that I’ve created the new/fake part with and place that over the concealed area. So, that part, no matter how thin, lays over what I’ve concealed creating a very natural look. Does that make sense? Basically, all the product lays under a very (VERY!) thin layer of my bio hair.

      • thank you for your feedback. I did have trouble matching color with the cabooki…I have blonde hair, but even the cabooki blonde made my hair dark. When I called the rep for advise, she said that I should also order the white, and mix it with the blonde. At first I put them together in the shaker, but the color was very weird….a science experiment gone wrong. So now I sprinkle the blonde, then add the “Highlights” of the white. Prior to application I do not make a specific part since my hair is short…I just sprinkle away, all over, then style it with the part. However, will try your suggestion. It may just very well be due to the color. Thank you!

          • Yes, I actually use a lot of hairspray to help keep my hair from being completely flat. Many times when you order the cabooki, if you order more than one, they give the “free gift” of their hairspray, but their spray is so drying and my hair becomes too stiff. I use the Big N Sexy Spray and Play, which works really well in helping me keep volume

  10. Ok. Those look SERIOUSLY good. Your hair looks awesome with the fibres. I’ve tried fibres but I’ve not liked what we have available here. I might splurge and see if I can get some of these (if she ships internationally).

  11. Lauren, thanks for the suggestion on the concealer. I just ordered some from Amazon. Spendy but worth it if it works. I always use Hair So Real so I’m anxious to see what I think of this. Your hair looks fantastic with it! Thanks again……..

  12. I had been wearing wigs. I loved the look but some brands are very hot, itchy and I work long hours so comfort is a must hence I started to use toppik. My hair is very fine and a lot of the time toppik ends up just laying on my scalp. I am pleased with it except for when I’m outside in the sun I have noticed it turns grass green. I’m not sure if it’s the sunlight or if my scalp sweats but I’m past the age of this being a cute look. I will check out this product and see if reacts similar to sun light and/or sweat and let you know. I have never tried a topper. I may try someday but without being able to try one on prior to purchase this is a hard decision via internet shopping because my hair color needs to be very closely matched. I have wasted a lot of money on wigs that I don’t wear because the color was all wrong when I finally was able to try it on and most places don’t want them back. Thanks for all your valuable info and fun blog. I need hair help and appreciate every bit I can find!

    • Bambi mentioned that can happen with keratin hair fibers. This product will not turn green, thankfully!

      P.S. She also mentioned keratin products can turn green in water.

  13. Your hair looks amazing with this product! How much of it did you have to use to achieve this look? Would you consider making a tutorial video? I tried using Toppik and it didn’t work out for me. It just looked like I had dust in my hair no matter what I did. Would love it if this BoostNBlend worked out for me. Thanks so much for the post. Based on your results, I will definitely try this!

    • Hi Patti! I’ll think about doing a video, sure! I lost my tripod in my move, though…once I figure out a workaround with that I’ll see what I can do.

      I didn’t use that much – but I guess it’s all relative. I used it liberally but nothing overkill, you know? That probably doesn’t help at all. 🙂

      I think the trick with any concealer is to do what I did with the Bumble and Bumble that I talk about – I always reserve a bit of hair to smooth OVER any product I am using to help blend.

      • I just want to second the request for a video!!

        I just bought toppik and have tried it a few times. I don’t really know if it looks different, or if I’m doing it correctly. I will definitely consider this brand when I run out.

    • It didn’t for me (and I have cream-colored pillow cases so I would notice), however, I only used this on the top of my head…I’m not sure if I would rub off any if I used it on the back or the sides, etc.

  14. I am going to give this a try ASAP. Thanks Lauren! I wanted to share with everyone that I have been using (and am now addicted to) Monimay. It’s actually marketed to be sunblock for the scalp (and we all need that!) and a way for woman to cover their grey roots because the powder comes in various shades. Trust me when I tell you that it works wonders for concealing! I’m slightly concerned, though, that it’s making my hair (or lack there of) worse. I wonder if it clogs the pores? When I don’t use it, it looks like more scalp than ever is showing. I don’t know if this is just because I’m now used to seeing less scalp than before I started using concealers OR if my scalp coverage is in fact worse because I’m wearing the product every day and it’s inhibiting hair growth. Does anyone else have experience with this?

