Miracle Product: Makes Dry, Yucky Synthetic Hair Feel Like New

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If you’ve been wearing synthetic hair for awhile, you know the feeling when your hair has reached the end of her rope. The good news is it’s easy to revive synthetic hair, and you must do so if you recognize these signs:

She gets really dry.



You can’t remember the last time you had a good hair day, because all your dry synthetic hair does lately is hang awkwardly and look wiggy.

Sound familiar?

More often than not, it’s not time to replace her, but rather, it’s time to revive synthetic hair.

I’ve had Silicon Mix Bambu Treatment in my possession for awhile because I heard it was amazing for human hair. Since I’m only experimenting with human hair at this point, I haven’t had the opportunity to try this stuff yet (excuse the red/white packing tape in the pic below, I couldn’t get all of it off).

Revive Synthetic Hair with This Super-Cheap Product

Silicon Mix Bambu for dry synthetic hair

I was playing with an older topper a few weeks ago and was thinking how horribly CRUNCHY it was (like, I could squeeze it and I could hair the hair strands grinding together, it was THAT dry), and I remembered the Silicon Mix Bambu Treatment and thought… why the heck not? So I gave it a whirl.

I washed my dry synthetic hair with any old shampoo, did my apple cider vinegar soak (curious what this is? Check out my guide to making synthetics last, as I go over this in detail!), then squeezed out the excess water. I took a golfball-sized scoop of this stuff and applied it from about halfway down the hair shaft to the ends (always avoid the roots/knots with conditioner…you don’t want the knots to loosen).

Then let her sit for 10 minutes.

After she marinated for a bit, I rinsed her out, sprayed in my usual leave-in conditioner, toweled her off, and hung her upside down to dry overnight. Then crossed my fingers my dry synthetic hair would be dry no more.

It must’ve worked.

I cannot begin to describe how silky-soft she was in the morning! This synthetic topper, that was disgustingly dry, clumpy and just YUCKY felt almost brand-new.

Could it be that easy to revive synthetic hair?

Please say “yes”!

I promptly repeated the routine with my new-ish Top Secret (gotta keep her swingy), and again my jaw dropped.

This stuff restored her to out-of-the-box new, and she had a swing to her that was reminiscent of human hair. Any bit of dryness she might have had was completely gone.

Of course, she’s not old, so you wouldn’t expect her to need any major TLC. I do find, however, that Jon Renau synthetic fiber is a little different than Noriko fiber and seems to dry out more easily.

The Silicon Mix Bambu Treatment fixed her up in a snap.

I immediately left a post in the Community, aptly titled “Tub O’ Miracles”…because that’s what this is. A miracle product. The fabulous Em (who I’ve met several times!) got some and reported back:

“Oh my goodness you guys! Go buy the tub of miracles!! This stuff is a game changer for sure. I used it on my Milan I got back in November. Silky smooth just like new.”

This stuff is dirt-cheap (you could probably pay for it with spare coins from in between your couch cushions), it comes in a huge container, and for being super-moisturizing it’s extremely lightweight. There is no build-up whatsoever.

It does have a floral-y, powder-y scent, but I happen to quite like it. It fades after a day or two, but I know some people are sensitive to smell, so I wanted to mention that.

I don’t often blog about single products, but I wanted to bring this one to your attention because this must be in your arsenal to revive synthetic hair.

Actually, the best part is that it can be used on BOTH synthetic hair and human hair.

So, ladies, if your synthetic hair has been acting up lately: feeling dry and clumpy and not looking her best, don’t toss her just yet. Revive that synthetic hair!

Breathe some new life into your gal with Silicon Mix Bambu!

One thing I want to note: this product may very well help HD synthetic fibers, but really the ONLY thing that helps this special type of fiber is heat. I get a lot of questions over email on how to revive HD fiber, so repeat after me: HEAT IS MY FRIEND. A flat-iron is a great way to refresh this type of synthetic hair!

