This Beanie Bun Hat is the Cure for Winter Blues

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While it doesn’t often get cold enough here in Texas to warrant a winter hat, sometimes it does…like today. When I woke up, it was 70 degrees. And 12 hours later, it’s now 40. Ho hum.

There’s only one good thing that happens when the temps drop: I can pile my wigs and toppers up super-high and rock a high pony or messy bun.

Not understanding the connection?

Ok, let me explain.

Have you seen these hats that are perfect for buns?

Simply put, a messy bun beanie hat is a winter hat with a hole at the top to feed your hair through.

Well, I don’t have enough hair to make this work with my own hair (I mean, really, Lauren, obbbbviously), but a topper or wig underneath the hat works beautifully.

And the best part?

You can just shove your hair any which way underneath the hat and it perfectly disguises any mess or craziness.

Let me show you how this works!

If you have a wig or topper that just doesn’t work (maybe the hairline is not believable…or the length is too short…or it’s just a bit ratty…really, anything goes, here!), let the beanie bun hat cover it and turn that frown upside down problem hair into a fun high pony or messy bun.

Usually pulling your hair + helper hair up high on your head results in lumps, bumps, and integrating nightmares.

Since the hat covers all of this, you don’t need to worry about this AT ALL.

Any of these sins are perfectly concealed, and you’re just left with your gorgeous hair popping out the top.

PRO TIP: Just pull a bit of hair out from the sides to give it a natural look.

beanie bun hat

Because I was wearing a fitted shirt and the messy bun beanie is chunky, I thought it would be best to show you a pic with some outerwear on.

Standing up changed the look of the lighting, but you can see how a jacket or coat balances the look of the beanie bun hat (even if the colors don’t match too well!).

Note: I contemplated adding some stars or outer-space type things because I felt I looked slightly intergalactic here. Maybe another day!

messy bun beanie

And finally, an outside shot since that’s where you’d be wearing the darn thing.

messy bun beanie hat

I plan to get one other color before this season’s up…how cute would a blond piece be under a brown beanie bun hat (like the blond wavy topper in the Hair Try-On Shop from BelleTress!)? Or red hair under a light blue beanie bun hat? It’s easy to find a color/pattern to love because there are over 20 to choose from.

So many choices to make your hair pop!

Or, hey, if you’re crafty, maybe make your own with this pattern I found!?

I got my messy bun beanie bun hat on Amazon (mine is the CC messy bun brand), however, I’m sure some local stores might carry something similar, too!

I just love that this is yet another way to have fun with hair!

While wearing hair can have some challenges, it does NOT have to be restricting. Now go enjoy winter. ❄️⛄

Whatcha think of this hat?

10 thoughts on “This Beanie Bun Hat is the Cure for Winter Blues”

  1. Hi, Lauren. I have one of these beanies and I’ve just been pulling my pitiful pony tail through it. I’m so happy to see how I can wear my topper too and look stylish with a gorgeous messy bun AND a cute beanie! Thank you!

      • I have been so in a funk about my hair. I need to get back to trying more styles. I do miss my hair and lately have met some new friends that have the most awesome thick hair you’ve ever seen. Sigh. Need to get comfortable with this new normal but I’m still obsessed. If only there was one person just like me that lived near me. It’s s daunting task trying to find helper hair. I go to one store close by but I’ve spent some money that I probably shouldn’t have and that goes for hair online. I’m just not getting all the tricks bc I can’t seem to figure it all out. ???


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