    • Monimay looks interesting! I can’t speak to pores clogging (I’ve never noticed more scalp when I was concealing), but are you making sure you are using a clarifying shampoo/really massaging shampoo into your scalp during washing?

        • A clarifying shampoo works to remove any excess build-up throughout the hair. Any drugstore brand will work. I’d just lather it in and leave it on your scalp for a minutes or two and then rinse.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing! Your hair looks absolutely great with fibers, you could totally go without a topper! I really want to order these but I’m worried that the hair on the back of my head is too thin to cover with fibers.

    • Charlene…did you see my “before” pic? ‘Nuff said. 😉

      As for going without a topper…yes, I could do so when I want to. It’s nice to have options! I do wish my pony wasn’t so skimpy, though!

  16. Lauren, thanks for the review. I have been using Toppik for about two years now and I recently found XFusion which is a great alternative at half the price of Toppik.

    I also use DermMatch and found that to be really good at camouflaging bare spots.
    This review has me intrigued!
    I will have to try it once my XFusion runs out. It looks really good on you and very natural.

  17. Looks fabulous, thank you!

    I rushed to go and buy some but found they go from platinum blonde to brown – no blondes in between? Sigh – gap in the market unless I’m missing something.

  18. I’ve ditched my toppers for the sprinkle on stuff (for now). I am not sure what type of fibres Cabooki are, but that is what I have been using. It’s very quick to apply, super easy. But it does clump by the next day, sometimes even by the end of the day, I feel I need to add more.
    I always think like I’m seasoning my hair for the day – little salt and pepper…lol!

    Lauren – I think your hair looks great with the fibres. I didn’t know there were so many, I might give this one a try too.
    thanks for sharing.

  19. Lauren, whenever I am at a very low point, I come here and see one of your posts that just brings me back up and gives me hope! I had looked into these fibers awhile ago but never ordered. I am definitely going to now. So far I have gotten by with the Great hair Day along the part line, etc. .but seeing the boost these fibers give your hair – wow. I have to give them a try!!

    RA – how long have you been using rogaine? And, will you please keep me posted how it goes with stopping it? I have been using it almost 4 months and may have to stop it and kind of worried what will happen to my hair.

    • Kadee, Joan Rivers is super-fabulous for adding some color to the scalp, but adding some “oomph” to the actual hair shaft itself is a beautiful thing.

      • BoostnBlend looks great on you! I might have to give it a try. I have a question on the Joan Rivers. Whenever I use it it kind of clumps in one spot. Its hard to get it to blend and diffuse throughout my bald spots (lol).
        Any advice? Or is there something I’m doing wrong?

        • Are you trying to use it on a large area? I feel this works best when you basically are using it on small areas to conceal. I’d just make sure you are applying a little at a time and spreading it the best you can. You are trying to use it over product?

  20. I use tons of Xfusion powder. I mean a LOT!!!! I also have scalp irritation. I never really put that together until now. I thought it was the Rogaine. Stopped the Rogaine two weeks ago, still using Xfusion, still have scalp pain….. Aha!

    I just ordered this stuff. Even as I start to wear hair I still want options. Thank you, Lauren!!!

    • Hopefully this helps to lessen the scalp irritation! Since Rogaine does enter the pores you may have to give it a bit more time, too, to fully exit your system, (I’m definitely not a doc, just a gut feeling!).

      • I was told by my hairdresser that Rogaine also gets into your blood system. So, if you have any type of blood problem, you should not use it.

  21. Wow-looks great! Too bad it’s so pricey- twice as much as Toppik 🙁
    I may have to try it one of these days though, when finances are improved.


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