My New Topper: 18″ of Pure Fabulousness

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While I never thought it would happen because I truly loved her dearly, I’ve officially retired my go-to topper in favor of the new Top Secret by Jon Renau.

There. I had to spit it out quickly because I thought I wouldn’t be able to say it without shedding a tear.

I’d been wearing my Noriko Milan for what seems like forever, and I thought she’d be the synthetic hair topper I’d wear until I switched to wigs (who knows when that will be). I accepted she’d be my one-and-only, and was content with that. So many women buy soooooo many new pieces—I’ll admit, it’s fun—but there’s a certain peace that comes with knowing you’ve found the best match for you.

So imagine my surprise when I casually mentioned to the good folks over at Jon Renau last fall that they should consider making a topper the size of the Milan…and they actually replied that they had one coming out this Spring.

I was excited because I like Jon Renau’s colors better than Noriko’s, but I didn’t get too worked up because if it was just a Milan copy-cat in a better color, eh, sure, I’d try it. But it wouldn’t be life-changing.

Until it was.

When I got a sneak peek of what was being released my heart literally skipped a beat. Not only was Jon Renau’s new topper going to be a large size, but it was also going to come in an 18″ length (as well as in 12″).

Top Secret (now called Top Style) debuted a few weeks ago, and, it’s official—she’s my new full-time piece.

If, after reading this, you decide you love her, too…you can buy here at any of the links on this page for 25% off with code (I am not an affiliate, just a perk for my readers): hopeandmane

(I actually knew I’d love her before she arrived at my door. Both Em and Ashley in the Community got theirs a few days before I did and posted pictures…and they look amazing!)

Note: In summer 2018, Top Secret was renamed to Top Style-Synthetic. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll probably flip-flop the name throughout this post.

Top Secret by Jon Renau…Drumroll, please

Here is the Top Secret in color 10H16, right out of the box. Warning, nighttime bathroom pic:

Jon Renau Top Secret

She’s darn-near perfect with no modifications, folks!

The base is similar to what I’ve been wearing: 8×9″ with five pressure-sensitive clips (I will say the clips are a bit more sharp/pointy/something than what I’m used to. I don’t feel it when they are clipped, and they look the same, but something is different about them).

Top Secret Topper Base

You might notice that the monofilament area looks a bit different (aside from the bobby pin I have placed there). This is actually a double mono top, which means there is an extra layer of meshy material in the mono top area. This does a few things. First, it’s more comfortable if you have very sparse hair (this is not an issue for me). Secondly, you don’t have to worry about aligning the part of your topper to your bio part…no matter where you place the Top Secret on your head, a double mono top will always look like there is skin in the part area. Thirdly, for some reason, the knots just look better with this type of construction, to me.

So, the major differences with the Top Style by Jon Renau are the extra length (18″, yay!) as well as the double mono top.

These are total upgrades, in my opinion.

Here’s a comparison for you. You’ve seen her a million times before—Noriko Milan:

The Noriko milan topper for womens hair loss

And 18″ Top Secret by Jon Renau:

The Jon Renau Top Secret Topper is the perfect hair loss solution for many types of alopecia. Wear this clip in hair topper so cover up the hair loss on your scalp.

I love her with all my heart. Is that sad? I don’t care.

I was surprised how much I like the color of this Top Secret (10H16). She’s very similar to my Jon Renau Alessandra, but the highlights are every-so-slightly more blended on that one.

This color is going to be perfect for summer (or, for forever)…it’s nice to go a little blonder this time of year.

I did end up adding a bit of rooting to her with a Copic marker, you can see my process on how I root my synthetic pieces here.

The Top Secret 18 Inch Topper is great way to turn your before into an after. Any woman with hair loss can use a clip in hair topper to hide their thinning hair. It's basically like hair extensions for the top of your head

I am LOVING that my ends looks nice and thick! My old topper is a few inches shorter than my bio hair, whereas the 18″ Top Secret covers it perfectly.

