“Hair’s” to the New Year…and a Question for You

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Happy 2015! I hope you were able to enjoy these past few weeks doing whatever it is that you like to do: down-time by yourself, festive time with family and friends, whatever works for you.


I really enjoyed spending time with my family. My little ones were out of school, so I had many days filled with walks outside (one benefit of living in the South!), crafts and toys. I took two weeks off from the jobby-job, and it was just plain FABULOUS.

Before we get to my ONE question for you, some housekeeping:

From a blog perspective, I’ve been busy thinking about and planning for some fun things on CH&M–maybe you’ll be seeing some new things happening, soon!

In fact, there’s one thing I’d LOVE to talk about now.

I’m going to be featuring some readers’ experiences with wigs and toppers within my normal rotation. So, drop me an email at cornerofhopeandmane@gmail.com, use the Contact form on-site, or reply to this email (or any email!) with your story. However you choose to share, I’ll take it!

I’d love to hear about that first time wearing your hair (how’d it go?), or about the time you switched it up with another color (did anyone notice?) or how your told a friend you were wearing hair and how she reacted. You get it…basically, anything goes. Anything that was an “a-ha” for you when it comes to this whole hair thing.

Good OR bad.

Why am I doing this?

Because, oftentimes, we feel SO alone and like we are the ONLY people out there contemplating wearing hair (or the only woman already doing so! Except for that weird girl broadcasting her scalp on the internet…you know…me). If you’ve taken the leap, you certainly have some stories to tell those you haven’t, and I want to connect everyone with these stories. You guys see my face and read my words each week, but there are many, many others who read this blog doing the same thing.

So, that’s one new thing for 2015. 🙂

As for me, hair-wise, there are some goals like to accomplish this year.

I’m diving into human hair at some point.

Decision made.

I feel good about my synthetic options and have a great understanding of what’s out there from both a topper and wig perspective. Human hair will be the next thing I conquer. That will be a bit trickier, though, as the cost is generally higher than synthetic hair. Eek.

But, I’m up for the challenge.

I’m still loyal to my synthetic hair, and now that I’m extremely well-versed in all-hair-brown, I’d going to continue my blond experiment. Or, something a big spicier.

Red, perhaps?

What are YOUR hair goals for 2015? Leave a comment and let me know, will you?

I’m glad we’re back, rocking and rolling for 2015. Thanks for allowing me a little break. Can’t wait to see what this year holds for all of us.

I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

16 thoughts on ““Hair’s” to the New Year…and a Question for You”

  1. Dying to see an update on your bio hair! I’m about 2 months into the worst of my PP shed (600-700 hairs jumping ship on wash days!) and it has DEVASTATED me. I knew it was coming and knew it would have been smart to find helper hair while I was on maternity leave, but no… not me! UGH. I am just crossing my fingers that some of what I lost comes back! *sigh* 🙁

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Which is your favourite topper? I’ve been through your various blogs (out of chronological order though) and am wondering which one you’ve settled with?

  3. Thank you for your blog, I’ve been following for several weeks now. I’m gearing up to purchase my first topper, because the whole “routine” I have to go through every time I need to go out of the house is extremely long. Blow drying, root plumping, straightening, toppik, small clip-ins to hide sparse areas, headband, and tons of hairspray…well, you know…and, I’ve worried about what would happen if I wasn’t able to go through the whole process, like if the electricity is out, or whatever. So thanks to your honest information, I’m currently deciding which topper to try (picking a color online is the hardest part) because I really think it will make my life easier and happier, so I’ll let you know. Thank you so much and wishing you a wonderful new year!

  4. I came across your page on accident a few nights ago. First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your story openly with others. I have very thin hair on top and sparse on the sides. My thin hair is hereditary. My grandmother, mother, aunt, and my father’s family all experience baldness or very thin brittle hair. I have been contemplating different options for many years. Currently I use Couvre masking cream, waterproof and it works good. My hair has thinned much more again. The top front a little to the right is pretty much down to nothing. I am tired of applying couvre and it can be time consuming. This week I have an appointment to go try on a human hair topper. I have tried a topper in the past and I felt awkward. I thought it looked so fake and it was human hair, not the correct color yet it was different and I thought that it looked terrible. I love the idea of having a topper that allows you to part your hair where you want. After reading your posts in your early stages of trying toppers I was amazed at all the things you were worried about such as people noticing and asking, going to work or out in public. I have all those same fears. I let my thinning hair run my life. I get depressed and I dislike seeing pictures of myself. I work in a very public place as a counselor and I am always fearful someone will say something about my thin hair. Actually, A couple of times it did happen. Its embarrassing. Keep up the good work because women are relating to you!

    • I hope you find something you love at your appointment. Once you get used to wearing hair, you’ll find many of the fears you carry around will disappear…or, at least, dissipate greatly.

    • I totally understand about the work thing! I’m a high school teacher and teenagers are not exactly known for being tact! “You have a bald spot miss”, “I’m not trying to be rude, but what’s wrong with your hair?”, “miss. your hair is SO thin!”. Yeah… I never know how to respond haha. The funny thing is… I never felt self conscious about my hair until people POINTED it out to me. Good luck with your topper! I’m headed (ha! No pun intended) in that direction as well. Going to start wearing mine in the summer 🙂

  5. Hi Lauren,

    Love your blog!! I’ll email you my story about several different hair pieces I’ve used, both synthetic and human hair and what I’m using now.

    In the process of moving overseas, so it may take me a while.

    I always look forward to seeing your posts. Keep up the amazing job…


  6. I’ll definitly be emailing you a copy of my “hair journey”. It’s 2 years long & includes a horrible weave, extensions, synthetic toppers, concealers, etc etc. Waiting now to hear back about a human hair topper I’m going to order & once I have that I’ll share my story! 🙂 love your blog.


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