Hair Loss Update (With Photo)

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I’ve finally gotten around to getting up my pic from when I had my hair done a few weeks ago, in March. You all probably remember how I was freaking out since I *hate* going to get my hair done. However, it is a good time to gauge any changes (and hopefully improvements) to my hair loss.

Just as a reminder, here is what I looked like after my last appointment, in November 2012:

female losing hairMe, mid-November 2012


It’s kind of crazy that I wait so long in between appointments, huh? But, I swear my hair doesn’t look too bad since my highlights are so fine. I would probably stretch it out even more, but I like how the hair dye “plumps” up some of the finer hairs on top. This is especially important when you are on Spiro (or have been recently, like me), since some of those early hairs tend to come back finer and almost-colorless.

female losing hairMe, March 2013


You’ll have to excuse the scalp irritation that you see here. Sometimes I have a bit of a reaction to the dye, and sometimes I don’t. This time, I really felt my stylist’s nails on my head — after all, I don’t have much of a buffer between them and my scalp!

I think I see a bit of improvement here, what do you think? I tend to get my hair done about every 4 months. So, now you’ve seen March and last November. The time I got my hair done before that was in July — and that time, I didn’t need to wear my hair loss concealer; in fact, I was heading to a wedding a few days after I got my hair done and my beloved Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder was over the 2 oz. limit for carry-on luggage, so I left it at home. In the past, getting my hair dyed meant that since the dye coated the hair, making it appear fuller, a few weeks would go by before I’d need all my tools. This time, not so much. I think that’s always going to be my goal — to get my hair done and look “normal”, at least for a short while!

Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”
–Judy Sheindlin

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  1. I have been losing my hair which started after a hysterectomy. No doctor or specialist has been able to determine why (I think it has to be hormonal). I have lost over half of my hair in about a year and a half. I have been praying for it to stop falling out, and taking supplements to no avail. At this point I need to take medication or I am looking at being completely bald soon. I have been prescribed finestride and spironolactone. But I have been too scared to take either of them. Now I feel like I have no other choice. Has anyone here tried the finestride, or anything else that works?

  2. hello,

    Has anybody added Gelatin to their regimen? I have been on spiro for a month now and and also Yasmin. I definitely take iron supplements be my ferritin was at a 19! Just wanted to know if anybody used Gelatin to the mix? I ordered some after a few good reviews, if it doesn’t help with my hair it sure will help to preserve my skin!

  3. Hi Lauren,
    I just found your blog, wanted to say thanks so much for sharing. I have pcos and have been experiencing hairloss for about 2 years- at least this was when I noticed it. Nothing seems to affect noticeable change so I am concentrating my efforts on treating PCOS at its base level – hormones and hopefully this will affect some improvement.

    I am glad to see someone else dreads the hairdresser as much as I do! The last time I went the stylist must have been on crack because she said ‘you have such great hair! It’s so strong and thick’ I thinking ummmmmm it’s balding, she must be offering some kind comments as her act of goodwill for the day! Anyway, that was about 9mths ago now, I would hate to go back at this point 🙁

    My main issue with it is that it is “see through” when I part it on the side, does the hair powder stop that? I’m thinking of getting some.

    Other two questions I have for you are;

    1. Does the hair powder come off if someone touches your hair, does it blow out in the breeze?

    2. One of my biggest issues with my hair since it started to thin has been its disgusting dry texture. Seems nothing I do improves the texture at all (except flat ironing the hell out of it) and it is the thing my husband has really noticed about it all, I remember he said once ‘I don’t think your hair looks thin at all but it feels different, like a reduction in quality, it used to be so soft and silky and now it’s brittle and strawish’ 🙁 your hair looks well moisturised in all your pics and I wonder what you do to keep it that way?

    Any response is definitely appreciated 🙂



    • I haven’t been to a stylist in almost a year — it’s so crazy! The hair powder/concealers will help with what you are describing. I’m sure you saw my post on the subject…it really does help if you have a tiny bit of hair to lay over it so that it looks flawless. This helps to disguise it, and then also acts as a buffer for it coming off if someone touches it, too. At least with the Bumble & Bumble, it can rub off a bit if you touch it. It will not, however, blow in the wind AT ALL!

      In terms of texture, many of my photos have been after my hair has been freshly colored, so that helps to add some luster. I also use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. I can’t say if it’s helped with any regrowth, but it really works with my hair and leaves it looking as nice as it possibly can. I also sometimes rinse with John Frieda Glaze (I have it in both Clear and Brunette)…it really helps to amp up the shine!

  4. Hi, my hair use to look exactly like this, tried everything. I have a brain tumour and pcos and my hair just started falling and thinning out because of the hormonal unbalance and medication. A doctor prescribed minoxidil 5%, and after 3 months it looked like small chicken hairs on my head. My hair is looking so good, it is really the only thing that works. The thing with minoxidil is, you have to use it everyday as soon as you stop it will thin again. You can buy the Rogaine as it contains minoxidil, but dont buy the 2%, only the 5% that does work. It really works

  5. Came across your blog as I was searching Spiro. I’m now in month 5. I dont see any difference and in fact feel there has been more shedding. I’m exploring stopping it but wanted to get more info from your experience. I had gotten myself off everything (bc) in Oct to get a true hormone check and saw that after a few months I was shedding less. Now with taking iy again because of the Spiro…can’t shake the feeling its the cause….