Top Secret comes in both 12″ and 18″, so if your hair isn’t as long as mine, you can still give her a try (of course, she can always be cut, too).

I’ve already ordered a backup, and I’m considering getting a third so that I can cut off some of the wefts to make her into a smaller topper, perfect for updos.

A girl’s gotta have options, right?

Top Secret is available in Jon Renau’s most popular colors, so definitely check her out if you’re looking to make a change. She’s 100% recommended!

Because I’m occasionally an over-achiever, here’s a video of my new gal:

Love waves?

If you love waves, you might want to check out my post on Top Wave, a beautiful wavy hair topper…it’s basically the wavy sister of Top Style.

Want to try Top Style before you buy?

Check out the Corner of Hope & Mane private Community, where you can try on hair toppers at home…really!

What do you think of my new topper? Got questions about Top Secret? Leave a comment—I’d love to hear from you!

84 thoughts on “My New Topper: 18″ of Pure Fabulousness”

  1. I’m more or less a first time hair wearer and am trying to decide between the Noriko Milan and this new one. They look to be nearly the same price–give or take $40.
    I have really no hair at the front hairline, so something that provides nice hairline coverage is my number one priority. I’ve been using Toni Brattin Pump it up falls and it just isn’t working. I’ve become less impressed with the quality in the last year. So, definitely looking to make a change.

    Would love your thoughts!

    • Like I talk about in the post and video, there are differences – double mono top is one. This one might be SLIGHTLY less dense, too…and of course, the length contributes to the cost. Hairlines are very similar (I still recommend integrating at least a few hairs for the most natural look).

      • Thanks! I think I will go with the Top Secret. I’m a bit curious to know how the quality of the fibers is holding up…I saw the post from someone else who had one that it was getting wirey. Have you experienced that with yours?

  2. Hi Ladies,

    I hate to say this, but it’s been two weeks since I’ve started wearing the JR Top Secret (switched from the Milan) and the quality if the hair is just horrible. It’s already feeling like straw and the ends are wiry. I just tried re-washing and conditioning it. Even tried the hot air brush and it’s not much better. Is it just me that’s having this problem? Anything else I could try to fix this problem?

    I absolutely LOVE the fit, hair thickness, and color selections of this topper, but I’m thinking of going back to the Milan for the soft hair. Much better quality. ๐Ÿ™


    • JR fiber is different (for some reason) than Noriko, for sure. Have you tried soaking in 1/2 to 1 ACV solution and following up with a leave-in? I use Hair U Wear. I’m also testing a new product, not quite ready to share yet as I want to monitor how it performs.

      • No, I haven’t tried. In fact, I had to Google! ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar? Solution = 1/2 gallon of water to 1 gallon of ACF? How long to soak?

        I’m excited that there is something to try. It’s just getting worse ~ and, as of yesterday, I had retired to the wig abyss. ? I will have to venture in & rescue her. Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes! ?

        Thanks so much for your help!



        • Yes, apple cider vinegar. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just half part ACV to one part water, or thereabouts. You definitely won’t need a whole gallon of anything, just enough to cover your piece in a bucket. Just cover it with water, then dump a bunch of ACV in. Don’t worry about the measurments as you really can’t go wrong. The key is to let it soak for at least a few hours…overnight if you can. And follow up with a leave-in.

          I’m testing a product called Silicon Bambu Mix and I really like it! I’ll be doing a post on it soon. It’s a heavy-duty conditioner that I apply for a few minutes post-shampoo. That might help, too.

        • Wondering if this was a good fix. I am thinking of ordering one, but I’m worried about wirey issue you experienced.

          • Cathy, it’s wearing fine. The fibers are different than those from Noriko – I’ve found a product that works wonderfully to add softness and silkiness back in if you need it. I’ve been using it after my normal routine (but before spraying leave-in). I’ll be doing a post on Silicon Bambu Mix soon.

