Hair Regrowing?

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Just a quick note to show you what I saw in my shadow recently–I had to do a double take! Do you love my little hairs regrowing? This is the type of thing that most women would find pretty annoying. Surely, having a bit of a halo around a portion of your head isn’t the most en vogue, but I love my new look!

Hair regrowth
My shadow–love the hairs!

It’s impossible to know if this is still Spiro dread shed regrowth, or maybe Paleo is helping this annoying PCOS symptom. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter to me, because I’ll take it either way!

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5 thoughts on “Hair Regrowing?”

  1. I probably haven’t mentioned this one on your blog before. Have you tried egg whites for regrowth?

    It gives me ample regrowth even though I haven’t been able to arrest hair loss to a satisfactory point. Egg whites alone make my dandruff worse. i add it to aloe vera, mehendi, yogurt and use it as a hair pack. keeping egg whites for as little as 15 minutes on my head before a hairwash gives me regrowth.

    Hope that helps…

      • I use 2 egg whites to my somewhat thin shoulder-length hair. Yolk might also help but it makes my bathroom stink for a whole day. I use the application every 15 days or so. You might try increasing the frequency but see what suits you well. Application of too much protein or too frequently is said to dry out hair, I haven’t been to that point though…

  2. Thats amazing! I love that…

    Are you on vitamin D supplement they recommend with Paleo diet?

    I think you can take that to make sure even if it’s due to Spiro dread shed regrowth, it will stick (to your head :P).

    From my experience, vit.D gave me loads of regrowth but it turned out mega doses (60,000 IU) didn’t do down well and I lost my regrowth when I stopped the supplements. But it has helped many cysters who took moderate doses (2000-5000 IU)

    • I’m not on any additional vitamin D that my multi doesn’t provide. This is totally embarrassing, but I can’t swallow pills! Even when I was on the Spiro I had to mash it up and hide it in applesauce. 🙂 However, maybe I should look into alternative ways to take vitamin D, i.e. liquid, etc.

      P.S. I do live in FL, so at least I get a little sun!


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