New Wig, New Color, New Love: Jon Renau Alessandra

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If ever there was a wig in which I’d consider switching to from toppers, the Jon Renau Alessandra would be the one.

She’s a drop-dead gorgeous, lace front wig that was new to their collection in 2015. I knew I wanted to try it from the second I saw it, but dragged my feet because, well, I’m a topper girl.

A few weeks ago I pulled the trigger on the Jon Renau Alessandra wig and I about fell over with giddiness when I put it on.


She looked 99% perfect right out of the box (so rare!).

She’s the perfect length. The perfect style. The perfect everything.

While I’d typically say 8H14 is my ideal color in Jon Renau wigs, I got Alessandra in 10RH16. I’m loving the lighter, ever-so-slightly warmer version of what I’ve worn before.

It could very well be my dream color.

jon renau alessandra 10RH16

I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, that Jon Renau Alessandra looks nice, but why in the heck is she standing in her doorway?” I can’t for the life of me figure out a good place lighting-wise to take photos in this house, so you may be seeing my stairwell and kids’ playroom much more often! I’m 90% sure it will inspire me to clean more…or 80%. Yep, 70% sure I will clean more, now.


I love, too, how she is straight but has a bit of swing on the bottom.
Jon Renau’s Alessandra definitely has some length on her, but check out the layers. The way the hair sits is just so dang pretty.


jon renau alessandra back

While it’s super-easy to remove extra shine from a new wig, Alessandra needed no help. Not one spritz of dry shampoo went onto her.

I’m interested to see how this style holds up. Sometimes curls and waves can lessen over time due to wear and washing, so we’ll see how the swingy bits on the bottom do.

It’s important to mention she does have a lace front and is a monofilament top. The lace front allows for a natural-looking hairline in that there’s a tiny bit of lace that extends down onto your forehead which hair “grows” out of. The mono top gives a scalp appearance, and the hair can be parted on either side, or right down the middle. The way I have it parted in these pics is almost to the edge of the mono section.

Check out my video:

I’ve worn her out and about a few times (wearing a wig is GREAT in the cold!), and didn’t notice any crazy tangling—she stayed comfortable throughout. I did run my Tangle Teezer through her a few times, but I do that with any hair I wear.

I definitely wore my Wigrip to help keep Alessandra in place…I generally use that velvet-y band to keep my wigs secure (who wants a wig to slip?) but I’ve been doing some experimenting with tape recently. More to come on that!

Alessandra by Jon Renau is my top pick when it comes to my current weekend-wig rotation.

jon renau allessandra

What do you think of Alessandra, especially in this slightly-lighter color? Who’s going to try her, next?

Bonus: Use code “hopeandmane” for Alessandra at Wigs by Patti’s Pearls for 25% off!

P.S. I wore Alessandra to a few holiday outings with my husband and kids, and posted some pics of me on Facebook. Wouldn’t you know, I got a ton of Facebook comments about how great my hair looked, but not one person noticed it was lighter, a different style, and about two inches longer? Even my parents were all over it with the compliments (how embarrassing); they arrived in town a few days later and I wore my “regular” hair–the Noriko Milan–the whole time. They never noticed a thing. Food for thought.

99 thoughts on “New Wig, New Color, New Love: Jon Renau Alessandra”

  1. Hi Lauren, I just got this wig in the same style & color, wearing it now – love it! Your review was incredibly helpful in deciding on this wig, especially the color, which is perfect. Thank you so much for your post, and all the help you provide other women! I know you mentioned using a Copic marker to cover up chunky highlights, add roots/lowlights. What color do you recommend for blending nicely with this wig?

  2. Help! x_x
    I wear a topper clip-in wig, but it only looks realistic with a fringe.
    I just found your blog and you have plenty of photos wearing wigs with NO FRINGE!
    How on earth do you do that??? O__O
    They come with a mesh that I can cut, but not completely, so the hair line never looks natural…

    • There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to help the meshy part look better – you can pluck out a few hair at the hairline so it’s not too perfect, and then use some eyeshadow-type product to blend the hair into the hairline to give the hairline a diffuse look.

  3. Finding your blog has given me hope! Thank you so much for sharing your story and photos. Even though I know nothing about wigs/toppers and haven’t made the plunge to buy one yet, I feel so grateful knowing where to go for all of the tips/tricks when I do.

  4. Have you ever used tape rather than clips to hold your toppers on? I’m getting that bald spot from the clips. The clips I have don’t hold well at all and I’m afraid the tape will pull out the hair. Also is there a more permanent way to keep the topper on so you can sleep in it? Do you recommend real or synthetic hair? Right now I have real but would like another one. The one I have was quite expensive. I enjoy your site. Makes me feel I’m not alone. Thank you for writing it.

  5. Love this one on you! I’m wondering if in natural light you feel it looks more blond or more of a mousy brown?

    I typically love darker, deeper browns, but can’t seem to figure out what Jon Renau color to get. I own a Hailey by Noriko in Chocolate Frost-R and it’s pretty much my dream color.

    So now I’m debating between 8RH14 and 10RH16 or even maybe FS10/16.

    Part of me is tempted to just go with a 4 to be safe, but I feel like the curls will show better in highlighted colors and I’m planning on ordering a Gisele and Adrianna right away.

    Any advice? 🙂

    • It’s a neutral light brown, in my opinion. Always hard to tell true colors in photos! 8RH14 is definitely ash. I haven’t seen FS10/16 in real life. Don’t play it safe, take a risk. Do it, do it. 😉

  6. Hi Lauren, do you like the lace front on your JR better than the Ellen Willie? If I remember without looking for that review, you weren’t quite comfortable with the EW front. How do they compare hair and lace if you don’t mind?

