My New Topper: 18″ of Pure Fabulousness

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While I never thought it would happen because I truly loved her dearly, I’ve officially retired my go-to topper in favor of the new Top Secret by Jon Renau.

There. I had to spit it out quickly because I thought I wouldn’t be able to say it without shedding a tear.

I’d been wearing my Noriko Milan for what seems like forever, and I thought she’d be the synthetic hair topper I’d wear until I switched to wigs (who knows when that will be). I accepted she’d be my one-and-only, and was content with that. So many women buy soooooo many new pieces—I’ll admit, it’s fun—but there’s a certain peace that comes with knowing you’ve found the best match for you.

So imagine my surprise when I casually mentioned to the good folks over at Jon Renau last fall that they should consider making a topper the size of the Milan…and they actually replied that they had one coming out this Spring.

I was excited because I like Jon Renau’s colors better than Noriko’s, but I didn’t get too worked up because if it was just a Milan copy-cat in a better color, eh, sure, I’d try it. But it wouldn’t be life-changing.

Until it was.

When I got a sneak peek of what was being released my heart literally skipped a beat. Not only was Jon Renau’s new topper going to be a large size, but it was also going to come in an 18″ length (as well as in 12″).

Top Secret (now called Top Style) debuted a few weeks ago, and, it’s official—she’s my new full-time piece.

If, after reading this, you decide you love her, too…you can buy here at any of the links on this page for 25% off with code (I am not an affiliate, just a perk for my readers): hopeandmane

(I actually knew I’d love her before she arrived at my door. Both Em and Ashley in the Community got theirs a few days before I did and posted pictures…and they look amazing!)

Note: In summer 2018, Top Secret was renamed to Top Style-Synthetic. 🙂 I’ll probably flip-flop the name throughout this post.

Top Secret by Jon Renau…Drumroll, please

Here is the Top Secret in color 10H16, right out of the box. Warning, nighttime bathroom pic:

Jon Renau Top Secret

She’s darn-near perfect with no modifications, folks!

The base is similar to what I’ve been wearing: 8×9″ with five pressure-sensitive clips (I will say the clips are a bit more sharp/pointy/something than what I’m used to. I don’t feel it when they are clipped, and they look the same, but something is different about them).

Top Secret Topper Base

You might notice that the monofilament area looks a bit different (aside from the bobby pin I have placed there). This is actually a double mono top, which means there is an extra layer of meshy material in the mono top area. This does a few things. First, it’s more comfortable if you have very sparse hair (this is not an issue for me). Secondly, you don’t have to worry about aligning the part of your topper to your bio part…no matter where you place the Top Secret on your head, a double mono top will always look like there is skin in the part area. Thirdly, for some reason, the knots just look better with this type of construction, to me.

So, the major differences with the Top Style by Jon Renau are the extra length (18″, yay!) as well as the double mono top.

These are total upgrades, in my opinion.

Here’s a comparison for you. You’ve seen her a million times before—Noriko Milan:

The Noriko milan topper for womens hair loss

And 18″ Top Secret by Jon Renau:

The Jon Renau Top Secret Topper is the perfect hair loss solution for many types of alopecia. Wear this clip in hair topper so cover up the hair loss on your scalp.

I love her with all my heart. Is that sad? I don’t care.

I was surprised how much I like the color of this Top Secret (10H16). She’s very similar to my Jon Renau Alessandra, but the highlights are every-so-slightly more blended on that one.

This color is going to be perfect for summer (or, for forever)…it’s nice to go a little blonder this time of year.

I did end up adding a bit of rooting to her with a Copic marker, you can see my process on how I root my synthetic pieces here.

The Top Secret 18 Inch Topper is great way to turn your before into an after. Any woman with hair loss can use a clip in hair topper to hide their thinning hair. It's basically like hair extensions for the top of your head

I am LOVING that my ends looks nice and thick! My old topper is a few inches shorter than my bio hair, whereas the 18″ Top Secret covers it perfectly.