    • You can’t shake the feeling that b.c. is the cause? I’m convinced Depo caused my hairloss – but because I’m so far “gone” I’m not sure anything can help me, since my follicles are dead. Maybe it depends on what b.c. you are on? I just don’t know. I was on Spiro for 5-6 months and while I did have regrowth, I don’t know if it was actual regrowth or just the stuff that fell out when I first started the Spiro. What I’ve always heard, though, is that because the hair cycles is sooooo long that you really should be on it a year + before making any decisions.

      • Thanks. That was helpful. I’m on ortho. I’m convinced it’s the bc too. I’m going to send an email to the endo but feel like these doctors act like they know it all and don’t always listen. Did u feel with a yr it was worth it?

        • A year on what, the Spiro? I was only on it for 5-6 months. I don’t know if it was “worth it” or not…a full year would’ve given a better story if it worked or not. That being said, at this time I’m unsure if I will go back on it.

          P.S. You are right about the doctors!

  6. Lauren! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I wanted to know, is spiro all you were doing to treat your hair loss? Or what else did you use?
    My Dr put me on spiro, 100mg, and told me I can use minoxidil 5%(men’s) as well but I don’t want to be on minoxidil all my life, so I thought I’d just do the spiro. After seeing your results, I’m super excited for results. I’ve been on it for about 3 weeks now.

    • Hi! I was on both Spiro and 5% Minoxidil…but, I didn’t use the Minox every day, only every 2nd day, believe it or not. I typically would wash my hair on a Monday, let’s say, and wear it down. The morning of my shower, I would apply the Minox. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I would bathe but not wet my hair. I would wear my hair up. So of the six applications I *should’ve* been doing, I only did it one time. For me, I found I was able to maintain the hair with doing just that.

      If I were you, I’d probably do this: I’d start the Spiro and see how it goes. Did you see my post about the “dread shed”? That could happen, so be prepared. Once you are stable on the Spiro, assess your results. If it could still use a little kick (give it a good 4ish months), then try the Rogaine. Apply it as you should–twice/day–for the six months that it’s recommended to see results. If you see results, great! At that point, I would slowly taper back to see if you can reach a similar point that I did. Maybe go to 1x/day and see if you maintain the hair. Then you can go less if you need to (and if it works).

      My theory is this: Yes, it sucks to potentially be on something the “rest of your life”, but, it’s not getting any better on its own, is it? If you can maintain and then possibly re-grow some hair, it’s worth a shot. If you decide it’s not for you down the road, you can always discontinue it. You’re not going to be any worse off than you are now, you know? 🙂

      Good luck! I’d love to know how your treatment goes!

  7. Hi,
    That is really an amazing improvement. It looks so much better. My girlfriend has been taking spiro for about 4 months now, but she still doesn’t have any hair regrowth? How long does it usually take before it starts to grow back? Her does was 50mg a day and it just recently got moved up to 100mg a day. Her doctor said it is due to elevated testosterone levels and I’m guessing DHT as well. She was diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year. Is there anything else she can do to help?

    • Did she experience a shed? Usually a major shed is the first thing to happen and then THAT part starts to regrow and then we HOPE for new growth. 50 mg. is really a starter dose, too. I’d imagine she should start to see some add’l results now that she is up to 100 mg./day. I was on 100 mg./day, but alot of research out there shows that 200 mg./day is really where you need to be. Has she tried any of the shampoos that help to clear away DHT, such as Nioxin or Nizoral?

  8. Your hair looks great! You can really see the improvement, which is encouraging. The most encouraging thing to me, though, is to discover I’m not the only one who freaks out about going to get my hair cut. My mother once gave me a gift certificate to a salon along with an appointment for the day after Christmas as my present one year. i know she meant really well, and wasn’t at all prepared for the panic attack I had in the car.
    On the positive side, at my last appointment, just a couple of weeks ago, I did REALLY WELL. I didn’t really panic at all, and my hair has improved a lot and for the first time in a long time, I don’t mind the way it looks.

      • What do you think you did that made such an improvement? You can definitely see a difference between Nov 2012 and Mar 2013!
        J L

        • Annnnnd that’s the incredibly hard part when it comes to women’s hair loss — since no one wants to wait for an entire hair cycle to filter though (or several), we do a zillion things at once so we never know what *really* works. For me, I would guess my stint on Spiro (but that ended in January) is really what has helped. I’m really looking forward to getting back on it–it’s a life-changer in so many regards.

          • Thanks – I have a prescription for it right now and have been too scared to start taking it. The Dread Shed fear! I don’t want to lose even one more hair. We all know the feeling. Thanks for your comments, your site is encouraging!

          • Oh, yes, I know it all too well. Stay tuned for an upcoming post…you will see my anxiety about the dread shed multiplied by about 1000 (more to come). 🙂

      • That’s so funny…a few times I have gotten massages and decline the scalp rub. They are always so surprised, like “really?” and I really don’t feel like explaining that their fingers will be stained with concealer and I will then have to restyle my hair afterwards. I am comfortable going to my stylist now, she knows what to expect when washing my hair with concealer in it and what to expect when she starts to cut and style.

        • I’ve only gotten two massages since my hair loss really took off — the first time, I remembered to decline. The last time was in October 2012 (right after I started Spiro and my hair was at its worst) and it was a couples massage with my husband on a cruise. I didn’t even think twice about it until the hand was there, on my head. Maybe she felt me stiffen up, who knows, but she didn’t do much. I probably would’ve said “no thanks” or something but I was feeling self-conscious in front of my husband. I will surely remember next time!


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