  3. Hi Lauren. On your new Jon Renau topper, do you think the 12″ one is long enough to pull the hair up or in a ponytail? I like the look of that one on you. Thanks for all your help.

  4. Oh Lauren! I was sooo excited when I saw this post. About a year ago, the very first time I ventured into a wig (and before I found out about toppers), I started with the Jamison by Estetica. I LOVED it, but living in Florida, it was so hot wearing a full wig during the summer. That’s when my research led me to toppers. My very first topper was the Jon Renau Top Notch. I absolutely adored the color and the “feel” of the hair, but I wanted longer and well…a bigger top ~ more hair. I finally stumbled upon your blog and it was such a blessing! Based on your recommendation, I immediately tried the Milan and was hooked. My two teeny tiny issues? 1) I missed my Jen Renau Shaded Praline color! 2) Although is wanted a larger topper, I found the Milan to be TOO large. Geeze, that back clip practically clipped to my neck hairs! LOL Well, I saw your post about the JR Top Secret and nearly plotzed! It’s a dream! I’m back in my Shaded Praline and the topper is perfect. The topper is big, but not quite as big as the Milan, yet there is plenty of hair. The hair feels just as full as the Milan. I wish I could post a pic here! Well, I ordered the 12″, but may be adventurous and try the 18″ next! Thank you so much for all your help! You’re blog is the best! So informative!! xoxo

  5. i have medium thickness hair…its definitely thinning but its okay. my issue is my crown, my hair line is moving back and is def thin on top. Would this be a good topper for me or do you think it would be too thick?

    Thanks <3

  6. Oh my heck Lauren! You look fabulous! I need that new topper in my life! You inspired me to order a Milan a few months ago, and I LOVE IT. I want 3 more! But if this is better?! How does price compare? You inspired me to quit hiding about thin fine hair, and hairloss. It’s helped me feel more comfortable about it. I started up,an instagram account called @fabricatingfringe – if you have IG check it out! I’m owning the fact that I shed and gave fine hair- and it’s helping others already within 2 weeks of sharing. Thanks for your openness and willingness to share your journey and help others.

  7. Lauren, this new one looks amazing on you! Also just wanted to mention that in the last photo, your part just looks so realistic! Did you have to pluck it a little? Also, one of the things I struggle with is that the topper part never starts at my hairlin– does that ever bother you or do you have any tricks to mask it? (I’ve been parting my hair in a zigzag part to hide the rim but wish I could have some flexibility sometimes in not always having the same kind of part…)

    • Hey M! Nope, not one hair got plucked out of this puppy. With my front, it’s always as you see in the photos…a bit pulled out in front and then teased a bit to hide the rim. I don’t deviate!

    • It does have some in the back – but you can’t tell anymore as I used a hair dryer to blow-dry it down. Permatease isn’t such a bad thing – on large pieces it helps to give it shape.

  8. What perfect timing! I have been contemplating ordering this piece. So happy to hear a real review on it! I do have a couple of questions. Was there any excess shine on the Top Secret? With your Milan, you said you used dry shampoo to cut the shine and I’m curious if this piece had the same issue. Also, what shampoo do you use on your synthetic pieces?

    • It has a bit of shine but it’s easily taken care of with some dry shampoo. I wouldn’t call it an “issue”, just something to be expected. For shampoo, I use Revlon Texturizing Cleanser the first few times as I think it helps to cut shine a bit, then any old shampoo after that.

  9. This look amazing on you! I’m looking for a new topper and I have Milan and JR long top piece which is being discontinued. I was looking at this one but was really hoping for something with wave or curl in it. Have you ever tried EasiPart XL 18″? I’m not sure I like the pictures of the base on the XL but it is HD.

  10. Looks awesome Lauren!!!! How’s your hair when hot and muggy? Nervous as Summer’s coming and I’m having my sons graduation party don’t want to sweat to death with my hair on!!!