Top Secret comes in both 12″ and 18″, so if your hair isn’t as long as mine, you can still give her a try (of course, she can always be cut, too).

I’ve already ordered a backup, and I’m considering getting a third so that I can cut off some of the wefts to make her into a smaller topper, perfect for updos.

A girl’s gotta have options, right?

Top Secret is available in Jon Renau’s most popular colors, so definitely check her out if you’re looking to make a change. She’s 100% recommended!

Because I’m occasionally an over-achiever, here’s a video of my new gal:

Love waves?

If you love waves, you might want to check out my post on Top Wave, a beautiful wavy hair topper…it’s basically the wavy sister of Top Style.

Want to try Top Style before you buy?

Check out the Corner of Hope & Mane private Community, where you can try on hair toppers at home…really!

What do you think of my new topper? Got questions about Top Secret? Leave a comment—I’d love to hear from you!

84 thoughts on “My New Topper: 18″ of Pure Fabulousness”

  1. Regarding the comment by Antoinette
    July 28, 2016 at 1:26 pm – – She has alopecia very thin /spotty bald on top and fuzz around that. The same here – extraordinarily thin hair, widow’s peak temples big as a serving spoon. Straggly wispy hair to my collar bone that when pulled together is the thickness of a drinking straw. Could a Topper work for me?

  2. Hi Lauren – I stumbled across your site and love it. I just started wearing my first topper and don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. I have a thinning part and have always had issues trying to get fullness. I’m new to all this so forgive me for all the questions as I’m leaning. I ended up getting the Jon Renau easiPart HD XL 12″ I wear it daily and as you mentioned I need to get a backup. You talk a lot about the full synthetic but not much about the Heat Defiant, I would think the HD would look more natural. Is that not the case. I was planning on getting Jon Renau Remy Hair Topper, what do you think of those. Also, do the real hair toppers have to be styled like you do your bio hair? Part of the reason I love the toppers is the low maintenance. I wash it every week or so but I don’t have to style, as the style always stays. Is that the case with real hair?
    Thanks for any input.

    • Human hair toppers are definitely more time-intensive than synthetic, because YES, they need to be styled like your bio hair. And restyled after a few wears, too. They react to things like humidity just like our own hair does. Heat-defiant is great…I’ve worn Haute by Jon Renau and have tried the heat-defiant BelleTress toppers (I have them in the CH&M try-on shop as part of the community)…they tend to look more realistic from the get-go since they are less shiny. But, they require maintenance as well. 🙂 They frizz much more easily so you need to expect to apply heat to them regularly to keep them in line. Yes, this means even flat-ironing a beautiful wavy piece. The fibers just require it.

  3. Ahhhhh, Lauren!!! I need help!! I have the Top Secret in 12″, and the front will NOT lay flat! I look ridiculous when I wear her, because the edge of the topper sits maybe half an inch above my head. I lay her flat, clip her down, I’ve even tried using gorilla snot to get the front to lay down. Nothing. There she is, just sticking out above my hair looking ridiculous. I’ve tried putting her right on my hairline, and that didn’t help. So I moved her back and tried to put my bio hair over top, but my hair isn’t thick enough to cover it up. I don’t know what to do!

  4. I would like to purchase either the Milan by Noriko or the Top Secret 12′ by Jon Renau. I have alopecia on top and little fine hair all around. Do these 2 toppers have the same cut style, same top size and same amount of hair? Which has a better fit? What do you recommend?

    • Yes, I’d say they are very close. The JR might have ever-so-slightly less density. They fir the same. I prefer the JR because it’s longer and I like the double mono top.

  5. I have curly hair. Any suggestions? I’m just starting to look in to help for concealing. I’ve recently had more hair loss and I feel ready to try something.

  6. My hair is right above my shoulders, very thin on top, very, very thin at my hairline. Would the top secret 12″ be to long for me? I have absolutely no clue about wigs or toppers so I’m still trying to figure all this out.

    • Many people wear their helper hair longer than their bio hair – it’s a personal preference. If you find it’s too long, you can always give it a trim.


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