    • I think on this particular piece, yes. Lace is tricky with synthetics + dark hair, and the Ellen Wille is rooted making that area dark. You can’t bleach synthetic knots (I think technically you can and there might be YouTube videos out there, but I haven’t heard of anyone having success), so the hair sometimes looks like pin dots on the lace. A bit hard to explain. The Alessandra is a lighter color so I don’t have that issue. The feel of the lace on both pieces is the same.

  7. Hi Lauren! So glad you reviewed this wig – you look amazing! I so appreciate your blog and all the tips from you and others! So great to have a supportive community! I’ve been eyeing Alessandra and your post might just prompt me to purchase one! And I saw on Patti’s Pearls that Jon Reneau is coming out with more options for medium and dark browns with highlights – finally! I’ve been wearing Raquel Welch spotlight and have been looking for an alternative. In your opinion, would it be easy to cut natural looking bangs into Alessandra? I’ve haven’t had good luck in the past with having bangs cut into lace front wigs that don’t come with bangs, since it seems the hairs are sewn in to intentionally part away from the forehead. What’s the hairline like on your piece? Thanks so much! Sarah

    • I like the hairline. It’s not too dense or too sparse, just right. What kind of bangs do you wear? I think if you worked with this piece to help guide the front down (using low heat) you can force the hair into a bang. I’m not a bang person so that’s a hard question for me. Longish bangs, for sure…anything shorter might take some experimentation.

      • Hi Lauren, thank you for reply so quickly!! I do prefer more side swept bangs vs straight across, although with synthetics it can be difficult to keep the bangs out of my eyes. I typically have to cut the bangs between my eyes about eyebrow length and then try to have them taper down past the temples to about cheek level. Do you think that will work? Is the hair on the lace portion thick enough to cut in bangs? I tried having bangs cut in Candice (Godiva) and it wasn’t dense enough, so they ended up looking stringy. Thanks! Sarah

        • Yes, I think the bangs on Candice are meant to be a bit more thin. I think what you are wanting would work! Check out the video I posted in the Community – I show a closeup of the hairline. If you keep them longer I imagine they’d work!

  8. You look gorgeous! Definitely a winner for you. I so appreciate your blog. I am wearing toppers and have chin length hair. I have shared my info with some coworkers and friends. So far so good! For some reason I don’t mind taking it off and wearing a band during downtime. Largely thanks to your blog I think so many of us are more comfortable talking about hair loss. The more comfortable we are the less off an issue it will be in society.

  9. You look wonderful Lauren! I LOVE the color and shape of Alessandra..great choice.
    I think it’s fascinating that everyone on FB commented on your hair..and no one gave a hint that they thought it wasn’t your god given own! 😉 I read a comment the other day on another person’s web site…she has many YouTube wig reviews..she sustains that people DO notice that your helper hair is not yours, so to speak..but say nothing..and to accept it’s okay too.
    You are living proof that it isn’t the case..your mom (or BFF) would say something..we know that! That perception (of being noticed) stops so many of us from taking the big thank you for that precious info..

    Btw, a question: I was about to venture out the other day in my Ellen Wille new wig..I put on a wig cap underneath, nude in color.. Okay, I go to check on the way out, the rim of the wig cap was visible over my ear, on both sides..when I pulled the hair back! I tried to tuck it back..but it kept riding back up. There went my courage! I was thinking that it’s preferable maybe, to get a darker wig cap to disguise the light color band better, as it would blend with my darker bio hair?
    I will look up the wig grip thingie too..I need that..the wig felt a little’s an head is 23 inches, so that’s the right fit apparently.

    • Thanks, Bridget!

      I think the EW line runs a tad small now that I have some more experience with wigs – sounds like, while it works, the wig is just a little small on you as it should cover the vast majority of the sides of your head. If you can go darker on the wig cap that would help.

      I think I get what you’re saying…I think. 🙂

      If you decide to join the Community, post pics and we can troubleshoot.

  10. This is by far your most natural look. It’s GORGEOUS and the PERFECT color selection! I can tell you’re in love with your hair!

  11. Love it you look great. Ref your last comment definitely food for thought I have been thinking about this recently as I wear the same to topper to work I am thinking about alternating with a slightly thicker one but paranoid people will notice even though it’s practically the same hair.

    • Betcha they don’t notice a thing. Seriously. If you’re concerned, wear the new one up for a few days…people won’t ever question hair if they see it in a pony (because they don’t know toppers exist!).

  12. Lookin good! That color is BEAUTIFUL
    I myself am going to guve the Adrianna a try. I don’t like the feeling of renau’s fiber as much as I like Noriko’s but i’m still willing to try.

  13. Lauren
    You are just too cute your new do. I love the soft look it has. Looks like you just had a great blowout from your hairstylest. You know that just washed look.
    You are getting me closer to trying a wig since I have little luck with toppers. Red hair is hard to match. It also is hard to color to make it match. It’s like the red pigments just keep coming back long before roots grow.
    I,for my age, need one that just touches my shoulders with a few layers. I got my eye in one.
    Can’t wait to share it on you community. I would love to get something opinons and suggestions.
    Can’t wait!!!!!!

  14. Very cute and stylish. I know exactly how you feel. You want the natural look. Me too as I also wear a wig. Most people unless they know me well do not know it is a wig. Keep up the good work of letting people know that hair loss is not the worst thing in the world.

  15. Oh wow! Looks like Marble Brown has met its match! I LOVE IT! Now I need to find a wig in that line so I can get that color! Thanks for finding such a great color and sharing it with us all. You were the one who gave me the confidence to start wearing a wig, so thank you so much! And as always, you look fabulous.


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