{Video} How to Use Bumble & Bumble Concealing Hair Powder

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I’ve put it off long enough. I’ve gotten sooo many requests to do a video showing how I use Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder (dry shampoo) to conceal my bald spots and thinning hair. At this point, it’s been over a year since I stopped the concealing method and started wearing supplemental hair, but, since there has been such an interest I thought I would finally do a video on it.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder

My hair was in a better place when I used to use the Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder in a variety of ways. For one, my hair loss was slightly better back then, so while my hair was definitely thinning, I had fewer bald spots to cover.

Also–and I say this in the video–my hair was meant to be seen when I used this Bumble and Bumble spray. I was still seeing my stylist regularly so my hair was dyed and I had highlights throughout my crown. My hair was also cut much more nicely than it is, now.

Currently, my hair never sees the light of day (ha!) so I don’t worry about upkeep. Oh boy, and it shows.

So, even though my hair isn’t at its “best” (I can’t believe I’m even saying my hair was ever at “its best”, how ironic), I thought I’d do the (slightly off-center) video anyways.

After all, this product was an absolute lifesaver for SO many years, for me.

Be sure to check out my post about concealing my hair loss, as it will show you how “nice” my bio hair was, and how this product lays underneath it, making it the perfect hair powder for bald spots and thinning hair.

One thing I noticed while watching the video (ugh, who likes to watch themselves?!) is that I didn’t focus too much on my part area. If I was going to go out in public with just the Bumble and Bumble hair powder in, I’d work a bit closer on the part to make it look less wide. I used to do this quite successfully back in the day. Or, I could use some of my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day powder to get right up close to the part. You might remember I showed you that product in my other video about how I integrate my topper.

I was thinking, this would make an excellent concealer for those suffering from post-partum hair loss, since bald spots can definitely happen a few months after you have a baby (I know I suffered through this with both pregnancies).

So where do I buy Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder?

Short answer: Wherever is cheapest.

Some salons carry it, but it’s also available at a few websites. Amazon has it (below), as well as Sephora. I typically have to order online if Sephora is the best option, though, since the nearest store is pretty far away. Ulta is closer to me but they don’t carry it!

Who has tried Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder for bald spots and thinning hair…or just to give their hair a bit of oomph? Do you have any tips or tricks on technique to share?

16 thoughts on “{Video} How to Use Bumble & Bumble Concealing Hair Powder”

  1. I am using dermmatch concealer from long time n i think its good …it doesnt make mess in washroom or on pillow…its a hair blush on like face powder…
    But now i want to try some new thing..

  2. Hi
    I have been using xfusion. It contains aluminium chloride which is not good for your body. Does nimble contain any of this? Are. The shades accurate. I have Bern using . Med brown and xfusion products run very dark.

  3. Reading about your solutions made me feel so much better about this issue. After five babies, you can imagine the shedding I’ve done!

    I see you’ve addressed the sweating issue, which is a big one for me with hot flashes that just won’t quit. I’m wondering how the hair feels with this product in it. Does it feel tangled or tacky to the touch? When I wear my hair in its natural-curly state, should I be aiming the spray at the scalp or the hair?

    Your hair looks fabulous BTW! No one would ever know that it’s had some help.

    Thanks for making the demo video. Very helpful ☺


    • Hi Mickie! Doesn’t feel tangled…not tacky, more like…coated? It’s not the best feeling, but no one is touching your roots, right? You should aim it on your scalp and try to keep it off the hair as much as you can. It’ll still get on it, which is fine and desired, but if you aim NOT to get on it, just the right amount will get on it. I hope that makes sense!

  4. Does it come off if you sleep on it? Worried about it coming off on, say, someone’s pillow other than mine. I also do hot yoga almost every day and sweat quite a bit. Do you think this would be an issue? I don’t wash my hair every day and want to make sure it’s going to be a viable option before I spend a decent amount of money on it. Thanks so much for all you do!

    • I don’t wash my hair every day, either…more like every other day (when I was on Spiro, my oil production was cut so low that I could get by on every two days). I used to wear my hair down on day 1 (with the concealer, of course) and then wear it up on day 2. I wore this product faithfully for over three years, and I can honestly say I noticed it on my pillowcase less than six or seven times. The product was worn on the TOP of my head (I can see how it might rub off if you use it on the sides, for sure), and because of the way you lay on the pillow this shouldn’t be an issue. Darker sheets are always an option, too!

      I’ve worked out in this, had a baby in it (ha), and live in the deep South. On a “bad” day with this product, I might notice it creeps down on my hairline, maybe 1/8″ or so. Not a soul would ever notice this, but I was hyper-aware. But, you shouldn’t have any major issues with it and it could be worth a trial. If your head is pouring sweat (I’ve never done hot yoga), you might consider a product called DermMatch. It’s comes highly recommended to me but I myself have not tried it. I understand it’s water-resistant (maybe even waterproof?), though.

  5. I’ve never tried Bumble and Bumble (so pricey!) but I do use Batiste in the color ‘deep brown’. It has been the best product I ever bought for my hair! I always wear my hair up since my hair is really thin at the crown and I’m very self conscious with it down, but I do have a really thin spot right at my widow’s peak which is visible with my hair pulled straight back. With just a little spritz, my hair line looks full! And I haven’t had any problems with sweat or rain. So if anyone wants to try the dry shampoo concealer method but is afraid of dropping the $$$ on Bumble and Bumble, give Batiste a try! You can get it at Ulta.

  6. Thank you!! I just found your blog after searching the net for products that could help my thinning hair issue. I’m going to give the Bumble&Bumble powder a try.

  7. Thanks for being active lately! This is the only real hair loss blog I’ve come across & it’s such a good one! Love reading new posts, please keep them coming! (& I’m sure you could generate a lot of $$$ from add revenue too ;p)

  8. I use caboki and find it works pretty well….it does get a little messy and everything in my bathroom gets coated with this little “dust”…..I have never tried the spray but always wondered if it would be better…..how does it hold up with sweat and on windy days?

    • Yes, the bathroom can get some spray on it. I never used to have that problem but being a rookie again (as it’s been forever since I worked with this), I did need to clean up a bit. This performs wonderfully in the wind (doesn’t budge!). No major problems with sweat – I’ve worked out with it and even gave birth. 🙂 It can shift a bit if you are *really* sweating, which means it will creep down the tiniest bit, maybe 1/16 of an inch or so if you use it right at the front like I have to. The type of thing where no one notices but you, but simply wiping it away cures the problem.

    • I used to use caboki too! Until I saw Lauren’s post with the spray. In order to try the whole technique, I bought a small bottle of tinted dry shampoo from Ulta. (Less expensive.) Lets just say my bottle of caboki is very lonely these days.
      In my opinion, the spray messes up my bathroom just as much. I have a white sink and have to wipe it down about every other day. The results however, are way better. Caboki tended to rest on my scalp and look scaley. Then add sweat or, heaven forbid, drops of rain, it would leave clumps of the caboki fibers. The spray doesn’t do this. It sticks more to my hair than falling to my scalp. My hair looks thinner than Lauren’s and is just as dark. Those things always factor into thr results as well. And yes, there is a learning curve but since I used the caboki before, I felt like I had it mastered by the second application. Hope this helps!


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