How Many Toppers Do You Need? (Especially to start)

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This question comes from Mia, and she wants to know how many toppers you need…particularly when you are just starting out.

Mia, I’ve heard SEVERAL times from women who have fried their synthetic hair when they got too close to the oven. Heck, I even know one gal who accidentally washed it in the washing machine (hi, Isla!).

You just never know when bad luck is going to hit!

In this video, I talk about how many pieces I think you need…and how having more than one piece can actually save you money in the long run.

Plus, some ideas on what to do with old pieces!

How many pieces do YOU have?

P.S. You can check out the review I did of this wavy synthetic topper (although in a different color and longer – it comes in 12″ and 18″) when you’re done watching!

6 thoughts on “How Many Toppers Do You Need? (Especially to start)”

  1. I love the blondish hair you’re wearing in this video. My bio hair is wavy-frizzy-dry, and the slickness and straightness of my topper (I think it’s called Dimples — can’t remember the maker. I bought it from a salon) makes it seem unnatural. Is yours synthetic? And why do you like synthetic over real human hair? And how can I make my piece more natural/not perfect in order to look like my own hair?
    Thank you!

    • This is Top Wave from Jon Renau, and yes, it’s synthetic. The waves help it to look naturally “undone”, I think! Synthetic is just easy, holds its style, and is cheaper. 🙂 Have you tried a beach-type spray to make the waves of your piece more undone?

      • hey this is Kaleb i am a transgender and i was just commenting because i just viewed this site for the first time today and i love everything that i see i currently have a non heat resistant wig and i was wondering if you can make it stay soft and like a brand new wig for a long time?


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