Oh Hello, Lace Front Topper!

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I feel like I’ve tried so many toppers over the past several years, but unbelievably, I had never tried a lace front topper.

I’ve tried lace front wigs, sure.

Plenty of standard toppers.

But never a lace front topper, and never a human hair one, to boot.

Until now.

Uniwigs.com sent me their best-selling Claire topper to try, and I was really looking forward to seeing what this lace front thing was all about.

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Claire comes in two base sizes, either 5×5 or 6×6. Since my hair loss is on the more advanced side, I opted for the 6×6 base.

Here are all the specs:
Style: Claire Remy Human Hair Topper
Base: 6×6
Color: Medium Brown
Texture: Straight
Density: 130% (default)
Length: 20″
Price: Less than $285, before discount. Just over $255 with the discount! (for 16″)

The standard length on the Claire topper from Uniwigs is 16″, but the customer service team at Uniwigs is able to add additional length if you need it. I found 20″ to be perfect, as it’s the same length as my bio hair.

You guys! I have a part again!

Check out my part. And my messy kitchen desk, err…

Oh, can’t listen to audio right now? Be sure to check the CC option!

I so wish the color was 100% perfect right out of the box, but that’s next to impossible with human hair. To make it more ME, I’d definitely need to add some dimension.

But, how about the part, though?!

Here’s a photo of the base. It comes with four pressure-sensitive clips.

Claire Topper Uniwigs

See the meshy part in the middle?

That’s what’s considered the mono, or monofilament top. Basically, it’s a lace-type area that allow you to part your hair on whatever side you like.

If you prefer a silk top, that’s also available (I just have no experience with that particular piece). I know some women just feel better with a silk top versus a mono top, but I’ve never found anyone notices the difference except for ourselves.

Besides, if someone is THATCLOSE to the top of your head, you need to tell them to “get off my grill”, ‘naw mean?

Around the mono area is wefting, and the hair in the section is attached differently than the hair in the mono area.

This photo shows the lace front, as well as the hair density on the topper’s scalp:

Lace Front Hair Topper

You can definitely pluck the part to your liking, and can do so a bit haphazardly to get a part that’s less precise.

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE having a “real” part again with a lace front topper.

The lace also looks really good close up – I hope you were able to see it in the video. But you can see that even against my fingers, it blends pretty well.

I did have one concern when I first received this Claire lace front topper: I was nervous that the lace wouldn’t lay flat on a topper.

With lace front wigs, you have tension that pulls all around your head, which helps to keep the lace flush with your skin.

Obviously, you can’t have that same tension with a topper, so I was worried the lace would kind of just hang there.

I was surprised that it laid pretty well, as you can see in the video.

One thing to note about the lace that I failed to mention in the video: I did cut back the lace. The lace comes super-long (evident in the photo, right?) so that you can cut it back to your desired length.

I cut it to just under 1/4″ with a regular part of craft scissors. The lace cut easily and didn’t fray.

I do think the lace feels sturdy (yay!), but not starchy-stiff like some lace fronts do (boo!)…so that’s a plus!

So, who is this Claire topper perfect for?

If you’re looking for affordable, the price can’t be beat at $285.

Remember to take 10% off with code LAUREN10.

Also, if you MUST have a part that meets your forehead, or you don’t have enough hair to incorporate into a standard-front topper, then you should explore a lace front topper.

Like any topper, it takes some fiddling with to get it the way you want it (and with human hair comes the additional consideration of adding color to truly make it yours).

But, oh, to have that gap in the hairline back is amazing!

Check out Claire here or see the full topper collection at Uniwigs.com.

If you’re interested in a synthetic piece, check out my Point Synthetic Mono Hair Topper Review (from Uniwigs)!

What can I answer about this piece? Leave me a comment with thoughts or questions!

60 thoughts on “Oh Hello, Lace Front Topper!”

  1. I have androgenic alopecia so I bought the 5*5 version, first topper ever and wow is it an amazing feeling to have some hair on the top of my head again! Questions: I really love having a side part but the lace underneath isn’t really very wide to part it, also the hair won’t part for me… It just keeps going back to the part it came as. Any tricks to changing the part on this? Also any advice about the clips, I can feel them pulling sometimes and they can make my scalp sore.

    • Hi! For the hair not parting…I’m guessing you haven’t washed it yet? Washing and drying will definitely help coax the hair to do what you want. I agree, hair has a mind of its own, sometimes…especially right out of the box! For the lace not being wide enough, that’s a tough one as it will vary based on head/face shape. You might be able to fake it a bit depending on where you part it. On the clips, sew/glue in some extras and rotate their usage so you don’t get any bald spots. Typically, spraying some hairspray or dry shampoo after back-combing the area will help give the clips extra grip. More grip = less slippage = less discomfort. 🙂

  2. I want to dye this dark purple and I was thinking I would buy the Almond Frost to dye it. Do you think it wold take color well? Also, do you think this style would work with me cutting bangs into it?


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