Who here has tried this product? Do you have any miracle products you want to share with the group to revive synthetic hair?

Be sure to check out a heat-tool that’s awesome for reviving human hair – the Silicon Mix Bambu combined with this packs a one-two punch: Video: My #1 Trick to Soften, Declump and Defrizz Synthetic Hair.

70 thoughts on “Miracle Product: Makes Dry, Yucky Synthetic Hair Feel Like New”

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I don’t k now how I found you on here but sooo glad I did. I found your .comment` on the bambu.
    where do you get it? I am fairly new with wigs. I just washed my wig for the first time tonight. There are a few places where I had cut it a little & those places have a fuzzy fried l look to them. I was a hairdresser many years ago. What kind of leave in conditioner do you use? I used the Revlon shampoo`. It’s the only kind of wig shampoo they carry around here, . Thanks for your help.

    • Hiya – I get it on Amazon! The link is the post. I haven’t seen it elsewhere, but maybe you can find it around town, too. For leave-in, I LOVE the Hairuwear Restore spray.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful site and all of your helpful information! I am super new to wearing hair and your site has been an invaluable tool and resource for me as well a source of reassurance.

    I am getting a bit confused about the care process for synthetic hair.

    I have been using Jon Renaud products but I am not happy with how the hair feels afterwards so this most recent time that I washed her I just shampooed her and used Bambu and she felt AMAZING!! I have been using no detangler for the past few days (I do not like how the JR detangler makes her feel) and she has continued to feel great but I am guessing it is probably not a good idea to continue to skip using a detangler.

    I have now ordered the Revlon shampoo, the Enjoy conditioner and the Velvasil leave in that you recommend. But I am confused as to how to use them. Is the vinegar soak and Bambu in lieu of the Enjoy conditioner?

    • Hi Rhonda! I usually shampoo, then after rinsing that out, I soak in a mixture of water:ACV for a few hours. I never measure…it’s probably a 3:1 or 4:1 solution of water to ACV. Then rinse and wring out gently. Then apply the Silicon Bambu for a few hours. Then rinse and wring out. Apply leave-in and hang to dry. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. Lauren, I am going to try the ACV rinse and the Silicone on my 18″ WAVY synthetic clip ins. I love them when I get them but by day 3, they already look soo bad. (only $9.99, so I can order a few) however, I have tried everything i’ve read online to try and get them to stay like day 1. Would the hot brush work on my clip ins? I would like to keep the waves that are in it. Thank you!

    • Hi Michelle, no, the hot air will straighten the waves, so I would not suggest that, unfortunately! Try the ACV + Silicon Bambu and let me know what you think.

  4. Which Hair U Wear leave in conditioner do you use?? I found 3 different ones so would like to know exactly which one to get?? Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Lauren. I am new to wigs. I’ve only purchased one so far, from a local beauty supply store. I’t’s head knotted. I did that without any research or knowledge on the subject. I know there will be more wigs in my future, but for now, this is it. I’ve been reading your posts and am so grateful for your advice on how to get rid of frizz on synthetic, non-heat defiant wigs. My problem now is that I didn’t realize how sensitive to high heat synthetic wigs are. When bending over to pull food out of the oven, the blast of heat from the oven frizzed the front of my wig from the ends to roots. Conditioner from the beauty supply store didn’t help. I’m going to try the Helen of Troy heat brush that you demonstrated. But can’t use the Silicon Mix Bamboo conditioner because of your caution not to use that product all the way up the hair shaft, so as not to loosen knots. Does that go for all conditioners after washing, or even the leave-in type you mention using? Also, can I use the hot air brush from the bottom all the way to the top? I hope this wig is salvageable. I’d appreciate your input. Thanks very much, Julie

    • You can try cutting off any particularly bad parts and using the hot air brush – but, often, the type of heat that blasts out results in a wig that isn’t salvageable. 🙁

