Hair Toppers for Curly Hair (Wavy too!)

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Ok my curly-haired and wavy-haired friends…the topper gods have not been very nice to you!

While there are many straight toppers on the market, there are only a handful of wavy styles…and curly toppers are even harder to find.

Let’s discuss some options for wavy and curly styles, so that you aren’t stuck straightening your hair to “match” a straight topper (we all know one drop of humidity is going to cause a major texture mis-match).

We’ll start with the wavy styles, since those are a bit easier to tackle!

Note: All topper styles pictured below (except Hope Wavy) are available in the Hair Try-On Shop for CH&M private Community members.

Wavy Synthetic Hair Toppers

I can’t recall any synthetic wavy toppers available until a few years ago, when Top Wave by Jon Renau hit the scene. Top Wave is basically the sister to my every day style (Top Style), and I interchange them all the time since they are available in the same color. She comes in both 12″ and 18″.

The waves are the perfect beach wave, but can actually be dressed up, too; I’ve worn this piece for weddings because the outfit can “dress up” the hair!

The waves do relax a bit over time–any wave will!–but are brought back to life with steaming. Steaming can help to add waves and curls back into pieces.

There are a few other wavy toppers out there.

I don’t have a pic of me wearing it, but here is BelleTress Mono Top Wave, which comes in both 14″ and 18″.

BelleTress Mono Wave 14 Chocolate with Caramel

And here is a shorter, wavy style by Rene of Paris, called Evanna Top Piece. I love this beigy-blond!

Rene of Paris Evanna TP Ice Blond

Here is Top Level, by Jon Renau. I actually really like these waves…they are less beachy and more voluminous.

Here is a shorter piece by Jon Renau, called Top Crown.

I haven’t tried this one, but Uniwigs offers their Hope product (which I’ve tried in straight! You can see my post on Hope here) available in wavy, now, here:

Of course, anything that is heat-defiant can be waved or curled using your own heat tools at home…so sometimes we have to think a little outside the box.

Wavy Human Hair Toppers

When it comes to finding wavy human hair toppers, there are more options since human hair typically has some natural texture to it. Depending on that type of wave you are looking for, how a piece air dries could work well.

Note: If a piece is meant to be straight (meaning, there wasn’t an option to order it wavy), I don’t *personally* recommend air-drying. While you’ll get some waves, generally frizz will come with it. Most human hair, unless specifically ordered wavy, benefits from some products and heat to keep it nice and sleek.

For example, Jon Renau’s pieces naturally dry with a bit of wave. Highline, on the other hand, dries remarkably straight. Highline typically will mark on her site if it dries straight (most of her stock dries straight. She CAN get waves as a custom order during the times that she offers custom orders).

Fortune’s toppers are available as wavy or straight (and the stock picture of the wave is quite nice).

Milano’s toppers can be ordered straight or wavy, as well.

Curly Hair Toppers: Both Synthetic and Human

True curly hair in toppers is hard to find…and if you have curly hair yourself, this is something you already know!

There are several companies that can match your particular curl pattern via custom orders. Jon Renau, for instance, confirmed that they can match any curl pattern, and any of their reseller locations can help with that (you can find their store locator on their homepage). is another company that specializes in matching your exact hair texture. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve heard anything about this company, but I wanted to bring it to your attention, anyways. I did know a few women who purchased from there several years ago and were quite happy with their pieces.

Check into it, but I believe how it worked was you’d come up with your order and then they’d auto-ship you new hair on regularly scheduled intervals…but it would always be to the spec you designed with your “hair designer” (not sure if that’s exactly what they are called). It’s an interesting concept.

I reached out to Highline to see just how curly she can get with her pieces. She explained that the best she can usually get is more of a wave, somewhere around a 2a to 2b on the curl scale. This is closely like the Top Wave photo I have above (the first on this post).

Uniwigs can do custom orders and offers curly hair. In Uniwigs case, the hair is permed (I’m not sure of any companies that source curly hair. It’s something you’d need to inquire about). Here is Charleigh. The length is ordered as 18″, density 130%.

curly hair topper charleigh uniwigs

When you are ordering curly from ANY manufacturer/retailer, make sure you double-check that it’s the finished length, and not the hair when pulled straight. Because of the way this curly hair springs up, the hair is really 13-14″ at best, unless it’s pulled taut.

If you are a DIY-er, you can hack your way to a synthetic curly topper from a synthetic curly wig. The trick is to find a wig with a basic cap (that is, a cap this is NOT fully hand-tied). Check out the cap in this video below…fast-forward to about :30.

You can see that the hand-tied portion ends, and there are wefts all around the remainder of the wig. Those can be snipped off.

It’s VERY SIMILAR to this post I did on making a topper smaller…this was obviously a topper already, but all you are doing is removing exactly what I did in the post, complete with the wig band at the bottom. Just the top part, the scalp, will remain. Simply add some clips and you have a custom-made topper.

Just keep in mind that you are cutting off the bottom portion of the wig, so the finished result will be shorter than how it looks in the wig photography. You’ll want to aim much longer on a wig in order to convert it into a topper.

Some great brands to look at for curly hair are Freetress, Vivica Fox and Paula Young. I’m sure there are others!

What Else is Out There for Curly Q’s?

I’m sure there are other great brands out there that cater to our curly- and wavy-haired friends. If you know if any other tips to share, please include them in the comments below. It’s always good to spread knowledge around!

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