My “Hide the Hairloss and Add Major Volume” Hair Styling Routine

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Carlene S. wrote in and asked me what my exact routine is to hide the hairloss and give my hair volume. It only takes me about 15 minutes to apply my products (both volumizing and disguising) and dry and style my hair, so I’d say this routine definitely works for me.

There are three products, however, that I hands-downs absolutely count on to help hide my hairloss. These dont just make it “look better”, but these three products make it looks like I have a normal, healthy, FULL head of hair.

Here is what I use, step-by-step:

Nioxin System 4 Cleanser & Scalp Therapy Conditioner Fine Treated Set Duo: I use level 4. I started back on it about two months ago. With the conditioner, I only apply it mid-shaft down, and use a pea-size amount. Any  more than that (as with all conditioners), my hair is too soft and becomes unmanageable.
DOES IT WORK? I can’t say for certain if it helps or not, but, they were cheap on Amazon and they are huge, so I’ll be using them for a long time!

Rogaine 5%, non-foam: Yes, I use the men’s version. I haven’t read any compelling evidence that states that women must stick to the women’s formula. I think I remember hearing that Rogaine in general can cause excess hair to appear in some cases (especially if the product drips) in women, but I haven’t found that to be the case for me. What I do is brush my hair straight back while it’s still wet, and gently squeeze the Rogaine onto my scalp. I try to avoid getting it onto as much hair as possibly, since it is a bit greasy.
DOES IT WORK? I use this way less than is recommended. I only use it on days I wash my hair and the night before I wash my hair—I wash my hair every second day (I think I said that right); so, if I wash it on Monday, I don’t wash it until Thursday. Several people think that those with excess DHT should wash their hair every day to clear it away; I simply don’t. I used to wash it every other day, and then when I started Spiro, my oil production decreased to the point where I can now skip an additional day. My hair looks like crap, though, when I wear it down on any day in which it’s not freshly washed; you’ll always find me in a pony on days I don’t wash my hair.

Nioxin Diamax: I found a good price on Amazon for this and have been using it for about two months. It claims to increase the diameter of your hair by 4%.
DOES IT WORK? I do see a slight improvement when I wear this. Plus, since this product is applied right onto the scalp, I like that it’s by Nioxin; I feel better having a hair-loss product right up against my scalp. I found the Diamax also adds quite a bit of shine…and it smells good!

Garnier XXL Thickening Mousse: This is just a volume-building mousse that you can buy anywhere. It helps to give a bit of structure to my hair, particularly mid-shaft to the ends.
DOES IT WORK? If I don’t apply something down the entire hair shaft, my hair will hang even worse than usual!

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus: This is my secret weapon—it gives me awesome structure at the roots and adds tremendous volume. I only use this on the sides and back of my head—simply lift up a good chunk of the top layer of hair and spray. A little goes a long way, here. I can feel this a bit in my hair after it’s dry. I’m sure not to touch it so that it all stays put nicely.
DOES IT WORK? Can’t live without it.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder: This is what I use to really hide the hairloss. What I do is take a very tiny amount of hair right next to my part and cover my part with it, in essence creating a new part. Then, I lightly spray this product onto my scalp. It’s a matte finish, so it’s not super-believable if your hair has any shine to it. But, it works brilliantly if you can flop some bio hair over it. I do this in three different places:

1) Right next to my part (as described above)

2) Diagonal—I create another “part” (best way to describe it) at about a 135 degree angle from my actual part (if you imagine my part is about a 90 degree angle). I have a bit of loss here, so I cover it up.

3) Diagonal again—about an inch down from #2. I don’t really need to do this one, but I do it for good measure.

I created a video to better explain my process:

Before I flip my hair back over each of these sections, I lightly tease it and give it a spritz of hair spray.
DOES IT WORK? See pics of my FINAL RESULT after I hide the hairloss—I think so! It does a great job of concealing for me.

Tresemme Hair Spray: In my opinion, this is one of the best hairsprays for fine hair. It really does keep things in place and is lightweight. I happen to like the feel of a little hairspray in my hair (is that weird?), but if you want to feel absolutely nothing you can run a brush through it once it’s sprayed.
DOES IT WORK? My hair stays fairly in place the whole day, and the product does not build up.

There you have it folks! Start to finish what I use. What products can you not live without?

38 thoughts on “My “Hide the Hairloss and Add Major Volume” Hair Styling Routine”

  1. Hi I’m 50 years and I started to loose my hair very young. Got worst after my fourth pregnancy and when I was diahosed with Hypothyroidit. And lately I feel it got even worst. I’m going to try your product because now I don’t like it.

    Thanks for your help

  2. I recently heard that using the apple-cider vinegar can change the alkaline level of your scalp. That would not be a good thing. I would maybe check with a stylist and get their opinion. Or of course a dermatologist.

  3. How quickly did you find your hair loss progressed and is it any worse now a few years later? I’m suffering crazy postpartum hair loss but I think I have some hereditary hair loss as well. Did you find any of your hair grew back after you had your children?

    • Slowly over several years with the exception of when I was pregnant with my first child. It IS indeed worse a few years later…because it worsens so slowly, it’s hard to notice it unless I look back a good year to compare. The hair I lost during the post-partum shed definitely grew back.

  4. i just bought women’s 5% Rogaine foam. It’s a mess. What were they thinking with that stuff? Too bad I didn’t read your blog first. I’m grateful to have this resource and will try every one of your recommendations as my current stash runs out.

    Do you have any tips for color matching the B and B spray? i tried it several years ago, but ended up throwing it away because the color was wrong. I wish there were testers.