  6. Hi Lauren!
    So glad I found you and this tip about the silicone bambu conditioner. I just ordered a jar.
    My Jon Renau Julianne wig is in need of that product!
    I was never really pleased with the fiber on that wig. I could never get my fingers through it. I have a wide tooth Renau comb and forget it…can go half an inch. The instructions said to de tangle before washing and it took me close to an hour to comb it out…starting from the very tips and working my way up.
    I tried the fabric softener wash…bad. Wig looked very greasy. So I washed it again with the Renau products as per their directions. I’m still not happy.
    I have really high hopes for the vinegar soak and silicone marinade!!
    Thank you for the tip.
    Any opinion on the Gabor Top Teir topper? Just saw it…at only 58.00 before any discounts, it’s worth a try.

  7. Hi Lauren, I noted in a recent post that you tried a heat defiant wig. I’ve been wearing the Raquel Welch she defiant out here and I recently tried the bambu on it but any type of leave in conditioner including the bambu or the other one you use to ma kes my HD wigs look and feel dirty pretty quickly in my experience. Have you noticed that with your new one? Also, can you do the ACV soak with heat defiant wigs? Thanks so much! Sarah

    • I don’t wear anything except my Top Secret regularly so it takes sooooo long before one of those “just for fun” pieces needs a wash. But, I do say in this post that the major thing that will help HD fiber is HEAT. You absolutely must use heat on them to keep them looking nice…having styleable synthetic is both a blessing and a curse.

      • Hi Lauren,

        I do use quite a bit of heat and frequently (almost daily), but I notice that the HD fibers tend to feel dirty quicker than the non-HD fibers I’ve worn in the past, and heat doesn’t help with that, so I find I need to wash after every 6-7 wearings (I wear mine 10-12 hrs a day every day). Do you think the ACV will help keep it feeling cleaner longer and will also help to soften it? With HD fibers I’ve really backed off putting on any leave in conditioners since they seem to attract dirt to the fibers, giving it that “you really need to wash your hair” look. I guess I could try the ACV on a backup piece.

        • Hmmm, I just don’t have a ton of experience with HD since there are so few toppers out there in it. People seem to love or hate it. Maybe it’s just one of those fibers that you need to wash more frequently? Hopefully some other people will chime in. I’d definitely try the ACV as it can’t hurt anything!

        • Hi Sarah!! I just got my first topper and it’s a HD Jon Renau and it is SO DIRTY looking!! It is clumpy and I think that makes it look obviously fake. I tried finding something about this on the internet and your comment was the only thing I could find. I literally just washed my topper in the revlon shampoo Lauren recommended (I have been using the Silicon Mix Bamboo on my bio hair but not yet on the topper). If the Revlon wash doesn’t work then I will attempt the ACV soak and if the clumpiness persists then I might switch to a non-HD fiber. Honestly, I would rather have dry looking fibers than a dirty looking piece!

  8. I tried out the Bambu, and OMG what a difference! It takes a least two months off the age of the hair. Amazing! Thanks for the tip!

  9. For budget reasons I decided to forgo my usual human hair and tried the new JR topper too. I loved her right out of the box. But first wash, she was crunchy. Tried a couple of leave-in conditioners but didn’t get good results. Tried the Bambu last night and all I can say is God bless the Dominican Republic!!! She is silky and smooth again. Wow. And I actually like the scent also. Thanks for the tip on the topper and the Bambu!!

  10. Best.Tip.Ever! Wow! I have a Jon Renau HD that was getting that crispy straw feeling. I was going to pay to get it steamed (even though last time I did that the result was just so so). Instead I spent ~$9 for the Bambu. Used it last night and what a miracle! I swear my topper looks and feels almost better than new (and much better than the result from the pricey steaming). A co-worker who doesn’t know I wear a topper asked what I’d done to get my hair so shiny! I think this product is really going to extend the life of this piece and I can’t wait to try it on my second crispy piece. Thank you so much Lauren for all the information that you so generously share with us. It’s very much appreciated!

