Check Out My New Look! (Jon Renau Synthetic Topper)

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I’ve been thinking of switching to a Jon Renau synthetic topper for awhile, even though I love my Amore Long Topper #752 dearly. My main reason for exploring another brand is pretty simple: Jon Renau makes a bunch of realistic wigs that come in a color I am interested in. If my hair loss continues to progress, I want the option to switch to a wig in the same color. Amore has wigs, of course, however there aren’t many styles available in the color I usually wear. Jon Renau, on the other hand, makes a ton of wigs in my color.

I’m sure you recall the first time I put on what I fondly call my “mystery topper“–apparently, I got sent a piece of old inventory (who knows WHY this was ever made like THAT!). Kathy, at Gallery of Wigs promptly got to the bottom of the issue and had a new topper sent out to me.

I’m pretty sure the first time I saw this synthetic topper in the box, I was in love. And then, when I clipped her onto my head…ahh, pure bliss.

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper with Mono Top Review

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Front Hair Additions Mono Top

This Jon Renau synthetic topper is color 8H14 (from their “Hair Additions” line). This means that the base color is an 8 (same base as my Amore topper), but it’s highlighted at 20% with 14. If you check out the colors, you’ll see they have very realistic colors with plenty of highlights.

The base of the Jon Renau topper is a bit larger than the Amore, also, measuring 6.5″ by 5.75″. One thing I really like about this topper is the silicone that comes on the clips. The grip is great for fragile hair as the clips won’t slip as much throughout the day. It tends to pull less on the hair and be a bit more comfortable, all around.

Base shot:

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Base

See the rubber on the clip?

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Clip

Another thing I like about this topper is the mono (monodirectional) top. Having a mono top means that I can part the hair any way I want, and there will always be “scalp” showing. The scalp is a little more realistic than the Amore (although, if you don’t have them both to compare you’ll never know the difference), and I’m not sure why. The Amore scalp looks like “mesh-y”…that’s the best way for me to describe it.

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Natural Part

The hair fiber feels very nice and silky. Of course, all hair feels like that at first, so time will tell if it starts to feel dry after awhile. The hair is also longer than the Amore…this hair is 17″ in the back. Before I start wearing this full-time I’m going to have to trim it as it’s about two inches longer than my bio hair. As I don’t have a salon yet, I’m likely going to trim it myself (yikes). I feel confident I can cut in a straight line, however, I don’t want the ends to look blunt so it’s definitely going to be a bit of an experiment.

I actually love the clips on this Jon Renau topper so much that I’m considering ordering extra clips. I’d like to sew in a clip on the front-center, as well as one on either side. I figure I can wear the clips as intended for a few days, and then switch to the ones that I’ve sewed in for a few days, then repeat. Hopefully, this will minimize any damage to the hair from being pulled on. I don’t expect this to happen so much with these awesome grippy clips, though!

So…I think this is going to be my new look! I can’t stress enough how much I love the highlights on this piece as it helps it to look so real! Also, I don’t need to use any of my bio hair with this one, for whatever reason. That’s a good thing, as the face framing pieces have the highlights so it might look funny with 20 or so darker strands peeking out.

What do you think?

Jon Renau Hair Additions Synthetic Mono Top

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  1. After following your posts, I finally decided to order a top piece. My thinning looks similar to yours and happened to me after surgery and stress to my body. I placed an order today for the Long Top Piece Hybrant Rooted colors by Rene of Paris from The HeadShop Online. It’s an 18″ mono topper and looks very natural in the picture. I so am hoping that it works for me. Your hair looks so beautiful and your toppers always look so natural. I will continue coming back to watch your “how to’s” because you give such great information and “hope” for this hair issue. Glad I found you on here!!


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