Wiping the Slate Clean…With WHAT?!

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what my next step is, hair-wise. As you may have read in my pregnancy hair update, I’m very much so NOT looking forward to the loss that I’ll experience after having this baby. I’m fearful that the products I use to hide my loss (mainly, my Bumble & Bumble spray) may not be able to keep up. Instead of searching for even more products I could I could use to hide my loss, I had a novel idea. What if, instead of hiding it, I just covered it up? Of course, this is what concealers do, but I’m talking something more — I want to wipe the slate clean. Have better hair than I had before. Start over. Chalk Board

Enter My Solution: Hair Toppers for Women

Have you ever heard of hair toppers for women? Sounds weird, right? Basically it’s either a synthetic or human hair top piece that affixes atop your problem hair. In essence, it’s a toupee. I know it sounds awful to even say that word (I know, I conjure up images of horrible, horrible fake-looking hair on balding men), but from doing my research I can promise you there are hair toppers for women out there that look FANTASTIC!

I really liked when I had my microlink extensions in, but they never took care of the problem, which was on the top of my head. No matter how nice and thick (relatively speaking) my hair looked below my ears, that hair loss solution couldn’t hide what was going on with my crown. Hair toppers for women can.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting about some of the toppers that I’ve tried along with photos. I think this is a solution that any woman with hair loss should at least consider. If you aren’t ready for one, at least you’ll have the knowledge about them if you decide you need one in the future.

Does Wearing Hair Toppers for Women Mean I’ve Given Up?

Heck no! I just want, no, NEED to be prepared. After this baby comes, I’ll be back to trying tons of different ways to get my hair back. But, this is something that I was open to trying and I’m glad I did. Coming to terms with the fact that I may need “helper hair” has been strangely liberating. I can actually have GOOD HAIR for the first time in forever. I can wear bangs if I want. I can have a pony tail with a respectable thickness.

Am I Wearing Hair Toppers for Women Now?

Not full time, not yet. My plan is to debut the perfect piece (as in perfect, I mean no one will know I am wearing one!) when I come back from maternity leave very early next year. Now I’m all about research, research, research.

So, stay tuned for my next chapter in this whole hair loss thing. I’m really excited!

8 thoughts on “Wiping the Slate Clean…With WHAT?!”

  1. Hi There,

    Thank you for this site; I’m sorry you are going through this too, but I am glad you started this site. I started wearing a topper earlier this year. At first, I didn’t have the confidence to wear it to work, only on the weekends away from the scrutinizing eyes of co-workers. A few months ago, it got to the point that I’d almost rather people wonder whether I was wearing a topper or not than show my bio hair, so I bit the bullet and wore it to work. I think people noticed a difference, but nobody has asked about it, not even my cattiest co-worker! In general, I feel the topper has helped with my confidence in my appearance, so I’m glad to have it. In fact, I just purchased my second! I can’t wait to read what your experiences with helper hair have been like!!

    • I’m so glad to hear you were able to transition to work seamlessly – that’s always a big concern for people making the leap! Did you go with synthetic or human hair?

      • Hi there I am 28 weeks pregnant and my hair is very similar to yours and its getting worse! So much for pregnancy hair!!! I’m petrified about pp loss after. I use mane concealer. I too think about toppers but I ordered one and it was not right at all!!! 🙁

      • Hi Lauren!

        I went with human hair for both toppers. The first topper was smaller – 3 X 4 inches with 100% density. The second topper is a bit bigger – 4 X 5 and with 100% density as I’m shedding faster than ever. The woman I ordered it with said we should go bigger and thicker due to what seems like my CTE to give me some “wiggle room”.

          • Yes, the largest I’ve heard of was 11 x 11 – although in that instance, I believe it was with the purpose of bonding. I am really happy with my topper overall – about 80% happy. The only two issues are 1) the part line is a bit odd looking. I fix this by wearing my hair where the hair covers up the part line, e.g. a large headband or my long bangs clipped straight back over the “part”. 2) the ends get a bit tangled and dry looking, but it’s not a huge issue. but as i’ve said – i do love it overall and am so much more willing to go out, see old friends and willing to have my picture taken which was NOT the case last year!

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