  11. Hi Lauren!! Thanks for the ACV tip and this conditioning product tip too! I have yet to wash my Milan…got it in March! (I don’t wear it daily though) …so it needs a good wash!! You mentioned the Top Secret gets drier faster…. The Top Secret was on my wishlist for my next purchase. Do you still recommend the Top Secret over the Milan? Again, thanks for the tips n’ tricks…you are so very appreciated!!!

    • Hi Amber! How’ve you been?! I do recommend it over the Milan for three reasons: 1) Better colors (for me, at least), 2) LONGER at 18″, and 3) Double mono top. That being said, yes, the fiber is different – you just can’t beat Noriko fiber. I’ve had Top Secret for allllllmost three months and it’s doing just fine, but the addition of this product really helped, I think. It’s super cheap so I would give it a shot if you get Top Secret.

  12. Hi! I’m one of your followers here at your website. I love reading stories and your tips about HER! 🙂
    Anyway, I wanna share my new experience with this Myth Oil by L’oreal. It’s agood product (I think!). It comes with a dropper that makes easier to apply on my scalp.
    It volumize my thinner crown and helps holding my fiber as well.
    Hard for me to get the products that comes from you. Because I am in Philippines. Shipping is terrible so expensive plus sometimes they ships in USA, Canada only. It really sad tho.
    But still I am trying to discover some new things in my country. I will NOT give up to find some helps for my thinning hair. More power to all of us and stay pretty, Girls!

  13. Thanks for the thoughts, Lauren. I guess I’m just worried the synthetic will appear overly shiny on camera/under the lights, but I guess there is only one way to find out. I wish I had the guts to just be “out” about my hair, but it’s hard. your photo shoot pics are gorgeous, btw. : )

    ps: I tried steaming a synthetic a few weeks ago and had amazing results in regard to smoothing and softening. Highly recommended trying it with a My Little Steamer. You can get it on amazon or at BBB.

  14. I’m super intrigued with the hot-air brush method you said you’ve used on your Noriko Milan (and maybe the Top Secret?) I’m super scared to use any kind of heat on my Milan, which is about a month old. I’ve had much cheaper (and lower quality–Toni Brattin) synthetics and if those even got close to the hot air brush it frizzed and burned. What setting do you use the air brush on? It’s the Helen of Troy one, right?

  15. Hello, wow, thank you for tips! I actually just tried acv soaking on an Ellen Wille mega mono to remove some shine and I noticed it helped increase softness too. I have a few random qs: I have to do a tv segment and I’m stressing about whether or not people will be able to tell I’m wearing a synthetic wig. I’ve gone on in the past wearing human hair, but never synthetic. I’m so sick of fighting w my hh JR piece (the hairline isn’t as real looking as Ellen Wille) and the hair is getting sorta to the end of is life. Has anyone here ever had a similar situation? I’m already stressing because I hate going into hair and makeup and having to tell people I’m wearing hair especially because there are so many people around and everyone hears. I don’t know what the hair stylest will even say if I tell her/him it’s synthetic and they can’t do anything to change it if they don’t think it looks right. Any thoughts would be appreciated 🙂

  16. Lauren-I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I started losing my hair due to PCOS at 16, and I’m now 33. For many years, I have tried everything to regrow my hair. Metformin, vitamins, Jamaican Castor oil, Rogaine…I could go on. Nothing worked, and I was frequently in tears. I’m a girlie girl, and hair loss was quite the blow. Although I’ve known others with PCOS, I had never seen anyone with hair loss like mine until I saw you. I felt so alone before the Corner of Hope and Mane. It was by chance that I stumbled upon your site a year ago, and you’ve changed my life. Your suggestions actually gave me something I hadn’t had before, empowerment and results! First I tried the Big Sexy Voluminizer, then I tried the hair fiber sprinkles you recommended, after that I purchased the Noriko Milan, and I am currently on the Jon Renau Top Secret! For the first time in a long time, I feel pretty again, and no longer PCOS’s victim. I now do not fear strong breezes, nor someone standing over me. Thank you times a million. You are my angel of….uh….hair. 😀 I am now soaking my Jon Renau in ACV, and am about to use the Bamboo conditioner on her for the first time. I’m excited to see the results, because I agree with you. There’s something about the Top Secret hair (although I love it) that tends to clump up at the bottom a bit more than the other synthetics. By the lunch time, I’ve been pulling it into a low ponytail to disguise the clumps. I’m looking forward to seeing my post-ACV and Bamboo conditioner topper! You’re the best, Lauren. Thank you again.

