Jon Renau Sarah: Wig Review (VIDEO)

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When I opened the box to my new Jon Renau Sarah wig, I immediately thought, “where the heck were you three weeks ago??”

Have any idea what I’m talking about?

Let me explain.

You may recall that several weeks ago I did a post on Longing for Long by Raquel Welch. This is a gorrrrrgeous wig, and I fell in love with it immediately.

I loved it so much, I decided I’d love to find it in a better (as in, better-for-me) color so that I could wear it to a few upcoming weddings. Ideally, I wanted to find it in a shade close to what I currently wear, which is Jon Renau’s 10H16.

Of course, said color was no where to be found. I did end up trying a color that I thought would work, but I struck out as it was far too blond. And golden blond, at that (I can’t do golds, they wash me out horribly).

My hair for those weddings ended up looking AMAZING – more on that later – but I couldn’t get that wig to work for me because I’d be seeing friends and family who see me every day. I didn’t want the color change to be noticeable.

If I had Sarah, by Jon Renau, she totally would’ve worked. But, she debuted after the weddings I attended were over.


Here she is (right out of the box, simply finger-combed):

Sarah Jon Renau

The Jon Renau Sarah wig is a long, lace front wig with beautiful waves. The wave pattern is very similar to Top Wave.

Remember my Top Wave wavy topper? She’s a beautiful topper with beachy waves that I rotate in and out as part of my everyday look.

Jon Renau Sarah Cap

Sarah is 100% hand-tied, which means each hair is individually knotted to the cap. This allows for completely natural movement of the hair because each hair is able to move individually.

Also, my hand-tied wigs tend to be more well-fitting than other pieces. They hug my head and don’t have any excess, bulky material.

They also feel lighter and swingy-er. I’m “less aware” I have a wig on when they are hand-tied, if that makes any sense.

Jon Renau Sarah Cap

My Color…and a Bit of Color Education

The color I have in the Jon Renau Sarah wig is 10RH16, which is very similar to what I wear each day.

My Top Secret hair topper color is 10H16. So, it’s a base color of 10 with a highlight (H) of 16.

For Sarah, the addition of the “R” in 10RH16 means that the highlights are at 33%. Without the “R”, the highlights are at 20%. So the 10RH16 has a bit more highlighting, and to me it results in a more blended look (read: less streaky).

Honestly, I’m not sure if the average person would notice.

They look pretty darn similar to me.

Here’s a close up of the color:

Jon Renau Sarah 10RH16

Styling Options!

What I love about this wavy synthetic wig is that it can be dressed up for special occasions!

You can easily pin the sides back (integrate a bit of your own hair on the sides for the most natural look) to create a half-up, half-down look.

Jon Renau Sarah Wig

Or, because this wig is a monofilament wig and can be parted any way you like, you can do a deep side part and only pin back the parted side for a dramatic look.

There’s a lot of possibilities with wavy styles!

Check out the video of Sarah. If you can’t listen to audio, be sure to flip on closed captioning.

(While I say “10H16” in the video, it’s actually “10RH16”. Rookie mistake, ha.)

Sarah looks pretty good right out of the box. She could use a bit of a deshine (and you can easily deshine synthetic hair using the tips here) and I’ll likely add some roots to her, but her density and the way she naturally lays is nice.

I’m loving waves as we head into summer, and this wig is going to be on rotation quite a bit. I don’t wear wigs daily, but enjoy wearing them for occasions like date night.

Want this wig too? Check out Sarah at Wigs by Patti’s Pearls and save 25% on Jon Renau with code: hopeandmane

Want a similar look but in a topper? Check out my post about Top Wave, by Jon Renau.

What do you think about the Jon Renau Sarah wig? Who else is digging waves this season??

19 thoughts on “Jon Renau Sarah: Wig Review (VIDEO)”

  1. Which lace front do you prefer? The JR or RW? I’m looking for “going out/wedding hair” and am trying to decide between the longing for long or this one.
    Also I know JR colors tend to be ashy, are the RW more warm? I wear around the same color as you so hoping you can help!!!

    • I haven’t tried too many RW, but I do like the 9/12 and wish I could try that one (I think that’s the one I mentioned that I wish I could try on this post!). 8H14 and 10H16 read ashy on people who favor warm, and really work for me. I like the lace of RW just a tinge better. 🙂

  2. You look amazing.
    This weekend I am testing hair pieces I will make myself from curly hair wefts I bought. I don’t know how this will Work! I had to buy plain wefts to find something to match my curl. Well, wish me luck. You look perfectly amazing in this video as always.
    Sometimes I wish my hair (what’s left of it, lol) was straight!

    • Sure, you could braid synthetic hair. This is wavy to begin with, but a braid shouldn’t really bend the hair at all. You can only alter synthetic hair with heat, or brushing through while wet.

  3. Gorgeous!!! and you look fantastic! Lauren – the half up/half down is absolutely darling! Thanks so much for sharing. She is a pretty one for sure!!

    • They serve different purposes, don’t you think? The topper is great because you can integrate your hair (or maybe not so great if you don’t like to do that!) but the wig is just a larger version of that topper in my opinion.

  4. This is gorgeous! Would love to incorporate something heavy into my daily routine- but I have a question- Can you straighten and/or use the hot air brush to get rid of kinky ends with these wavy wigs and toppers?


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