    • My only reco is to apply it as I do…apply it just underneath a tiny layer of hair so that your bio hair lays on top of it. That way the color is more forgiving. Yes, testers would be great! 🙂 I do think they make mini bottles, if memory serves…

  5. This all relates to bio hair. Do you have to deal with frizzy fly away hair? I am assuming that it is new hair growth, but it is unruly and always makes my hair look messy. Will any of the recommended products help with that? Also, any tips/tricks on blowing your hair dry or curling iron? Finally, can you confirm what you put on your hair towards your hairline? I believe you said, the Big Sexy Hair you used lower.

    Thanks for so much awesome info!! You give me hope!

    • Yes, many of us do – be it frizzy, or just thin, short, flyaway hair. Some product to weight it down would be beneficial, as would be aiming the hair dryer on low on it. Yes, Big Sexy is a root booster. 🙂

  6. I selected the link for the big sexy hair root pump plus and it showed the mousse one first so I purchased it… And I hate it. Which one are you using?

    • Hi Karina, it’s this one (it is a mousse). It’s not a lightweight mousse…I found I need to make sure I apply it before my hair has air-dried too much so that it doesn’t feel like a super-heavy coat.

  7. I’m 38 and have been losing hair for some time now . I have autoimmune disease , seborrheic dermatitis. With the dermatitis anything with alcohol irritates the scalp. Nioxin seems to dry out my hair. I haven’t tried to not wash my hair everyday because I hate how greasy it looks. Although I do hear a lot about not washing hair everyday , it seems to work . What do you recommend?

    • Have you tried doing the “no shampoo” method – Google “no ‘poo”. You basically use a baking soda mix to wash and an apple cider vinegar mixture as a conditioner. It’s supposed to be super gentle and help with excess grease. I tried it for a few months a couple of years ago and my scalp felt great (and my hair looked clean, too!).

  8. Thanks for the tip on the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus! It helps so much! Just wanted to pass on I’ve been using Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill In Powder; It is a miracle powder! I love it and get many compliments on how much better my hair has been looking. It stays on all day but if I go to sleep with it on, it will come off slightly on my pillow. I love it and it works awesome, just wanted to share with anyone that needs help!

  9. Just bought the Bumble and Bumble and I love it! I’ve used toppik/x-fusion and dermmatch and Bumble and Bumble Is by far my favorite! It was a bit on the pricy side though! Do you happen to remember how long a can lasted you?
    Thanks! 🙂

  10. Can you do a video on this routine pretty please? With the products before the powder. I have been following it partially with the mouse and root pump but I feel like I’m just not getting it right. I saw you did a video on the Bumble powder but I’m not quite ready for that step yet.

  11. I m a big fan of your tips and i have a request, can u make a video showing these steps? i wasn’t able to find the same results as you ;(

  12. Are there any products that you have used that you would recommend NOT using? And have you ever used DermMark to cover the thin areas? Thanks!!

    • I’ve never heard of DermMark – I HAVE heard of DermMatch…if that is what you are talking about, I’ve heard it’s incredible and pretty waterproof, too!
      As for products I wouldn’t recommend…along time ago I used a v05 deep conditioning treatment…bad, bad news. 🙂 LOL. For thin bio hair, just stick with as lightweight of products that you can and you should be ok.

      • Oops! Thanks, Lauren. I did mean DermMatch. 🙂 Glad to hear it’s a good product too. I think your toppers look beautiful! I think you are beautiful! And I really appreciate you sharing your hair routine with us. I just ran across your site this week.. I’ve been losing a lot of hair over the last year or so, and just started using Nioxin System #4 a couple weeks ago. I hate spending all this money but it’s better than the alternative. 🙂

  13. I just discovered your blog and you have NO idea how happy I am. I’m still very young (20) and am already facing hair thinning. It makes me feel so self-conscious and ugly; I thought I was the only one since other girls had such lovely thick hair. I’m so thankful for all the tips and recommendations. I will definitely try them out 😀
    That Bumble and Bumble spray looks like a lifesaver

  14. Thank you SO much for making this blog and showing me that there is life after hair loss. I am a woman in my late 20’s and my hair looks very similar to yours. I bought the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus from your recommendation and I love it! After trying many dry shampoos to color in the bald spots (batiste is way too smelly, toppik is ok but I prefer sprays, etc), I can’t wait to try Bumble and Bumble! Thank you again and please keep posting, it is great to see advice from someone my own age who gets how cruel hair loss is.

    • Yes! There is life on the other side! So glad you like the Root Pump Plus – everyone here seems to love it that bought it. I hope you like the B&B. Let me know!

  15. Your website is an inspiration. I have ordered all of the products you have recommended and have also bookmarked the U.K. Topper page for Noriko wigs in case they don’t work for me. I can’t wait for the postman now. Thank you.

  16. Nizoral has no antiandrogenetic properties, the scalp doesn’t absorb it… It’s just an antifungal treatment for dermatitis. Don’t use it if you have no dermatitis, your scalp will itch and your hair will look too dry.

  17. I just have to say thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing your hair loss story AND showing pictures. As women, hair loss is devastating and something we are not chomping at the bit to announce but pleAse know that your website helps give a lot of some out there encouragement that they are not alone in this battle.

    Have you tried Nizoral shampoo? In my hours and hours of research, they say that the anti-androgenetic properties of it is a combatant against female hair loss.

    • Aww, thanks! I haven’t tried Nizoral yet, but it’s on my to-do list to try after this baby comes. Since I’m pregnant, I’m not adding anything like that to my routine right now but definitely will give it a whirl once s/he arrives!

  18. Many thanks for the Bumble and Bumble tip! It covers the “hair cleavage” that I hate (and that has gotten worse with thinning hair) really well. I’m going to try the root pumping thing next! Thanks again!


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