[VIDEO] Highline Wigs Topper Review & Discount $$$!

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Highline, Highline, Highline…seems the hair world has been abuzz with Highline Wigs.

Highline Wigs (owner: Sharon) stocks beautiful human hair toppers and wigs at her store, Toppers by Sharon, and regularly posts her inventory on Instagram @highlinewigs. Blondes, brunettes, auburns, even grays…you name it, she has it, or can make it custom.

I’ve talked to no less than 23,507 girls about their Highline pieces (ok, I kid, truthfully around two dozen), and every one of them has nothing but great things to say about them.

Things like:

The hair is SO soft.

I can’t believe how pretty the colors are.

The pieces are such high quality but still affordable.

It washes sooooooooooo well.

With that in mind, I had to check her out myself.

Note: If you’re a skimmer, be sure to check out at the bottom 1) why I’m NOT keeping her for myself (boo! She’s going to a good home, though), 2) a discount for my readers, and 3) who I think this topper would be perfect for (some final pros/cons).

I bought a custom piece that took a while to come in (ordering custom is not for the faint of heart, y’all, it can take awhile at no fault of the seller!), and as gorgeous as it was when Sharon sent me pics, I knew it would be too short.

So, Sharon showed me a stock piece that I fell in love with. I kiiiiind of thought it may still be too short, but I went with it anyways, and that’s what we have here.

Highline wigs hair toppers are beautiful, soft and affordable. Save $25 on stock pieces with code HOPEMANE25, all in caps. I'm so glad those of us with hair loss have this option to cover it up!

I’ll throw this video in here if you prefer to watch, and/or you can continue with the post below!

Highline Topper Specs:

Length: 18″
Overall base: 8×8
Silk base: 5×5
Texture: Straight
Color: Light Lexie

How pretty is she, even on a mannequin head?

The Base

Here’s the inside of the topper:

Highline Topper Base - this is along, 18

One thing you probably notice is the comb at the front of the piece. Most times, Sharon places a comb at the front center of her pieces to help protect delicate hair.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

Some ladies have reported that they can’t get the front to lay quite as flat as they would with a clip there. If that’s the case for you, you can easily remove the comb and replace it with a clip (it’s just attached with a bit of thread), but I found–and this is weird–because I glue my toppers down in the front, the glue really helps!

Let me explain.

I wouldn’t glue this piece down, not with the pretty silk top (to do that, I’d need to add a poly strip to the front—I think you can buy these on Amazon).

When I was playing with this piece, I had a bit of glue dried on from the day prior. The comb kind of anchored underneath the glue and the hold felt pretty firm.

Something to think about…however odd it may sound. ?

Highline Topper Photos!!

Ok, let’s take this puppy outside so you can see her in natural light.

Highline Wigs hair topper in color Light Lexie. This is a gorgeous human hair topper for those of us with hair loss. Save $25 on an in-stock piece with code HOPEMANE25 (use all caps!)

Argh, so pretty!

She’s not too far off from my everyday color of 10H16 from Jon Renau.

This next pic is with indirect sunlight (I’m right in front of a window on an overcast day).

Highline Wigs Review: this beautiful human hair topper comes in gorgeous colors and a variety of lengths. Love, love love, love this.

She is really to-die-for.

Those of you that prefer a sleeker look will appreciate a silk top – it’s naturally not as voluminous as what you’d find with mono top or lace top pieces.

Is She a Keeper?

I want to keep her, I want to soooooo bad.

However, if you checked out the video above, you’ll see that even at 18″ she is far too short for me.

My hair is probably 22-23″ right now, and while I could definitely cut my hair to work with the piece, Sharon has so many beautiful pieces that I’m sure I’ll be able to find a better match, soon.

This topper has found a new home in the Corner of Hope & Mane private Community Hair Try-On Shop, and members can try her on at home and see what they think. Check out the Community and learn how you can try on this Highline and 30+ other pieces here.

Highline Wigs Discount

I’m so excited to share with you that you can save $25 off any stock piece by using code HOPEMANE25. Must use caps!

If you purchase a piece I’d love to see it! Either drop me a note here on the blog or tag me on Instagram when you show it off.

Community members: Check out your special discount inside our members’ area!

Final Thoughts on this Piece

Pros: She’s GORGEOUS with natural, highlighted coloring. The density is a lower density and will suit those looking for realistic hair loss coverage. The hair feel supremely soft and supple and holds curl well. While I haven’t washed her yet, I feel confident in saying that she washes and dries straight (you know how some pieces dry kinky no matter what?) and wears very well. I’ve personally gotten first-hand accounts from SO MANY women who rock her daily that tell me she wears, over time, like a dream.

Cons: The comb may be problematic for some, but that’s easily remedied. The overall look is sleeker at the scalp, which most women prefer, but those who prefer more volume will need to work some volume into her by styling. All silk bases will have this, no matter the seller/manufacturer…but I wanted to call it out.

So what do you think? Have you had your eye on Highline for awhile? What type of piece are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments. ???

12 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Highline Wigs Topper Review & Discount $$$!”

  1. Hi Lauren, I love the Darker Elaine 18 – 20. It’s shows out of stock. Will this ever be available again.?

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Is Highline Wigs out of business. I’m so desperate to find a HH quality topper. Her website seems to be down I can only view and not purchase.

    Any help would be appreciated or suggestions. I already have Jon Reanu pieces. Looking for something like Highline Wigs.

  3. So sorry, I’m already a member. Im touching on your video where the topper is too short. What do You do with it? My bio hair isp retty long and its fine, but decent. My thinness is my crown. I really don’t have to cut it, but whatever option do I have? I know you’re super busy with all of your member, but it’s definitely a lesson to help many others rather than just me.
    Thanks Lauren!

    • Hi there! Do you mean what do you do with a topper that’s too short? It’s so hard – there’s nothing that I do with them, personally. I could cut my hair to make it work (sometimes), but I often don’t want to do that. When that happens, I generally add them to the Hair Try-On Shop I have, however, I think for most people, they often just try to sell them so they can get something that works better.

      • Hi Lauren. Just a thought……. if you didn’t want your hair all one length and you have enough hair for a bottom layer, why couldn’t a slightly shorter topper be shaped or layered, using your bio hair as the longest length? I guess that assumes a really good color match and texture match though.


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