  11. Lauren,
    Looks so nice–love the color and the hair looks beautiful! Quick question–it looks like you have shorter layers kind of angled in toward the front–did you cut it that way? Or does the topper come with variations is the length? Just curious–thanks! Also, where did you purchase this topper from? Again, it looks so natural and really nice!!

    • Hi Clare! No, it came styled this way (so easy!). The back is moreso all-one-length, maybe some very slight layering, but the front has face framing layers. It looks eerily like Milan as well as the JR Alessandra.

  12. I could absolutely not tell that your hair is a topper. It looks exactly like real, natural hair. And that topper was made for you!!

  13. This is fantastic on you!!! The double mono is perfect and I love how full it is at the bottom. Your adjustments are incredible (rooting and thinning). It looks totally natural. I am so excited that you have a new go-to piece.

  14. Hi Lauren! You look great as always!

    I just ordered this piece too! I actually just got the call that it is ready to be picked up at my wig shop this afternoon. Yay! I got the 12″ version though. I really wanted to try this piece because my first topper is dead…well, just in that phase where she looks kinda oily all the time so it’s acceptable as a back up. Blegh! I also wanted to try a different company this time around too. My first topper and wig were both heat-friendly from Racquel Welch. And both pieces have served me very well. I really wanted to see if a “normal” synthetic my have a tad less frizz-factor as it would open a few more options for me. I also wanted to try a different color. I’m so excited to go skipping to my wig store! Unfortunately, I can’t make it over there til Saturday so I’ll be wringing my hands until then for my new hair. So glad that you reviewed this topper and too see it in a video.

      • I totally love this piece! Today was the first day I got to wear it all day. I had to have her trimmed down as she was a little too long for my liking. I do like her larger base. Previously I was wearing Racquel Welch Top Billing (which is also a good topper; I just wanted to try a new company). Iโ€™m so glad I got some highlights for the summer! 10RH16 is such a fun color for summer! Only con, and itโ€™s minute, is the amount of shedding during the first few brushings. If it was my first topper I probably would have been concerned but it seems to have calmed down to almost non-existent shedding and the piece has a lot of hair to begin with anyhow.

  15. OMG! you look great!! If I didn’t know you could never tell it’s a topper.
    I’m happy for you girl ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wish there was a store here in Toronto I could buy it.
    Do they make blonde/highlighted pieces?
    U look fantastic !

  16. You are fabulous! And so is your new topper – love the way it looks and the color – wow!. You’re just full of such helpful information. Can’t wait to check it out for myself! Thanks as always for posting and sharing info.

  17. Ahhh Lauren!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!! I just bought my first topper and was considering the top secret… But there weren’t any reviews on it yet, and I didn’t want to take the risk. I totally wish I waited a week to take the plunge because this looks incredible! congratulations on your new love!!! Xoxo

  18. Hi I love this new topperc as well. It’s beautuful!
    Do you think you can do a pony tail with it? Or any other styles besides down?

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

    Thank uou

    • Yep, I think you could do a pony, probably a lower since her base is kind of big. You can always cut her down to make her a bit smaller to be able to wear a higher ponytail. As for other styles…as she’s synthetic, you can’t really curl them. Well, you can, and I’ve done it…but it’s a bit of a process.

      • Oh no. Seriously, Lauren? Absolutely no reason why anyone would be critical of what you share! If you only post on this, your website, it wouldn’t automatically go to Youtube though, correct?

        Also, I didn’t see my post where I commented on this fabulous new topper, Top Secret. It’s gorgeous and your look incredible in it! Colors are luscious!

  19. looks so good, your look is for sure “on pointe”
    And I was going to ask you if you were planning on cutting it down. I’ll for sure be interested to see that!

  20. Saw your video review of this on Youtube, but sadly the video froze up on a single frame about 2 minutes in and didn’t unfreeze til quite a bit later, and it did this on several devices I tried. So either something is screwy on my end or there was a problem in the upload, thought I’d let you know if that indeed does happen to be the case. Thanks for reading


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