Micro Loop Hair Extensions for Thin Hair (aka Micro Ring)

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I did a post on microlink hair extensions what seems like ages ago, and oddly enough, I had a handful of readers email me about them this week.

One asked an interesting question: What’s the difference between microlink hair extensions and micro loop hair extensions? And, is one better for thin hair than the other?

Good question.

I’ll explain a bit what micro loop hair extensions are, and then tell you if I think they are a good solution for those with thin hair.

micro loop hair extensions

What are micro loop hair extensions?

For those of you who have been able to conceal a widening part successfully, you may find that extensions are a good solution for you. Back when I was using concealers, I had them put in for a wedding and they came out great! Be sure to check out my photo to see them. I wasn’t going for length, but rather density and fullness.

Those, were microlinks. However, upon looking into this more, it seems like there are a few names for these things: micro loops, micro rings, micro beads, micro links…apparently, they are all the same thing.

From what I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any difference between micro loop hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions or the rest of them (someone correct me if I am wrong). The difference lies within the application of the hair extensions between this and its counterpart.

The hair extensions themselves look the same at first glance, but micro loop hair extensions (check this human hair option out on Amazon) don’t need any adhesive to adhere to your own hair, making them less apt to cause any damage.

The micro loop hair extensions, along with your bio hair, are threaded through a loop and there is a bead applied that is clamped together, holding it all in place. There’s no heat, no glue, nothing.

Every six weeks or so, you’re supposed to adjust them so that you can slide them up your hair. You use a pair of pliers (any old pliers will do, or they do sell micro loop kits that include the pliers, the loop and some bead) to open up the bead, then you slide it up higher on your hair (leaving a little space between the bead and your bio hair).

Micro loop hair extensions are supposed to give you fullness, and length if you want it. For me, I was ALL about the fullness.

What about micro loop hair extensions for thin hair?

This is a tough one. If your hair is thin, you’ll need to place them strategically. I was always in fear that the extensions placed closest to my face (in all reality, they weren’t all that close) on the side of my head that I do a deep side part would be seen. My hair shafts are very thin, so I didn’t have the heft to properly conceal them.

It was also difficult to put my hair up, sometimes. Because my hair was, again, so thin, if my hair was pulled back it seemed that my hair wasn’t thick enough to cover up the beads in that area. This was pretty easily remedied by teasing the hair directly in front of the bead, but it was still a pain.

I think, if your hair is simply thin, but not thinning, micro loop hair extensions could be a good option to try. They are fairly inexpensive, they last a while, and you can even learn to do them at home.

Can micro loop hair extensions work on thinning hair?

If your hair is in the very early stages of thinning, then you might also consider micro loops. But, if you’re at the stage where you need to consider hair concealers or even more drastic measures, then micro loop hair extensions may not be for you.

I’ve talked about it before in my previous post about them, but no matter how much volume you add on the bottom, if you don’t have that same fullness on top, it’s kind of a bust. Make sense?

Are micro loops for me?

At this stage of the game, I won’t be giving hair extensions another try. While I can’t achieve added length with my toppers, I prefer to get my fullness that way. Just a few clips is all it takes to get overall volume, and I don’t have to worry about my scalp.

To those that wrote in, I hope this answers your question. I’m 99% certain micro loop hair extensions is just another term for micro link hair extensions.

They were fun while they lasted (and while they were somewhat of a solution, back in the day), but, they aren’t for me…anymore.

6 thoughts on “Micro Loop Hair Extensions for Thin Hair (aka Micro Ring)”

  1. hi there I am doing my mums hair soon and putting micro loops in her hair. her hair is thin but no baldness and i want to make sure that its perfect. she wants two colours put in. she has dark brown hair naturally and has dark brown hair loops and wants a orbone brown loops in to . i was just wondering when you do (brickwork) should i do one brown one orbone or do one line of brown and another row urban , i don’t want it to look two streaky but natural at the same time

    • I’m so sorry, I really don’t know much about installation. Maybe someone else can weigh in. My guess would be to make them as staggered as possible as that’s what foil highlights look like.

  2. Thank you for this info. You do a very amazing job at concealing whether it be makeup, products, extensions or toppers, etc. I’ve never been a girly girl that plays with makeup, or was ever good at doing my hair, so it’s very challenging for me. But your website is great with you step by step tutorials, product reviews, etc. Thank you 🙂

  3. Have you looked into “tape in extensions”? They are supposedly the best kind for thinning hair, non damaging & no beads you have to worry about hiding. I conceal my thinning on top with bumble & bumble dry shampoo (your blog turned me on to that, can’t say thank you enough!) & am going to try tape in’s next month. Thought I would put the idea out there. 😉

    • I looked into them very, very briefly – and it was at a pricey salon. I would’ve had 8 pieces put in (or thereabouts) and the cost was almost $600! I know I could’ve gotten them done more inexpensively, but I was in a rush to have something done as I was standing up in a wedding.

      And, so glad you like the Bumble & Bumble!

    • Had them but they were very pricey and only lasted 5 weeks. Also you need to use special shampoo and conditioner and styling products which are also expensive. I won’t have them again.


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