Jon Renau Blake: A pretty, Remy human hair wig

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Have you seen Blake by Jon Renau floating around the internet?

Ahhh…I love this wig.

She’s long and flowy.

She’s super-soft.

Blake’s got allllll the good qualities: she has a lace front, Remy hair, a mono top (Ok, I kinda wish it was double mono, but I’m not complaining), and she washes the dishes without asking.

Jon Renau Blake wig in color Toffee Truffle

The color is Toffee Truffle (FS6/30/27). It’s a really pretty warm medium brown, with lighter (although equally warm) blond highlights.

It’s funny how lengths sometimes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Jon Renau’s Blake is listed at 17-18″ long, but on me, she does look a bit longer than that.

Jon Renau Blake is a long human hair wig

Let’s take a look at the inside of her cap. I think this photo really shows off her color, especially the wig’s highlights:

Blake wig cap

I love that she has a hand-tied cap. You can almost see in the photo above how lightweight the material is, can’t you?

Hand-tied just feels more comfortable to me, plus it has some extra stretch and flexibility than wigs with wefts have.

Wanna hear a bit more about Blake? Check out the video:

In case you didn’t get to the fit portion in the video, there’s just one aspect of Blake that bothers me (and “bother” is a strong word!).

I have a very shallow measurement from front to back. As you know, it’s super-important to get a correct measurement when you measure for a wig (link will take you to a YouTube video I did on this).

This Blake has an average size cap, but that results in some extra material on the top of my head which looks a little poofy.

I think if I were to try her in her petite size, this issue would go away (next time!).

So, just a quick review of Blake and her features:

  • Remy human hair – the cuticle is intact and the hair is all sewn in the same direction. The result is smoothness and less tangling
  • Hand-tied – for a comfortable, stretchy fit
  • Lace-front – the hair can be worn off the face
  • Mono top – the scalp looks realistic

If you love long wigs, she could be a good option for you.

She is a higher-density piece, in my opinion, so Blake is probably best for ladies who like a bit of volume and overall thickness.

When I first started to wear wigs and toppers, I honestly never thought I would like hair that was full-bodied. After all, my wimpy hair was anything but.

But I do love having mermaid hair, and this human hair wig is no exception!

Have you tried this wig? What do you think of her? Let us know!

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P.S. I did not type Blake correctly one time throughout this post. It’s always “Black” when I type. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Jon Renau Blake: A pretty, Remy human hair wig”

  1. Wow! Your close-up of the inside of this wig really demonstrates the care and precision involved in making each piece. I love the color, and it looks great on you.

  2. Hi there, I enjoyed the video on the Blake wig. Can you please report back on how it stands up after washing a dozen times. This part of the evaluation is critical for those with Alopecia. Thank you Lisa

    • Hi Lisa! If you’ve been reading my blog awhile, you’ll know that I wear toppers daily, so the chance that I get a dozen(ish) washes in on this beauty is pretty slim, at least in the near-term while I wear toppers mainly. It would probably take me several years. 🙂 You might want to check out Rosemarie_Fit on Instagram, or Majalabee. Both wear Jon Renau fibers regularly and will be able to supply this type of answer for you, over time.

      With Jon Renau human hair fibers, you should expect to get about a year out of it, wearing near-daily, with proper care.

    • Hi Lisa! Jon Renau doesn’t sell direct. Check out Patti’s Pearls – you can use code “hopeandmane” for 25% off Jon Renau if there’s not a better coupon code out there. I’m not an affiliate, just passing along the code. I really like Patti, such a sweet and caring person.


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