      • Hello again, Lauren! I soaked my Top Secret for about two hours in the ACV, rinsed, and then on to the Bambu. As you said, the next day was miraculously soft and swingy! Not to mention it smelled great. However, now I’m on day two, and she’s feeling a little dry, once again. How many times a week can I safely ACV and Bambu her, without the Top Secret being murdered?

        • Are you following up with a leave-in? I use Hair U Wear and recommend it 10,000%.

          I use this method with each wash, which I do every 10-14 wears. Since the hair is basically plastic, I don’t think you need to be too concerned with it.

  17. Hey Lauren. I just wanted to tell you what a inspiration you have been to me Your information has been so helpful in such a tough time of hair loss. I look so forward to your postings. Can you tell me which stores may carry this product, or do you have to order on line.

    • I’ve never seen it in stores, but admittedly haven’t been looking. A quick Google search pulls up Walmart, so maybe they carry it? Maybe call ahead, just in case.

  18. HI Lauren: I have two toppers with human hair and I use Wen to wash them, and it’s fantastic. When I’m working out regularly, and have to keep my topper on because I’m going straight from work and this is how my trainer ‘knows’ me, I have to wash my hair daily so if I used regular shampoo, I think they would be pretty beat up by now. I have a gloss put in about twice a year when the color gets too brassy because of sun and blow drying but Wen has kept them in good shape and I’ve had one for over two years.

  19. Thanks for the tip! Love your blog for this reason. I just placed an order on Amazon for this. Will receive it in 2 days and can’t wait to try it. Q: I wear a topper and I think you wear a longer piece. Mine’s about 8″ in length. Wondering if I should use 1/2 the amount that you did … or does it matter. Never heard of the ACV rinse either. What does it do that you need to leave it in it for 2 hours?

    • Yes, my topper is 18″ so you can use about a ping pong ball (or slightly less) I’m thinking…I don’t think you can use too much as it’s so lightweight, so I would not worry about that.

      I can’t tell you why the ACV needs some time to work, but the longer I leave it (I’ve left it a full 24 hours before), the softer the hair seems to get. Guess I should’ve payed closer attention in chemistry class!

  20. Do tell us more about the cider vinegar soak, did I miss a post where you mention it? I wear human hair and use Infusium leave in rinse as per my hairdresser. Curious about other options and can’t wait to try silicon mix bambu.

    • Oooooh Infusium. I used to use that back in the day and loved the way it smelled. Didn’t it used to be called Infusium 23? Anyways. About the ACV…I’ve talked about it many times but now that I think about it, it could’ve just been in the comments. I’m sick and on meds, so can’t think straight so don’t want to say for sure. 🙂

      After shampooing, using a 1/2:1 ratio of AVC to water (maybe a bit less on the ACV, it’s not an exact science, you just want the water mixture to smell strongly of ACV, which sounds gross but it’s temporary) and let your synthetic piece soak for a few hours or even overnight. Then remove, pat dry, and spray with leave-in.

      This is for synthetic only! I’ve heard (but have not tried) that bleach baths can work on human hair, but you’d have to Google it to learn more as I’m not yet a human hair expert (hoping to be, soon!). The Silicon Mix Bambu does work well on human hair, that I can verify. 🙂


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