Finally, a Wavy Topper! Introducing Top Wave

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If the title wasn’t obviously, this post is all about my newest obsession: the Jon Reanu Top Wave.

A few weeks ago, Jon Renau posted on Instagram about a new style they were debuting for their Fall collection.

I’d heard through the grapevine that they were introducing a wavy topper called Top Wave, and after I saw their video posted I knew—just knew!—it was that one…which was great because I was IN LOVE.

For three years now, I’ve been wearing straight hair toppers…and all of it has been straight.

Straight, straight, straight.

This is ok. After all, I have straight hair. And my bio hair has been SO bad for SO many years that it’s not like I was regularly curling my hair.

That ship has sailed, y’all.

Even though I love my straight helper hair, much like with bio hair, the grass is always greener.

Now that I could have good hair, I also wanted all the options that come with good hair.

This includes wave!



So far, unless I wanted to cut a wig down to a topper, having pretty waves was an elusive dream.

When pre-orders were announced for the Jon Renau Top Wave, she was placed in my cart and paid for within 18 seconds flat.

She comes in either 12” or 18” (I love how Jon Renau has been offering length options), and her base is about 6.75×6.5”.

At first, I was bummed that it was a mid-size base. As you all know, I need the big guns.

I can technically cover my loss with that base size (just barely), so I knew I could make it work, but I just like the feel of a good amount of hair. I knew that the waves would provide a bit of oomph so it wasn’t too big a deal.

(However, Jon Renau, could you consider making Top Wave in a larger size? Please and thank you!)

My Jon Renau Top Wave in 10H16 arrived a few days ago…and I can’t wait to start rotating her in! Community members, there’s a video about her inside showing the base and application.

Here she is:

top wave jon renau

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She’s a double-mono top, which is awesome as it looks like a realistic scalp. She’s a bit straighter on top, with loose, beachy waves throughout. I know we’re into fall, now, but she’s perfect, beachy, summer hair. Which I will wear in fall. 🙂

All she really needs is a bit of a de-shine and she’s good to go (I have yet to do this).

The color of Top Wave is the same as my Top Secret, and I’m always surprised at how blonde the highlights look in certain light. Check out the color in direct sunlight—she’s a bit of a chameleon, don’t you think?:

top wave 10h16

I really do think this isn’t a true representation of the color and is largely this blonde due to the sun. Here she is in less direct sunlight:

top wave jon renau 10h16

The waves do tend to pick up the highlights a bit more, I think.

I have not done anything to her at this point. I have not yet deshined or added roots (and I will do both!). The only thing I did was re-part her, so she’s a bit poofy on top.

Nothing a little water won’t fix!

Overall, I think Top Wave is a great addition to my collection, and she could be a good one for you, too. 🙂

If you’re wondering what my day-to-day look, well, looks like…check out my review on Top Secret by Jon Renau: My New Topper – Jon Renau Top Secret (18″ of Pure Fabulousness!).

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60 thoughts on “Finally, a Wavy Topper! Introducing Top Wave”

  1. Lauren,
    Did you notice the front of the piece at the part is more prominent than it is on Top Secret? I just purchased the piece and I’m not sure if it’s a defect or if the front of this piece is a little different than Top Secret? It seems like it might be a little harder to hide at the hairline. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

    • Michelle, I think there is a touch of permatease at the front. Usually I mess with the front placement no my toppers until I’m happy with how the rim looks…and with how I blend my bio hair I’m able to conceal this rim quite easily.


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